Best Places to Store Your Vape Kit in 2022

Properly storing your vape kit can help to prolong it’s life. Allowing your setup to be stored in high or low temperatures can affect how well it works and even cause it to stop working altogether. Proper storage for your device is just as important as storing your juice, battery, and coils to keep them in optimum condition.

Summer Traveling
If you have a trip planned, whether by car, train, or plane, proper storage will eliminate the chance of any potential damage. Before you begin traveling though, you should unscrew the tank/cartridge from your device. This will help to avoid and leakage or unwanted electrical currents if you have accidentally left it unlocked and turned on. It is possible for your device to fire by itself if it’s just left floating in a bag instead of being secured in a case.

Traveling Tips
It’s also best if you remove your battery. This will help to keep your battery safe from unforeseen damage and will ensure that it will not turn on at any point. Keep your battery secured in a case that is designed for this. They’re cheap and will prevent any explosions from a battery that comes in contact with any loose change, another battery, or any metal.

Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat
Avoid storing your MOD or any other vaping equipment in excessive heat. Keep all of your equipment packed safely avoiding any contact with light or heat. Plastic bottles are better to travel with than glass ones in case of any damage. They will be less likely to break and leak e-juice all over your belongings.

Plastic Baggies
To help prevent leakage from your tank, it is a good rule to either empty it prior to packing it. If you want to save the liquid inside of your tank, place it inside a plastic baggie to avoid any leakage from getting on your other belongings.

Convenient Carrying Case
You should invest in a carrying case if you are often traveling with your vape starter kit. They’re relatively cheap, offer hard-shell cases, and will keep all of your vaping equipment organized and clean. Soft cases are available as well but offer less protection. The best travel cases have a place to store everything including your tank, device, bottled e-juice, and your battery.

Home Storage
There are racks available for showing off and storing all of your vape equipment at home as well. They have built in storage spots for everything including your device, bottled e-juices, battery, and tank. If you’ve multiple devices, this is a good way to keep them all organized in your home for easy access. Find one that offers enough slots for all of your equipment for convenient and easy storage.

Final Storge Thoughts
As you can now see, the top three places to store your mod/pod system/vaporizer and other vaping equipment is all dependent on whether you’re traveling, have extra cash to spend on a case, and if you only need proper storage at home. If you’re low on cash, a plastic baggy can help you avoid any messes. A strong hard-shell case that provides storage for your equipment is a great choice when traveling. At home, a rack that shows off your equipment and allows for easy access is the best choice. These options will help you to prolong the life of your device and allows you to avoid nasty messes.