Choosing your own nicotine strength is one of the best things about vapes. That includes zero nicotine as a choice! 

There are many surprising benefits to vaping with no nicotine, but the main advantage is that it doesn't contain nicotine, which is highly addictive. By eliminating nicotine from your system, you're no longer vaping as a way to fulfill a need. 

Do you intend to quit smoking? If yes, then switch to no nicotine vapes and get over the addiction. 

Following are the benefits of No Nicotine Vapes 

 1. Get Rid of the Nicotine Toxicity 
As opposed to e-juices containing nicotine, e-liquids without nicotine mostly contain food-grade ingredients. Zero nicotine e-juice is not knaown to pose any threat from spills or bottles of the toxic liquid getting into the wrong hands. This is because, e-juices without nicotine are less toxic as compared to the nicotine e-juices. 

Even though no nicotine vapes are free from toxicity, still, no matter what type of vape hardware you use, you should keep it away from children and pets since they are prone to becoming sick. 

 2. Say Goodbye to Nicotine Addiction! 
Vaping e-juice with 0 mg nicotine does not contain any addictive substances. Hence, with nicotine free vapes you will not be exposed to addictive spaces. This will make quitting vaping much easier because gradually, the addiction levels will be lowered. 

VG and PG are commonly found in vape juice brands as well as water, flavor and nicotine. Out of all these, nicotine is considered the most habit-forming substance. Once nicotine is removed there is no addictive substance left in the e-juice. Hence, the users get the opportunity to get a smoother hit with the same cloud production but without the presence of nicotine. 

 3. Get your hands on great deals on Nicotine-free e-juices
When nicotine is removed from e-liquids, prices are often more competitive.As a matter of fact, non-nicotine e-juice is not as popular as nicotine-based liquid. There are several bottles of it on sale in bargain bins at vape shops, for this reason. E-juices that contain nicotine are quite expensive as compared to nicotine free e-juices. It gives you an opportunity to save some bucks but still enjoy vaping. 

4. No more nasty “throat hits” while vaping 
When vapers use nicotine e-juices, there is a greater chance of them experiencing an irritating yet nasty throat hit. The throat hits are certainly not desirable. While vaping with nicotine free e-juices, the experience is much better and more consistent. 

The smooth experience is even smoother since it allows ex-smokers and vapers to enjoy nicotine without experiencing the 'throat hit'. In addition to reducing irritation, you get an equal amount of flavor and cloud production.

Users will still be able to blow out clouds and enjoy the flavor and warmth without the tickling and irritating sensation caused by the nicotine.

 5. Pick out your favorite flavor out of the huge variety 
With the increasing popularity of nicotine free e-juices, the companies have started producing a variety of flavors. Hence, the users get an option to pick out their favorite flavor without nicotine in it. 

Some of the most popular flavors include strawberry, chocolate, cherry, blueberry, menthol and peach. Without the nicotine the experience of flavor is much smoother and concentrated. 

 6. Test Negative during Nicotine Tests 
There are a lot of popular companies who hire employees on the basis of a negative nicotine test. Using nicotine free vapes and nicotine free e-juices, you test negative on the nicotine test. Insurance companies charge premiums to smokers; hence, it is a good option to opt for zero nicotine vapes to avoid testing positive on the nicotine test. 

If you intend to get a job in a company that requires a nicotine test, then the best option is to switch to nicotine free vapes that will allow you to test negative on the nicotine test. 

Compared to vaping with nicotine, vaping without nicotine is generally considered safer. This is mainly because, nicotine is addictive and toxic. It is capable of causing harm to the human body. By using nicotine free vapes, the dangers of nicotine lower drastically.
We hope that this piece of information was helpful for you.