Can I Use Any Vape Mod For Any Vape Tank?

Good question. In short no you can’t.

The first thing you need to tank into account when choosing a vape mod to go with a tank or vice versa is if the mod will work with the tank you have.

How Do We Know if the Tank Will Work With My Vape Mod?

Check the coil resistance (Ohms) and recommended wattage of the coil that comes with your vape tank. The coil resistance is generally displayed on the coil itself.

If not it will be on the packaging. As an example you may see the coil display the following:
Once you know the resistance/ohms of your coil you then need to check for two things on your vape mod.
The minimum resistance the box mod will work at.
The maximum wattage the mod will operate.
You will find this information on the spec sheet of the mod you have or are going to buy.

Try to Keep Well Within The Mods Max Wattage

So if you have a coil where the recommended wattage is 70-80W (and you actually vape within this range) and your vape mod only outputs a max of 80W the battery life will likely suffer. Reason being you are operating the mod at its maximum that will drain the battery quicker.

We recommend leaving plenty of wattage wiggle room and not firing at the mods maximum as your go-to vape. Yeah sure it’s OK to do on occasion but with the example above we would recommend using a mod that has a minimum of 100/120W output.