Can You Enjoy Vaping Two Flavors In The Same Vape-Device?

There are unlimited flavors in the market. You certainly may want to try out a different flavor every time you vape. Sticking to the same flavor for a long time can never be exciting. To enjoy different flavors, you do not have to buy multiple vape devices.

·You need to learn the trick to enjoy multiple flavors on the same device
·Vape devices can be cleaned to avoid after taste effect
·You can speak to professionals to help you clean the tank

You need to ensure that you have invested your money in the best IVG Eliquid flavours. You can continue reading further to get familiar with the tricks to change a new flavor every time you vape.

Performing the switch vape task
You can switch vapes very often. To perform this you may not need to buy multiple devices. One easiest way is to try mixing two or more vape liquids 

If you mix different flavors, you may get to enjoy an entirely new flavour that does not exist in the market. Before trying this method, you need to ensure that you only pick your best flavors. Do not add flavors that you don’t like to vape.

Always clean the vape tank
Before and after switching flavors, you need to clean the vape tank. This task should only be performed with confidence. You have to be aware of to-follow steps to remove the vape tank from the device.

The task is never easy especially if you are doing it for the first time. You can also seek help from someone aware of vape device maintenance. A cleaning tank is essential so you get to enjoy a new flavor.

Follow proper techniques
To effectively perform this task, you can also leave the vape tank in the soap solution for some time. Once the tar residue is lost, you can scrub it to clean the tar from the tank. Always ensure that you have cleaned the tank with warm water as well.

Once you washed then you can use a cotton towel to soak away all water from the tank. Ensure that the task is well performed from the inside as well.

Refill the new juice 
Refilling should only be done if the tank is completely dried. You need to check with the vape tank. You will have to select wisely the flavours you want to enjoy next. You can search for Vampire Vapes Eliquid online.

Once the juice is mixed you will have to allow the liquid to settle down in the vape tank before using it. Always ensure that you have balanced the two different flavors in the right proportion. This factor depends on your likes.

It is also important to clean and replace the coil before use. Check with the mouthpiece and other components. It is easy to change the coil the moment you are refilling the e-liquid. The same task has to be performed every time you refill the vape tank with a new vape juice. You can clean the tank every few weeks.