Best Cheap Vape Kits: Ultimate Buying Guide

If you’re ready to make the switch from smoking to vaping and are on a tight budget, we’ve got some good news for you: There has never been a better time than right now to buy a cheap vape starter kit. In the past, there were always connotations of lower quality associated with inexpensive vape kits. That’s one of the reasons why larger vape mods became so popular in the early days of vaping. Many people got burned when their first e-cigarettes didn’t work as expected, so they upgraded to higher-performance devices as quickly as they could.

Today, though, buying a cheap vape starter kit in the UK doesn’t mean the same thing it once did. In the early years, vape manufacturers didn’t yet have the automation technologies necessary to produce high-quality vaping devices at scale. If you wanted to buy the best vape kit, you’d pay for it. These days, the production of vape kits has become so automated that you can expect a great experience regardless of what you spend on your first e-cigarette. Here’s the best part: The best budget vapes also happen to be some of the best vape kits for beginners.

At a Glance: The Best Budget Vapes in the UK
We’ll begin this article with some quick recommendations that can help if you’re just trying to find the best cheap vape kits in the UK today and don’t want to spend a lot of time reading background information. If you want to get started with vaping right now and want to keep the price as low as it can possibly be, we think you’ll be extremely happy with one of these cheap e-cigarettes.

88Vape ProPod Vape Kit

Price: £10.99

The 88Vape ProPod is a refillable pod system that’s unbelievably easy to use and incredibly small. It’s so sleek that you won’t notice it in your pocket even if you’re wearing your skinny jeans, and it’s small enough that you can close your entire hand around it when you want to vape discreetly.

One of the things we love about the 88Vape ProPod is the fact that, unlike many other small pod-based vapes, it has the ability to operate at multiple power levels. By pressing the device’s adjustment button, you can toggle between the three available power levels of 3.3, 3.5 and 3.7 volts – so if you need a bit more of a punch, the extra power is available.

Vuse ePen 3 Vape Pod Starter Kit

Price: £4.99

While some people like the freedom of owning a refillable vaping device, others prefer the convenience of owning a cheap vape kit with pre-filled disposable pods. If you fall into the second group, the Vuse ePen 3 is a budget pod system that you should strongly consider. With its simple one-button operation, the ePen 3 produces impressive clouds and offers all-day vaping with its 650 mAh battery.

The Vuse ePen 3 has an ample selection of pod flavours ranging from Crisp Mint to Very Berry, and it also offers a wider variety of nicotine strengths than you’ll find with most pod systems. The nicotine strengths available for the ePen 3 are 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg, making it easy to step down slowly and reduce your nicotine intake over time. With most pre-filled pod systems, you’ll find that you can choose from two nicotine strengths at the most. The fact that the ePen offers no less than four nicotine strengths is a huge selling point.

Uwell Caliburn G Pod Vape Kit

Price: £22.99

One of the most advanced small pod vaping systems on the market, The Uwell Caliburn G isn’t just a hit with new vapers – it’s also one of the go-to vape kits for experienced vapers who started out with pre-filled pod systems and eventually stepped up to refillable devices. The Caliburn G features a replaceable atomizer coil, which adds a bit of complexity compared to some other pod systems but also greatly reduces the long-term cost of owning the device.

Flavour quality has always been Uwell’s calling card, and the Caliburn G more than lives up to the brand’s stellar reputation in that department. The 0.8-ohm mesh coil fires up instantly and produces impressive vapour clouds – and unlike many small pod systems, this device actually gives you the ability to customize the airflow to suit your preferences. Simply reverse the pod to toggle between a cigarette-like mouth-to-lung hit and a slightly freer restricted direct-to-lung hit. Regardless of which setting you choose, you’ll enjoy pure, bold flavours with every puff. That’s because the Caliburn G uses the same type of high-quality coil that you’d find in a full-fledged vape tank.

MyBlu Pod Vape Starter Kit

Price: £9.99

The MyBlu pod system is another option if you’re looking for a cheap vape kit that uses pre-filled pods, and it has the benefit of coming from one of the oldest names in the vaping industry. The MyBlu system offers a wide array of flavours ranging from one of the industry’s more popular tobacco e-liquids to sweeter flavours such as Strawberry Mint and Café Latte.

An interesting feature of the MyBlu pod system is that it’s one of the only pre-filled pod systems on the market offering both freebase nicotine and nicotine salt e-liquids. The refill pods are available with nicotine strengths of 9 and 18 mg, and each pod offers a generous 1.5 ml of vape juice. Like all pre-filled pod systems, MyBlu is incredibly easy to use. Just charge the device and puff to vape. When the pod is empty, throw it away and replace it. Vaping couldn’t possibly be easier.

Aspire PockeX All-in-One Vape Pen Kit

Price: £19.99

We conclude this list of the best cheap vape kits in the UK with a more traditional vape pen. If you’ve tried vaping already – maybe you’ve purchased a pre-filled pod system or a few disposable vapes – and aren’t completely happy with your experience, you might find that a traditional button-activated vape pen suits your preferences more than the devices you’ve tried so far. The Aspire PockeX has been on the market for three years, and it’s still one of the best vape pens around.

One of the main differences between the Aspire PockeX and the other cheap vape kits detailed in this article is that it’s significantly more powerful. With its built-in 1,500 mAh battery and 0.6-ohm coils, this device generates serious clouds and has absolutely no trouble going hours between battery charges. If you’re a beginning vaper, though, you’ll love the convenience of the Aspire PockeX’s built-in tank. If you need to refill the tank or replace the coil, it’s as simple as twisting off the tank’s top lid. Thanks to its convenient all-in-one design, the PockeX is as easy to use as any pod-based vape kit.

