Can You Make Your Own Vape Juice? — A Cautionary Tale

Can You Make Your Own Vape Juice?
A growing group of DIY users within the vaping community are teaching themselves how to make vape juice ahead of rumors about a flavor ban. In the wake of looming regulations and attacks from all sides, vapers are finding themselves being drawn toward a tasteless future without flavors.
With anti-smoking groups aiming their campaigns at vape juice flavors as well as the next FDA session on vaping set to meet in the next few years, many vapers are looking ahead and wondering if the answer to the possibility of banning flavors may be to make your own vape juice. However, there are some crucial facts DIY e juice designers need to know about manufacturing e-liquid to help ensure both their safety and the quality of their vapor.
It’s well known that all flavored e-juice is comprised of the same general ingredients. Each bottle is a careful balance of VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol), flavoring and nicotine if you choose to add it. Though, few understand the nuance and detail that goes into creating the best e-liquid formulas for a harmony of dense vapor and tasty flavor in every puff.

How To Make Vape Juice — Better Vaping Through Chemistry
One of the most obvious things to consider when deciding to make your own vape juice is safety. While it’s true, the primary ingredients are food safe and non-toxic, when they are combined incorrectly and consumed there is the possibility of harming both your equipment and yourself. This is especially true when dealing with liquid nicotine.

Although nicotine is a naturally occurring stimulant found in varying doses in all of the nightshade family, the liquid nicotine used in creating vape juice is often processed directly from the tobacco plant. This is due in part to the high concentration found organically in tobacco crops. A primary reason nicotine exists in this family of plants is to protect them from predators.

Ostensibly, nicotine acts as a natural deterrent because in large doses it can be poisonous. The way the animal kingdom learns what they are able to safely eat and what is dangerous is through trial and error. A group of animals may watch another creature eat something and either find safe nourishment or become ill and die.

In this way, nicotine in larger doses is toxic to human beings as well and can even be fatal if not treated with respect. Discovering the correct way to add it to e-liquid is a carefully calculated process of balance to ensure the safety of users. The most efficient way to determine the optimum process for adding nicotine to vape juice is in a controlled laboratory environment.

Additionally, there is the chance that ingredients can become contaminated. Even if they are sourced directly from a reputable manufacturer, clean and pure when they are purchased, there is always the chance for human error. Companies that specialize in making premium e juice.

We go to great length ensure the safety and satisfaction of the vaping community to ensure they receive the best vape juice available at an affordable price and the confidence that our products are created with integrity and customer happiness in mind above all else. E liquid should be made in an immaculately clean, closed environment to prevent any outside contamination.

Making E Juice — Making Cake Flavor You Can Vape Is Harder Than Baking a Cake
It seems like simple chemistry, however, there is more to how you make your own vape juice than blending measures of ingredients. If you understand chemistry, you know there’s more to creating a singularly successful material that will deliver a tasty, nicotine rich vapor that doesn’t have any adverse effects that may be harmful to its users. Creating flavored e-juice is a process that requires, patience, skill and surety to yield a premium result.
It isn’t like painting, you buy materials, you pick up a brush and you apply paint until a picture begins to form. When you’re making e liquid, the process may seem similar, but once you have all the components in front of you, there are exact measurements and methods of mixing that you need to abide by in order to ensure the blending process is ideal. In addition, there is timing, raw ingredients exposed to air begin to degrade, which is why nicotine begins to oxidize and darken as its exposed to more oxygen and light.
Each component of ejuice has to be treated very carefully according to its own properties to best preserve its original condition. That isn’t to say, no one can make eliquid other than organized manufacturers. Plenty of popular vape juice brands created their businesses out of a desire to make a better product than what was being offered and found success.
In the end, if you’re interested in saving money, time and materials, the learning curve of how to make your own vape juice may actually cost you money initially. Devising your own system and chemistry for mixing up an e cig juice that satisfies as well as the consumer products takes time and like animals finding safe food sources; trial and error.