Best Vaping Tips This Summer

Wherever you’re soaking up the sun this summer, it’s important that you not only look after your skin when you tan but also maintain your vape pod or mod. That doesn’t just mean taking care of the batteries but the tanks, e-liquids and coils too. 

As we all bask in the glow of a heatwave and tuck into strawberries or a delicious ice cream, you often forget the little things that matter. Keeping your device safe and away from hazards is vital. 

Our vaping tips below will set you on your way to a fantastic summer! You might think the whole experience from adding your e-liquid to hitting the fire button is simple. However, that can quickly change if you underestimate the impact of heat on your e-cigarette or even how you store your device.

1) Do Not Let Your Vape Overheat!
This is one of the most vital vaping tips we can provide when you step out of the house. Like with any electronic device such as your laptop or phone, excess heat from the sunshine over a sustained period can damage the functioning skills of your e-cig. Keep all devices, including your vape, out of direct sunlight or face the consequences of damage, in some cases beyond repair.

It’s much better for a vapes longevity to keep under cover - a blanket or stored away in a bag will do. If you leave your vape mod or pod in sunlight, it will massively impact your battery life. The electrolytes that pass through your battery internally holding the amount you have charged will diminish rapidly. This is the last thing you want out of the house, away from an adaptor and settled on a beach somewhere. Also avoid charging in a hot car too and even refrain from leaving it inside your vehicle, which can feel like a hotbox after a few hours in direct sunlight.

So keep on top of your nicotine habits by keeping your device in a cool place. As we know, vaping can lead to dehydration, which will only intensify in the heat. Always remember to have a bottle of water handy between vapes too to ensure those delicious summer flavour e-liquids remain consistently tasty! Should disaster strike - the best tip we can give is to not just look after your device in the heat but keep some spare batteries handy just in case.

2) Keep Your E-liquid at a Similar Cool Temperature
In addition to your batteries and device, it’s imperative you keep your e-liquids at an equally cool temperature. If they heat up too much, expect not just the change of e-liquid colour but a nasty taste. Plus, they could become much thinner too, which is less than ideal if you like to cloud chase with a Sub-Ohm device.

Scientifically speaking, the nicotine (if you choose to go this way - most vapers do but you can also vape nicotine- free) can also be impacted by the summer heat. The air, heat and light going through the e-liquid will cause oxidation, reducing the amount of nicotine in your tank or pod. Therefore, keeping it cool will ensure you get the maximum effect from each drop of e-liquid to satisfy nicotine cravings.

3) Store Your Vape Safely
When you think of summer; white sandy beaches, crashing waves and topping up your tan spring to mind. Heat, water and excess dirt are all things you should avoid to look after your vape device. Top tip - how you store your e-cigarette is everything to keep the performance running smoothly and it looks the part too. Water or sand on the screen can easily damage the LED display or reduce visibility. The buttons can get stuck with excess dirt wedged in between and we hopefully don’t have to remind you what happens when you drop something electrical in water!

With sun, sea and sand in mind, there’s no better solution to avoid a summer vaping catastrophe than carrying your pod or mod in a handy case. It not only protects your vape but is much more convenient to transport around too from the car to the beach or restaurant.

Additional Vaping Tips for the Summer
·Look after your coils to get the best performance from your vape. Keeping them clean will prevent the thickening of your e-liquids, which happens when the vape juice caramelises in the heat. Replace your coils often to avoid this issue
·Keep any spare batteries in a case to stop them from overheating
·Select a vape mod or pod with a long battery life and low wattage to ensure easy all-day vaping
·Be careful your tank does not leak - which can happen if it overheats. The rubber seal on your tank will shrink, which combined with a thin e-liquid creates a problem

We hope you liked our top hints and guidance for an enjoyable summer vape. Why not spice things up by trying a fruity e-liquid this summer to match the refreshing change of weather from the gloomy winter and wet spring? Above all else, keep your device dry and cool and you’ll be having the best time in the glorious sunshine.