Aspire PockeX Box Review-Aspire introduces the long awaited sequel to the PockeX!

Since the launch of the original PockeX back in 2016, vapers have been eagerly awaiting the next iteration of this pen style starter kit. The Aspire PockeX Box is probably not what fans were expecting. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at how this new vape kit from Aspire performs and whether it deserves to take on the PockeX name.

The pen style PockeX has been scrapped in favour of a miniature box mod look. The body of the kit is soft in hand while still offering enough grip. This is thanks to the high tensile polymer material and dimpled finished. Standing at just 86.4mm tall it is a much shorter kit than the original, plus the boxy shape makes it great for storing in a pocket without it feeling uncomfortable. Apart from the mouthpiece and airflow, the tank mostly sits into the box mod. This addition makes the kit more compact making it even easier to carry in a pocket without the tank sticking out. A USB-C charging port is located on the side of the kit so it can be stood upright while plugged in.

As with most kit there are black and grey options for those who prefer a subtle kit that doesn’t draw attention. However, the theme across the full range of colours isn’t too garish. Even the turquoise kit maintains a sleek and premium look that is rare with brightly coloured vape kits. A personal favourite is the Date Red colourway. This colour in particular adds an elegant touch to the PockeX Box.

The PockeX Box boasts a bigger battery, with a 2000mAh capacity offering plenty of power for all day vaping. The addition of USB-C fast charging allows vapers to quickly recharge the PockeX Box with less time waiting. The small light located below the charging port indicates battery life. When red the kit is less than 30% charged, blue between 30-60% and green indicating the PockeX Box is over 60% charged.

The tank utilises the same PockeX coils, coming in 0.6ohm and 1.2ohm resistances. If you have used the original then expect the same quality flavour. The 0.6ohm coil is great for both direct lung and restricted DL vaping. For mouth-to-lung vapers the 1.2ohm coils delivers a quality draw between 10-12W. This coil in particular performs best with nic salts, providing a smoother throat hit. When paired with Riot Squad PUNX Raspberry Grenade it delivers a juicy blend of raspberries and zesty lemonade with a sharp nicotine hit.

Ease Of Use
The tactically positioned button allows vapers to hold the PockeX box comfortably with little to no thumb movement required to activate the device. The tank features a sliding top fill system. This is an improvement on the screw top fill used on the original PockeX. Filling with vape juice is easy as you can slide the top of the tank in one hand and squeeze the vape juice into the tank with the other. The top of the tank stays attached when filling so you don’t have to juggle the tank, kits, e-liquid and the lid for the tank.


The Aspire PockeX Box is just £26.34 on the website. Although this is more than the original PockeX pen kit, the Box is a much more complex device. With a larger 2000mAh battery, USB-C fast charging, sliding top fill and an upgraded ASP chipset for added protection this is a great value kit.

Target Audience
This vape kit is suitable for both mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vapers thanks to the 0.6ohm and 1.2ohm coils. The airflow adjustment also allows for a tighter draw suitable for restricted DL vaping. The PockeX Box is also a great starter kit for new vapers as it provides a easy to use setup with no adjustments require. Plus the top fill system makes refilling this kit simple, even for first time vapers.

The easy-to-use setup and quality flavour made the original PockeX one of the go-to starter kits for new vapers. The Aspire PockeX Box maintains those qualities while adding some much needed upgrades.

While it can be considered an upgrade, it does not devalue the Aspire PockeX. The original is still one of the best starter pens on the market. Alongside the PockeX Box, Aspire provides new vapers with the option of a box kit or pen kit that both deliver a quality vape.