Can You Overdose On Vaping CBD — Everything You Need to Know

CBD, also known and not so commonly called Cannabidiol, is a compound found and extracted from cannabis. 

Unlike its high-as-a-kite brother THC, it does not have any psychoactive properties and is proven to help people with pain, anxiety, and inflammation issues.

The most common and popular way of consuming it is to vape it, of course. 

However, as with THC, users often wonder — is it possible to overdose by vaping CBD?

Like, is there a line in the sand that you shouldn’t cross?

How much CBD is too much CBD?

Well, that’s something that we’ll explore in this post, so let’s get right to it!

Overdosing — Is It Even a Possibility?
Overdosing on CBD vape oil is close to impossible. Close, yes. Impossible, no. There were some cases such as this one that almost got there, but we are talking about really high amounts of CBD ingested at once. 

Basically, the dude went total bananas on them gummies and ended up in the hospital. Now, I know what you might be thinking, going to the ER is no joke, and I agree. But, he was all well and kicking by the end of the day so…

Imagine when was the last time you had something bad for lunch and had similar side effects.

From an economic standpoint, if you are vaping, you would not want to waste so much CBD oil (and money) just to see how bad you will feel.

Also, not only is it a low risk, but in fact, vaping CBD actually helps to recover from misfortunes such as heavy drug overdosing. A study was conducted in 2015. shows that CBD helped in recovery after a cocaine overdose. 

So, if you ever think you went overboard with your session, there is no need to panic. Unless you took more than 10K milligrams [which is impossible with vaping], you’re probably all good. 

What is The Right Amount of CBD?
The most common rule of thumb would be around 45 mg per day. Depending on your needs and preferences you can adjust that to suit you more. 

For example, people that use CBD to remedy some less agonizing pains, inflammation, etc. will use a smaller dosage. This way they will still be fully functional in their daily routines. 

On the other hand, people with severe pain issues like back pain, or high levels of anxiety will most likely bump that dosage up. When consuming a higher dosage it is most common to “finish off strong” at the end of a day when you are done with all your tasks. A higher amount of CBD might slow you down more than you are used to and make you more relaxed, almost groggy. 

What’s Too Much CBD?
If we’re talking numbers here, you would need to consume hundreds of times the usual dose of CBD to even get close to an overdose. Do keep in mind that this amount should be consumed at once or at least in a short timeframe, which is close to impossible.

A review was conducted in 2011. showed that even a dosage of 1,500 mg of CBD daily can be tolerated well.To put it in perspective, if your daily consumption is around 40 to 50 mg, you would need to ingest more than 20,000 mg of CBD for it to become toxic to your body. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that much time on my hands in order to consume all that CBD in one day.

The Effects of Effects
First of all, let’s talk about CBD’s versatility. For the sake of this story, I’ll go through the adaptogens, what they are and how this is related to vaping CBD.
To put it plainly, adaptogens are plants or extracts that act as a booster and assist your body in adapting to stress, pain, or any other biological changes, including immune system activity. 

Now, how does CBD come into play? 

Well, even though CBD is a molecule, most of the CBD products show the same patterns as you would notice with verified adaptogens.

The reason why I’m talking about all this is that consuming CBD will have different effects on your body depending on what you really need at that moment. If you are working and your focus is diminishing, a few puffs of CBD oil will boost your mental strength and help you finish your job. You will have a clearer head and more energy. On the other hand, if you just want to relax, a longer session will help you reach your tranquillity and help you recharge.

These are not instantaneous effects, and you will need to wait them out for at least 15 to 45 minutes depending on your metabolism. For more impactful effects like pain relief, anxiety, inflammation, and any other more serious health issue, you would need to “wait” for at least 2 weeks before you feel the change.

Unlike THC that has psychoactive properties, you won’t “feel” CBD kicking in. The effects will be there but it will come more naturally, and more subtle.

The Side-Effects of a CBD Overdose
Even though your body can handle higher doses of CBD and it is not intoxicating there are some side effects if you go overboard with it.

A case study was conducted in 2017. shows that there could be some noticeable and immediate side-effects of CBD overdose.

The most common side effects are:


It is also worth mentioning that CBD may not interact well with medications that have a grapefruit warning. The reason behind that is that CBD and grapefruit can cause unwanted interactions with the same medications. 

Just to clarify what does grapefruit have to do with anything CBD-related. In case you didn’t know, a grapefruit interferes with proteins in the small intestine and liver that normally break down many medications. Grapefruit consumption in any way (eating the fruit or drinking the juice) while taking these medications can lead to higher levels of those proteins in your blood.

Should You Be Careful When Vaping CBD?
Want my two cents here now that we’ve gone through the science of it all.
Here you go — you shouldn’t be worried about overdosing on CBD.

As long as you keep your consumption in relatively normal dosages you are safe. Even going a bit overboard will not cause you issues because your body can handle it.

Is overdosing on CBD possible? If you take into consideration a lot of factors, then the answer is yes. However, even if that does happen side effects that occur are pretty mild.