Buying The Best Box Mod: Buyer Guide for 2021

Buying a box mod? We’re here to help! When it comes to regulated vape mods, there’s a virtually limitless range of models, features, colours, sizes and prices to choose from. In this guide we’ll show you how to pick one that suits your vaping style perfectly!

We’ll start by sharing the top 5 best selling box mods of 2020, and we’ve also got 7 vital questions that you should ask when buying a new box mod.

Best Selling Box Mods of 2020

The top 5 best selling box mods in 2020 were as follows: 

1.VooPoo DRAG 2 Platinum TC Box Mod 177W
2.GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W TC Box Mod
3.TeslaCigs Punk 86W Mod
4.VooPoo Drag 2 TC Box Mod 177W
5.TeslaCigs XT 220W TC Mod

Whether you’re ready to invest in a vape mod with serious functionality or just looking for a good starter box mod, any of these five models would make a great first choice.

7 Things To Look Out For When Buying A Box Mod
Gareth and I have a lot of experience buying box mods. We buy for ourselves, but we also have to pick the best box mods to offer our customers. In our experience, there are really only seven questions to ask when buying a box mod:

1: Does It Have Variable Wattage / Voltage?
Variable Voltage (VV) and Variable Wattage (VW) box mods enable you to adjust the heat of your vape device after you have installed a coil with a specific resistance (measured in Ohms —). 

The performance of your box mod’s battery starts to decline as the battery depletes, and this has a knock-on effect on your vape’s voltage and wattage settings. If your box mod has variable wattage or variable voltage control, a chip inside the vape will automatically compensate for this declining battery performance so that you can enjoy a consistent vaping experience regardless of how much charge is left in your battery. 

You’ll get a great overall vaping experience with either VV or VW box mods, but to make the most out of these devices you need at least a basic understanding of Ohm’s Law.

2: Has It Got Temperature Control (TC)? 
The more you vape, the hotter your coils get! If you hold down the ‘fire’ button on your vape for a long time, your heating coil will get progressively hotter, and this can lead to burnt hits if you’re not paying attention.

Box mods with Temperature Control (TC) get around this compounding temperature problem by automatically adjusting the power coursing through your coil as you vape. The box mod’s internal circuitry regulates the temperature on the surface of your coil so that you get a consistent vaping experience regardless of whether this is your first or fifth drag. TC vaping cuts your risk of dry and burnt hits. What’s more, just like VW and VV mods, it gives you a really consistent vaping experience.

3: What Sort Of Battery Does It Use?
Box mod batteries have a massive impact both on the flavour and the day-to-day convenience of your box mod. Box mods that house multiple batteries are usually considered ‘better’, because if you have more batteries, you can vape for longer and vape with more power. The downside of big battery packs is that they make your box mod bulky and cumbersome. 

In recent years, rechargeable box mods have come on leaps and bounds — they’re a great alternative to bulky multi-battery box mods. With a rechargeable box mod, you just plug in to a USB port in your car or on your laptop.

Rechargeable battery mods are a really eco-friendly way to vape, but they only really suit vapers whose lifestyle keeps them close to a charging point. If you have an office job or if you spend a lot of time on the road, then USB charging could be perfect for you. 

4: Do You Like The Design (Style & Ergonomics)?
Die-hard connoisseurs and vaping purists will tell you that the outward appearance of a box mod doesn’t matter (it’s the chip inside that counts). As far as we’re concerned, design is one of the most important things for buyers to consider — especially if you’re using vaping as a way to quit smoking. The best mods are comfortable to hold, easy to use and pleasing to the eye. 

Whether you go for a bold superhero-styled mod like the SMOK I-Priv 230W or a muted, matte-finish device like the e-Leaf iStick TC40W, you need to love the look and feel. You’ll find a wide range of metallic, leather-feel and rubberised cases in our mod department. Shop around and don’t hesitate to pick a style you really love. 

5: How Good Is The Screen?
As your vaping style evolves, you might want to adjust your box mod’s settings, check your coil resistance or just keep an eye on your battery levels. This is where screens come in! 

Your box mod’s screen needs to be easy to read, with the most important information displayed clearly at all times. The most advanced mods offer touchscreen functionality, but old-fashioned LED screens, when they’re laid out well, can actually work much better for most vapers. 

If you’re weaning off nicotine, then a screen with a puff counter can be particularly helpful. Mods with puff counters will keep track of how many draws you’ve taken on the device, making it easy for you to track your e-liquid consumption. 

6: Any Special Vaping Modes?
Beyond variable wattage, variable voltage and temperature control, most box mods have special modes which give you the freedom to change your vaping style at the touch of a button. These special vaping modes aren’t just gimmicks — they’re genuinely helpful tools that can make your life as a vaper much easier. The most useful modes to look out for are eco, pulse and stealth mode:

·Eco mode helps you squeeze every last drop of efficiency out of your batteries. Think of it like the ‘low battery mode’ on your smartphone.

·Pulse mode delivers a quick pulse of power around 5 times per second for as long as you have your finger on the fire button. Pulse mode is great for cloud chasing. 

·Stealth mode produces smaller clouds of vapour — perfect for when you’re trying to keep a low profile 

7: What do the Customer Reviews Say?
Customer reviews are still one of the best ways to get an honest appraisal of any vape device or e-liquid. 

If you’re desperate for a responsive ramp-up time, if you have doubts about battery life or you just want to know how easy it is to use a box mod, you can’t go wrong by looking at the reviews.  

If you’re in the market for a box mod then I hope this article has given you a good starting point. Just remember that box mods are not your only choice — pod systems are getting better and better, and if you just want a simple push-button vape device, a vape pen could be your best bet.