Best MTL Vape Kit of 2022

Mouth to lung, better known as MTL vaping among those in the know, is a technique used to inhale and exhale e-cigarette e-liquids. It’s the closest experience you’ll get to smoking with high nicotine strengths as a cessation tool, where you inhale the vapour into your mouth, keep it for a couple of seconds then into the lungs and back out. MTL kits are the go-to choice for most new vapers, in terms of practicality and the features available, whichever brand you buy. Originally designed as simple no-fuss devices, now that’s all changed with loads of different options for MTL vapers, with plenty of smart features to optimise your performance. Whether you go for a compact vape that fits in your pocket, a trusty vape pen or a beefier option, we round up some of the best MTL vape kits available today.

Aspire Flexus Q

A short, sharp and effective MTL vape kit that fires instantly and easily fits in the pocket. The Aspire Flexus Q is a decent mouth to lung vape because of the efficient charge time, which only takes ten minutes to charge near-full capacity (80%) of the 700mAh battery-powered device. It features auto-coil recognition technology so that you can slip the vital accessory in and pick up the correct wattage straight away. Other features include:

·A choice between 0.6 Ohm RDL coils as well as tight draw 1.0 Ohm MTL coils
·2ml capacity and easy side fill option
·Three adjustable wattage levels (soft, medium and hard) for different power outputs

Elf Bar Mate 500

The only thing better than the reliable and practical design of the Elf Bar Mate 500 is the multiple flavours you can choose from the P1 Pods. Thanks to all the unique options available, which Elf is known for, such as Blue Razz Lemonade and Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, vapers have plenty of options. And to top it all off, the mouth to lung inhalation is cooling, rich in texture and consistently gives a strong throat hit thanks to the 1.2 Ohm coils built inside, as well as the below features:

·Leak-free technology for simple e-liquid filling
·Dual coil design
·Excellent throat hit resistance

GeekVape 1FC

A slim and stylish device that performs just as good mouth to lung hits, the GeekVape 1FC is an impressive pod kit. The mouthpiece is curved and thin for an MTL vape hit that reminds smokers of the tight draw they used to get from cigarettes without the dangerous toxins. The S-shaped airflow inside helps produce a smooth and consistent vape with each inhale. It offers excellent flavour from the 0.8 Ohm coils with just the correct amount of fixed-resistance and three adjustable power settings. Check out what else it offers vapers as an MTL kit:

·Superfast 15 minute charge so you don’t need to wait around for long when the 500mAh battery reduces
·Auto draw or fire button activation
·LED charge indicator

Voopoo VMate

This is the perfect draw from a compact vape for MTL fanatics. Short and comfortable to hold in the hand, it’s one of the best mouth to lung kits for routine vaping on the go. The long battery life ensures vapers can use it all day without any qualms. Meanwhile, it’s built with a leak-free technology to keep spills to a minimum, in addition to long-lasting coils. Set at two low fixed wattages which you can switch based on the pod you select, it’s the perfect way to vape small clouds often. The VMate boasts:

·Large 900mAh battery
·Auto draw activation
·Availability in a variety of colours

Innokin Coolfire Z80

Using the updated Zenith II tank, the Innokin Coolfire Z80 is one of the best pod-mod hybrids on the market for MTL vaping in 2022. It provides a range of features that can help vapers get extended flavour and longevity from their coils, using the refresh feature and the latest 4th gen technology.

The small circular rounded mouthpiece is ideal for mouth to lung vaping, providing a tight yet smooth draw on each inhale and exhale. There are different selections vapers can make with the new Z coils to find the right resistance that offers the best MTL vape. Here’s what else you can expect from the Z80 kit:

·Compatible with replaceable 18650 batteries
·Power output up to 80W
·0.003 fire up speed

Smok Nord 4

The Smok Nord 4 is a suitable crossover kit if a vaper is seeking an MTL vape, but also hoping to switch to direct lung (DTL) vaping one day. It also works for more experienced vapers who want to easily change styles mid vape, with the click of a button. In terms of the experience you get when choosing to vape mouth to lung, it offers a smooth and restrictive draw with a nice kickback when you adjust the wattage. Discover its other features below:

·Huge 2000mAh battery, which is impressive for a compact MTL vape
·Compatible with a range of coils from the Smok RPM collection
·Adjustable airflow to get the right throat hit

Uwell Caliburn A2

Not only do you get the rich flavour and generous cloud production from the latest in the Uwell Caliburn series, but you also get an awesome setup system that’s easy to use, with pods having preinstalled coils inside already. Therefore, when the pod has served its purpose and the coil is no longer usable, just replace the pod. The mouthpiece attached to the pod is small enough to provide a decent yet discreet MTL draw and it removes with ease to add e-liquid. It also gives vapers:

·520mAh battery
·A useful window showing the e-liquid level
·LED battery indicator

V2 Vsavi Pro 3

Last on our list is the discreet and intelligently designed Pro 3 vape kit from Vsavi. It’s a useful mouth to lung option for any level of vaping, whether you’re a beginner or looking for a reliable back up. The pods last a decent amount considering how many MTL vapers typically use a vape pen device and it has generous battery life. Because it’s a slim device and the build is of a similar shape to a cigarette, the resemblance is just what’s needed when a smoker switches to e-cigarettes.

·Wicked cartridges to create smooth and consistent e-liquid ready to heat for vapour
·Large 850mAh rechargeable battery
·Leak-free technology

Mouth to lung vaping is only as good as the kit that you pick. Whether it’s Smok, GeekVape or Voopoo MTL products you’re after, selecting the right vape with the best draw, flavour, throat hit and smooth vapour is a personal choice, possible because of how the industry has moved forward year by year. There is no true definition of a good mouth to lung vape for all because everyone has different preferences and desired nicotine levels. But to begin with, for most, being an MTL vaper instead of DTL is the easiest method to switch from cigarettes. Any of the MTL-friendly vape kits above provide a more than suitable accompaniment to your e-liquids, in particular for nic salts.