Let’s face it – we’re pretty much always stressed out these days. It seems like life online is full of cutthroat political opinions and living in perpetual FOMO, while everything we see on TV is either peddling a distraction or reminding you that there are many, many awful things going on EVERYWHERE. With all that stress, is it any wonder that there are around 40 million Americans living with some kind of anxiety disorder?

Dealing with all this stress is well, stressful. For a lot of us, that means finding products we enjoy to help de-stress from this constant anguish, and that means vaping. From herbal medications like medical marijuana and wax to CBD, vaping provides a unique versatility to how you enjoy the products you love – as well as a host of other benefits. But can vaping actually assist with your mental health and feelings of anxiety? When you consider the advantages of vaping over other methods, it becomes clear why so many turn to it as their preferred choice.

Don’t smokers get anxiety and stress?
Hold up, there – sure, you might be thinking ‘Aren’t smokers supposed to be MORE stressed?’ According to this 2000 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, heavy smokers are more likely to develop anxiety-related disorders. So doesn’t the same apply to vaping?

This is a common misconception – that vaping and smoking are the same thing – yeah, sorry, no they’re not. Vaping is based on a different process than combustion (i.e. burning your blunt). Vaping devices use a volatilization process that heats up a substance like e-liquid, wax, or dry herb to produce a cloud of water vapor – no secondhand smoke, ash, or tar like you’d get with cigarettes. One of our personal favorite vape kits – which requires no nicotine – is our incredibly powerful Aegis dry herb vaporizer. A streamlined design with an LED screen, a one-of-a-kind filtration system, and an isolated airflow structure are combined with an ample battery size for a rich dry herb vaping session. For those who enjoy herbal medications and want an alternative to the smell of smoke, the Aegis is here!

Vaping allows for greater control over what you use
One of the top reasons people choose to vape is because they feel it will help them move away from smoking. But how? Simple: greater control. Unlike smoking, vaping nicotine e-liquid allows you to control to a much greater degree how much nicotine you’re actually receiving. E-liquid bottles will have labels stating how much nicotine is in them, giving you the chance to pick the amount that you prefer.

Another aspect of that greater control? More cash in your wallet. Many vapes simply operate at the push of a button – instead of constantly burning through hand-rolled cigs, you can extend the lifespan of your product and your experience by only vaping when you need to. For individuals who use dry herbs, CBD wax or oil, or other products that they want to vape, this can help you save more of it – and save more green. For a great device to handle numerous vape products, our Micro PAL device offers both wax and e-liquid vaping, with the ability to use both pre-filled and refillable cartridges. It includes 4 optimized voltage settings as well as a rapid pre-heat function for faster, smoother vape sessions full of rich flavor. Plus, it’s a compact and discreet device that also happens to look pretty good too.

Vaping is for more than just nicotine
When people are looking to deal with feelings of stress or anxiety, they can turn to any number of things, including nicotine and smoking. Heck, a lot of golden-years seniors are even turning to marijuana to deal with issues they commonly face. Vaping however allows for more than just nicotine. Vaping CBD, for instance, is one incredibly popular method that people have been turning to. CBD’s soothing qualities have shown promise in dealing with anxiety, as this 2010 study mentions. If you’re looking to take the edge off, vaping CBD is one option many people have turned to. From CBD wax to vaping dry herbs, there’s plenty to sample from. In particular, our VICOD 5G vaporizer allows for both dry herb and wax vaping, allowing for huge flexibility in how you vape. Whether you’re vaping medical marijuana for personal health reasons or trying CBD for the first time, the VICOD 5G offers plenty to like. With features like the massive 2200mAh battery, innovative temperature memory function, and bright OLED screen for keeping track of your data, the VICOD 5G has what you need to ensure a satisfying session.


Vaping is accessible and affordable – and discreet
You might be thinking that even if you were looking to vaping to handle your stress and feelings of anxiety, that it would be too expensive, or the devices are too bulky. In fact, vape devices run the whole spectrum of shape and size, and it’s easy to find something that fits your needs. Vaping is easy to use, whether you’re using e-liquid, dry herb, wax, or are using refillable or pre-filled cartridges. For example, the incredibly compact and discreet Nano Prime kit offers e-liquid vaping for individuals of all experience levels. The wickless ceramic heating element offers incredible flavor and rich vapor, while the main battery includes three voltage settings and simple one-button operation. If you’re after vaping to handle the stress of your day, the Nano Prime allows that satisfaction while easily slipping in your back pocket or purse.

Vaping allows for easy – and near-endless – customization
As mentioned above, vape devices come in all shapes and sizes, from pod vapes, bulky mods, all-in-one vape pens, and more. For folks considering vaping, it can be a lot to choose from, but also allows for a lot of customization in how you enjoy your products. This means that when you’re vaping medicinal products for your anxiety for instance, you have a lot of options in terms of the device that best suits your needs.
  As you can see, vaping has plenty to offer when it comes to enjoying the products you want the most. Living with incredible stress is not a way to live, period.