Battle of the Pros: Oxva Xlim Pro vs Vaporesso Xros Pro

The much anticipated Vaporesso Xros Pro has just landed, bringing more advanced functionality to the popular Xros series. In fact, it seems to have been brought out as a direct competitor to Oxva’s popular Xlim Pro device. 

As you’ll see, both these pod kits have their strengths and weaknesses, so we’ve compared them side by side on everything from battery life to flavour, so you can choose the right one for your needs.

At a glance

The Xros Pro easily wins the battery life battle, with its 1200mAh battery offering an extra 20% of capacity over the Xlim Pro. Battery capacity is not always the whole story, but the Xros also lasts longer than the Xlim in real life. This also translates to increased battery life in real life. 

That said, don’t expect it to last longer than the Xros 3 Mini, unless using it in Eco mode. Yes, it has an extra 200mAh capacity, but the device also has more things to do - such as power the screen and provide increased wattage output. 

Still, if you’re an average user, you should get at least a day of usage out of the Xros Pro, and quite possibly more, while the Xlim Pro will struggle to last most users a full day. 

Both devices charge impressively fast, although the Xros Pro has the edge, going from zero to full in just over half an hour. 

One final note - both devices come with a charging port on the base of the battery. We prefer this to be on the side, as it allows the device to be charged upright. That in turn ensures the coil remains saturated while charging. Still, that’s unfortunately the case with most pod devices coming out these days. 

Ease of use
While I typically find Xros devices very easy to use, when it comes to the Xros Pro and the Oxva Xlim Pro, it’s a closer call.  

As I mentioned in the last post, the Oxva Xlim is not the easiest device to use. For starters it comes with a bung over the filling port. I found this okay to use, but other colleagues reported finding it fiddly. Meanwhile the use of a single button for every single function is annoying.

On the other hand, the Xros Pro, as with all the Xros devices, is a breeze to fill. Simply snap off the top, insert the tip of the e-liquid bottle and squeeze.

However, it’s a closer call when it comes to adjusting wattage. Like the Xlim Pro, the Xros Pro comes with a single button for selecting wattage. How this works depends on the pod you are using. If you are using the brand new 0.4ohm pod, you adjust the power in 0.5W increments. With other pods, you have the choice of three power options: Eco, Normal and Power.

The three power options might not offer as much flexibility as the Xlim Pro, but it is a lot easier than scrolling through every power option. The problem is that the Xros Pro’s button for selecting power also functions as the fire button. Those three clicks fire the device for a split second. (In contrast, the Xlim Pro is inhale-only, so doesn’t have the same problem.)

It’s not a huge issue, but it is annoying. On the other hand, most vapers only occasionally change the wattage in their device, so on balance the ease of refilling the pod outweighs the annoyance of those button presses.

Both devices allow you to view e-liquid levels - a basic feature but one which is so often forgotten. The Xlim Pro’s pod does have a slight tint, which makes it a little bit harder to see the e-liquid at a casual glance, but the base of Xros Pro’s pod is just covered by the rim of the device, so they pretty much even out here.

As mentioned, both devices allow you to adjust wattage, but the Oxva Xlim Pro allows you more precision over the power with most pods.

Both devices allow you to adjust airflow. However, while the Xlim Pro offers pretty precise airflow control, the Xros Pro only has three settings to choose from. What’s more, the restricted airflow on the Xros is just too tight, with hardly any vapour coming out. I personally found the airflow on the Xlim Pro to be a little more satisfying once I’d found the sweet spot.

Both devices come with a screen. These mostly display similar information (wattage level, puff count and battery life). The Xlim Pro also displays the resistance of the coil you are using, while the Xros Pro displays the exact percentage of the battery. Neither is a game-changer, so the Xlim wins on airflow and wattage adjustment.

One final note - the Xros Pro comes with a locking side button. This is always a nice feature, as you don’t have to remember the button combination to lock it, but it could have been a bit stiffer. As it’s loose, it’s easy to knock it into or out of lock. In fact I did so at one point and it took me a moment to find out why it wasn’t working.

Style and comfort
The Xros Pro comes with a solid metallic finish which definitely feels more premium than other Xros devices. However, this is a bulkier device than the Xlim Pro, and the protruding front panel makes the device look a little bit awkward.

The Xros body doesn’t fit quite as neatly into the hand as the Xlim Pro and, as noted in our previous review, the Xlim Pro’s mouthpiece fits more neatly to the contours of the mouth than Xros pods. Both come with a pleasing shiny metallic finish.

The Xlim Pro’s flavour is simply excellent, managing to draw out notes form e-liquids that other devices can’t. In fact, I first tried the device because of positive feedback from colleagues on the flavour, and I liked the improved taste so much I carried on using the device after I had finished testing it. 

The Xros Pro isn’t bad either. It uses the same fixed-coil Xros pods as the other devices in the series (which is handy for cross compatibility) but I think it has a bit of an edge on the other Xros’. This could be because of the airflow, or because of Super Pulse mode, which delivers a pulse of power throughout the vape to ensure more consistent flavour. 

The flavour came out particularly well with nicotine salts with the wattage set to normal, but less so when the power was set to max. However, the device didn’t work well with high VG e-liquids.

However, the Xlim Pro continues to win on both the flavour and draw. (To be specific, the flavour was best when using the 0.6ohm pod, and not as good using the 0.8ohm pod.) At the same time, I think dedicated Xros fans will be pleased with the improved taste of the Xros Pro.

Tech specs compared

Wrapping up
Which one is right for you? While we aim to give you some clues here, it does depend on your preferences and, of course, any review is subjective.

I was actually reminded of this when discussing the Xlim Pro with a colleague. In contrast to me, he much preferred the Xros Pro, finding it hard to make a complete seal with his lips on the Xlim pod.

That said, if you’d like a long-lasting device with an easy fill mechanism, the Xros Pro is easily the best option of the two. However, if you don’t mind a fiddly bung, and the taste is really important to you, I’d suggest using the Oxva Xlim Pro.


How long do the coils last in the Oxva Xlim Pro and the Vaporesso Xros Pro?
Coil longevity can vary based on wattage settings, inhale length, frequency and intensity and the type of e-liquid used. That said, on average we found the Xros Pods used with the Xros Pro lasted 1-2 weeks, while the Xlim pods lasted around 5-7 days. You can maximise the life of your coils with these handy tips.

Can I use the Vaporesso Xros pods with the Xros Pro device?
Yes, the Vaporesso Xros Pro is compatible with the Xros series pods, offering cross-compatibility within the series for convenience and flexibility.

What pods can I use with the Xlim Pro?
The Xlim Pro works with Oxva cartridges.

Are the Oxva Xlim Pro and the Vaporesso Xros Pro compatible with e-liquids of all VG:PG ratios?
Both devices work well with a range of e-liquids, but the Vaporesso Xros Pro might not perform as well with high VG e-liquids compared to the Oxva Xlim Pro, which offers versatile performance across different e-liquid types.