Bear Aspire R1 3500 Puffs Disposable Vape Review

Product Intro
The Bear Aspire R1 is a disposable vape made by Bear Salt and Aspire. This kind of cooperation is somewhat novel as it offers a disposable vape kit and 10ml Bear Salts E-liquid in the package, filling the gap between 600 puff disposables and vape pods.

R1 is also known as UK’s first compliant 3500 puffs disposable vape. It requires a little maintenance job, which needs you to fill the e-juice into the pod of Aspire R1. Owing to enough vape juice supply, this Bear Aspire R1 disposable vape kit can provide you with 3500 puffs.

The R1 vape kit is powered by 650mAh and can be rechargeable, which gives you another convincing proof for a large number of puffs. Available in 20mg nicotine strength, there are 24 delicious flavours for you to choose from, including candy, berries, lemon, mint, and other fruit blends.


The Bear Aspire R1 disposables all come in a white color, which is clear and beautiful. It is built with h sleek and considerate design, giving me a nice grip. You can find a USB port at the bottom for recharging and two small air hole for airflow.

Due to the refillable pod, I should add e-liquid to the pod first. It features a side-filling design, pulls out the bung set on the black pod, and revealed the filling hole.

Thanks to the visible pod, I can check whether it has reached the appropriate level. Before vaping, do not forget to prime the coil. I sat it aside for 10 minutes then gave it several drags.

Performance and Flavours
That puff on the drip tip can activate this R1 pod device as other disposables. The bear Salt e-liquid blend with 50/50 VG: PG, delivers a tight MTL(Mouth To Lung) inhalation.

But compared to other disposables, with a larger battery power, the inhalation is kind of looser. I appreciate it. I got a smoother throat hit may be attributed to the salt nicotine in e-liquid.

The vapour production is satisfactory as well as the flavour is also delectable. The Aspire is renowned for its coils, perhaps, this R1 disposable device is no exception.

As the R1 comes along with a bottle of 10ml vape juice, it may cost more to taste more flavours. So picking out your favourite flavour is somewhat substantial.

However, on the basis of no strange taste produced, you can refill other e-liquid into the pod.

Cola Ice
Normally, I often drink Cola. Thus, I wonder what it is like in vapour condition. Bear Salts submit an answer to me.

The classic sweetness of cola lingers on my tongue and a gust of ice menthol hit on my throat. And the fizzy soda can be clearly sensed when I exhale the vapour.

If you are a Cola freak, you must taste this flavour.

Banana Ice
Banana is a very flavourful fruit, and its aroma is easily noticeable throughout the vape. When I took some drag, I seemed to have some bites of ripe banana, with a layer of icy menthol kickback. It is very fragrant.

Bena Lemonade
It is a big explosion of fruit feast. The very first thing that I noticed about this vape is the sharp punch of sourness, with a lightness of sweet blend.

As there are multiple fruits mixed together, I cannot recognize them in a short period. Actually, I prefer a bolder flavour, but this vape just opts for a subtle combination, making it a liking for me.

Blueberry Ice
Every time I choose a disposable vape, Blueberry is the only option that I must not miss. Luckily, the Bear Salts didn’t disappoint me.

When I hold vapour in my mouth, I can sense the juicy and sweet blueberries pop in my taste buds and slush of icy menthol wash down my throat. This flavour does can be my affection.

Battery Lifespan and Charging
To prevent a flooded vape coil, I didn’t fully fill the pod. I estimate there are 1.6 ml of vape juice that I added. It outlasts around 5.5 hours that I have to refill the e-liquid.

When I ran out the battery, it took me one hour to recharge up to 99% battery life. Why I said 99% is that there is no indicator changing for a full charging condition, it always remains a white color.

Thus, I cannot able to ensure that it is fully charged. If you want to get a full battery life, it is recommended you charge it for one hour more minutes or one and a half hours.

Pros and Cons
+ UK’s first compliant 3500 puffs disposable vape kit
+ 10 ml Nic Salt e-liquid in the package
+ Starter Kits
+ Refillable pod
+ Various flavours
+ Rechargeable

- Need self-filing
- Not easy to switch flavour


If you long for a disposable vape that delivers a large number of puffs, Bear Aspire R1 is an ideal option for you.

The more powerful battery and included Bear Salts e-juice can provide adorable vapour production and delicious tastes. If Aspire can improve the design of the LED indicator, it may be more considerate for users.