Can’t taste e liquid anymore? Or does it taste bad?

Can’t taste e liquid anymore? Or does it have a bad taste?
Can’t taste e liquid anymore? This is a common problem that most vapers experience but don’t worry, there’s a reason for that!

So, you’ve found your perfect flavour, read the description, placed your order, and eagerly waited for it to arrive only to find out it has a weird flavour? You’re not alone.

E liquids are all made differently, however, credible e liquid manufactures will only use certain ingredients that are absolutely necessary without adding any additional additives, colourings, or any other unwanted chemicals.

E liquid is generally made from VG (Vegetable Glycerine) which creates the vapour clouds, and PG (Propylene Glycol) which is the base that allows the flavourings to settle within your e liquid. Good quality e-liquids will only have these ingredients as they do not need additional sweeteners or colourings to be perceived as a premium vape juice.

Can’t taste e liquid anymore?
This is what the industry calls the Vapers tongue. Chances are that you found your favourite flavour and you have been vaping it for a while. With all good things in this world, too much of a good thing can lead you becoming used to it meaning that you can’t taste e liquid anymore.

This is completely natural and all you need to do is take a break from that flavour and switch to a contrasting flavour for a while. A quick way to see if you have vapers tongue is to drink some black coffee and then return to your vape juice to taste the full flavour like new again!

Another reason you can’t taste e liquid is that you might have developed flavour fatigue. This is where your sense of smell and your taste buds have been overworked from vaping too much. Simply take a break, ensure you are hydrated, and you will be back to normal in no time!

If you have just quit smoking and started vaping, your taste buds will still be recovering from the cigarette smoke. The longer you stay away from cigarettes, the more flavours you will be able to enjoy with time!

E liquid harsh after adding nicotine
There are two types of nicotine on the market that vary in strength. Freebase Nicotine (which is usually standard) has a throat hit. This can make your e liquid harsh after adding nicotine, especially if you are vaping at a high nicotine strength.

If the e liquid is too harsh after adding nicotine we would advise to either reduce the nicotine strength (we find that between 3mg-6mg is average) or switch to nicotine salts.

Nicotine salts can dramatically change how harsh the e liquid seems after adding nicotine. Nicotine salts are a lot smoother and less harsh and actually mimics the nicotine absorption of a traditional cigarette, a clear choice for those who have just started vaping to quit smoking!

E liquid tastes bad?
This is commonly due to your coils. If you coil is worn out or burnt, it will inevitably make your e liquid taste bad. Simply switch out your coil to a fresh coil and all will be well again.

E liquid tastes like plastic?
Again, this is most commonly due to your coils. If your coils aren’t properly soaked in your e liquid, or has since dried out, you will get e liquid that tastes like plastic or a bad burnt taste.

E Liquid tastes like chemicals?
This one is more than likely the e liquid vape juice itself. Badly made e liquid tastes like chemicals rather than the flavours that they are supposed to taste like. Simply throw it out and replace it with a more reputable vape juice manufacturer.

E liquid tastes like soap?
Okay, if we assume that you haven’t recently cleaned your e-cigarette device with soap and accidentally left soap in the device, this can be a couple of things.
E liquid can taste like soap if you were a heavy smoker. Heavy smokers have damaged taste buds and therefore struggle to identify the more subtle flavours. We would recommend using a strong mint/menthol flavour until your taste buds have time to recover.

If you weren’t a heavy smoker then you might need to let your e-liquid ‘steep’ for a few hours so the flavour has time to settle. This is especially important if you are adding your own nicotine. If your e liquid tastes like soap, try shaking it up vigorously and leave it to settle for an hour or two.

If none of the above works and your e liquid still tastes like soap after steeping your e liquid, cleaning your device, and changing your coil… Throw it in the bin and buy a new e liquid with more positive reviews!

E liquid too strong or too sweet?
E liquid, like most flavoured consumables, come in many flavours and strengths to cater to every market. There are fruity e liquids, cakey e-liquids, menthols, sweet flavoured e liquids and more!

If you find your e liquid too sweet, then it’s probably just too sweet for your individual taste. If your e liquid is too strong (not counting nicotine strength) then you simply need to try the market for another more subtle flavour profile.