Best Vape Tank for Juice Consumption

We are living in an age where vaping has upgraded from a new trend to this overwhelmingly popular phenomenon with so many variables, options, and available choices be it equipment, E Liquids flavors or other details. So while it’s all fun and games, choosing the best option suited to one can be a challenging task.
For choosing the best vape tank, it is important to know the factors that account for the basis for the choices. The most important factors include affordability, resistance, rating, delivery, capacity and more. Apart from these factors, prior knowledge of the available technologies is also important. A large part of the tanks available in the market is sub-ohm tanks.

What is vape tank?
The foremost thing is to know what actually is a tank in vape devices. The tank is that component of vape that holds vape juice accompanied by the heating element. This tank is then screwed to the vape mod. The tanks are made of different materials like plastic, Pyrex or metal (stainless steel and anodized aluminum). The tanks are further categorized based on the wicks that these house as these too vary in terms of material.

Types of Tanks:
These different types of tanks are abundant in qualities and specifications
Cartomizer: This type of tank has a cotton wick that absorbs the e-liquid to be made available when the coil is heated on activation of the battery.
Clearomizer: These types of tanks have a coil and use wicks instead of cotton. In fact, the e-liquid in this type of tank is held in reservoirs-made of plastic-which is absorbed by the wick and then heated. This type of tank allows for the vapers to refill only after several hits.
Glassomizer: Glassomizers are more or less like clearomizers except, as the name suggests, inclearomizer the reservoir is made of clear Pyrex glass instead of plastic. The glass reservoir prevents erosion due to acidity in liquid in contrast to a plastic reservoir.
Apart from the tank and reservoirs, the coil is also an important component that affects the quality of the vaping device.

Coil Build
Coils, resting in the vaping tank, can either be prebuilt or can be self-built. The prebuilt coils are usually supplied by the brand and are easier to use. All one needs to do is to unscrew the used coil and screw on the new one. The self-built coils, however, are also preferred by more advanced vapers and go better with a buildable deck.
Vaping tanks come with variable specific resistance levels. A low resistance level implies more vapor production, while a high resistance coil implies lower vapor production. Depending on what one prefers, those vaping on lower wattages prefer a more contained vaping experience and thus high resistance. On the other hand, the ones normally using sub ohm tanks prefer low resistance and enhanced vapor production.
Airflow is a very important factor that determines the vaping experience and naturally affects the vape tank choices as well. Lower airflow means less smoke and the experience resembles that of smoking. Higher levels of airflow mean smooth hit and more smoke. Lesser airflow also means more heat while the more airflow, the cooler the vape.

What is a sub-ohm tank?
Since vaping is something based more on desire than need, an element of face value and the apparent image is important. Sub-ohm tanks have been introduced primarily considering this aspect in focus. These are atomizers designed specifically for bigger clouds, requiring powerful mods putting out high wattages. This allows for stronger airflow and thus bigger clouds. These tanks, originally introduced to replicate the experience of dripping with the provision of a tank, have gained quite a lot of popularity in the vaping circles owing to this reason!
These tanks are purpose-designed for direct lung hit, make use of pre-built coil heads usually ranging to 0.5 ohms. Most of the coil heads use cotton wick while the newer models come with wood pulp and more advanced double or triple-mesh coils. These small advancements put a huge impact on the flavor production and thus better vaping experience altogether.
Best Vape Tanks market has to offer:
With so many options available, it can get very difficult to choose and decide the best available options. A list of the best vape tanks for consumption goes:

Aspire Cleito
This is a purpose built, user-friendly tank introduced by Aspire. The special feature of this tank is the high volume airflow and fulfilling vaping experience. With minimum resistance, it provides direct vapor delivery. Another plus is how this tank can be easily dismantled for effective and easy cleaning of vape mod and tank. The Cleito comes in a complete kit including spare Pyrex tube, an extra atomizer, a vape band, and four rubber cuffs. The quality of the product is top notch as well and makes it the most desirable brand in vaping circles.

Aspire Nautilus 2
Also introduced by Aspire, this Nautilus 2 is an advanced model of Nautilus-one of the finest tanks!
This vape tank has been further improved in design and airflow. It comes with a convenient top fill design and a turntable bottom airflow adjustment system which means the airflow levels can be varied according to will. The chimney size has been reduced which makes this tank compact and it provides better flavor as well. The kit comes with a 0.7-ohm coil installed and a 1. 8-ohm coil as a replacement. The tank is constructed of either anodized aluminum or stainless steel and glass. It also offers a range of colors-stainless, red and grey-to choose from.

SMOK TFV12 Prince
This vape tank is the successor to the Cloud Beast King’s throne. This model has increased capacity from 6ml to 8ml in a bubble style tank. Apart from the improved capacity, coil technology has also been improved. This one houses Q4, T10 and X coils. The patented swivel top convenient design has been retained in this model. It also provides an adjustable airflow system so if you want bigger clouds, richer and airy vape experience, this tank is the right pick for you. The tank has been manufactured for stainless steel and borosilicate glass. A range of colors is also available to choose from.

Vaporesso NRG Tank
The NRG has been introduced by the VAporesso brand, a giant in the industry. It is a sub ohm tank and comes equipped with a sliding top fill design. What distinguishes this from other options in the market is the new features including a spit-back prevention drip tip and a heat insulator at the base. The tank has been made from Pyrex and stainless steel and is ultra-durable. The kit includes everything in it to allow for the unhindered vaping experience. The complete kit includes a 0.4-ohm GT 2 replacement coil, a 0.15-ohm GT 4 replacement coil, and a replacement glass section. It also provides rich flavor and this is one of the best options in sub ohm tanks.

Famovape Fat Baby Mesh Tank
The distinct features of this model are the cutting edge mesh coil technology and reinforced Pyrex glass container. Mesh coils are the finest innovations and this tank is making use of those coils effectively. These coils maximize the surface in contact with the heating element. These coils also burn slow so these last longer making it an economical choice as well. It has four airflow slots at the bottom allowing to adjust the airflow as desired. This tank is a perfect balance between rich flavor and cloud production.