Why a Budget Electronic Cigarette Is Actually the Best Choice for a Beginning Vaper
If you’ve scanned the product selection here or at some local vape shops, you’ve probably noticed that there can be a fairly large price gap between a cheap vape kit and full-blown vape mod. The difference in price might lead you to believe that the more expensive vape mods are better or that the budget vape kits aren’t actually worth your time. That, however, isn’t the case. The more expensive vape mods aren’t better products; they simply offer more advanced capabilities that experienced vapers often demand.

The truth is that a cheap vape kit is usually exactly what you want if you’re new to vaping. That’s because a small vaping device with tight airflow characteristics is the type of device that most closely replicates the experience of smoking a cigarette. The smallest vaping devices are also the ones that work best with higher-nicotine e-liquids. The larger and more expensive devices, on the other hand, are typically designed for lower-nicotine e-liquids and are optimised for bigger clouds and bolder flavours rather than a cigarette-like throat hit.

What Should a Cheap Vape Starter Kit Include?

One of the great things about buying a vape kit is that you can expect the box to include almost everything that you need to get started with vaping. That’s the case whether the vape kit is a budget-oriented one or a more expensive one. These are the things you can expect to find in a budget vape kit.

·The vaping device
·A vape tank (for tank-based devices) or 1-2 replacement pods (for pod-based devices)
·At least one replacement atomizer coil (if required)
·A charging cable or dock
·An instruction manual

The one required component that your first vape starter kit may not include is e-liquid. If you buy a device that uses pre-filled pods, the kit will usually include one or two pods. If you buy a device that uses refillable pods, however, you’ll need to supply your own bottled e-liquid – so add some vape juice to your cart before you check out.

What Are the Differences Between Pre-Filled and Refillable Vape Kits?
As you’ve read this article, you’ve probably noticed that our recommendations for the best cheap vape kits in the UK include a mix of both pre-filled and refillable vaping devices. That’s because different people have different priorities, and the two types of vape kits each have their own benefits and drawbacks. These are some of the pros and cons of pre-filled vs. refillable vapes.

·A pre-filled vaping device is easier to use because you don’t have to worry about maintaining your equipment aside from keeping the battery charged. Connecting the device to your computer when the battery dies is all the maintenance you’ll ever have to do. When a pod is empty, simply discard it and begin using a new pod. When you want to change flavours, it’s as easy as swapping pods. However, pre-filled vape pods cost more than bottled e-liquid and aren’t available in as many different flavours.

·A refillable vaping device is cheaper over time because a bottle of e-liquid contains significantly more vape juice than a pack of pods and costs about the same. You can refill a pod several times before you’ll need to replace the pod or atomizer coil – and when you buy your e-liquid by the bottle, you’ll enjoy a much wider variety of different flavours. The drawback of using a refillable vaping device, however, is that filling a pod isn’t quite as convenient as dropping in a pod that’s already filled.

Are Disposable Vapes Good Alternatives to Cheap Vape Starter Kits?

If you’re on the hunt for an e-cigarette on a budget, you’ve probably noticed that we offer disposable vapes starting at just £2.49, which is even less than what you’d spend on a full vape kit. So, is it a good idea to just buy a disposable e-cigarette instead of looking for a budget vape kit in the UK? Here are some things to consider first.

·A disposable vape lasts for about 1-2 days of vaping. When the battery dies or the device runs out of e-liquid, you’ll need to buy a new device.
·Disposable vapes are the simplest and most convenient vaping devices on the market. Out of the package, a disposable e-cigarette is ready to use immediately.
·Disposable vapes are efficient and reliable. A disposable e-cigarette uses a high-strength e-liquid to deliver the same satisfying throat hit you’d get from smoking a tobacco cigarette.
·Disposable vapes are less expensive than tobacco cigarettes, but they aren’t the cheapest vaping devices on the market. You’ll spend less overall if you buy a refillable vape kit.

How to Buy E-Liquid for Your Vape Starter Kit

Whether you end up buying a pre-filled or refillable vaping device, you’ll need to add e-liquid to your shopping cart before you check out. A refillable vaping device will not include e-liquid, and a pre-filled device will generally include enough pods for just a few days of vaping.

How to Buy Refill Pods for a Pre-Filled Pod System
If you buy a pre-filled pod system, the starter kit will probably include one or two refill pods. That’s enough to introduce you to vaping and help you get to know your new vaping device, but it’s important to understand that a pre-filled vape pod only includes enough e-liquid for one or two days of vaping. You should grab some extra pods when you buy your starter kit because your initial supply of vape juice will run out quickly. We recommend starting with the highest available nicotine strength and stepping down to the next lower strength if you feel like you’re getting too much nicotine.

How to Buy E-Liquid for a Refillable Vape Kit
If you buy a refillable vape starter kit, the kit will not include e-liquid. You’ll need to buy vape juice separately, and we strongly recommend using nicotine salt e-juice with small vaping devices such as the ones described in this article. As with pre-filled pod systems, we recommend starting with a higher nicotine strength and stepping down if you feel like it’s more nicotine than you require. When you buy e-liquid for the first time, it’s good to try a few different flavours. Some people prefer cigarette-like tobacco and menthol e-liquids, and others like sweeter flavours. You can’t know what your preferences will be until you’ve experienced those flavours for yourself.