Aspire Plato Review: Sleek and Powerful All-In-One Vape Kit

The Aspire Plato is a compact, all-in-one vape kit that is ideal for vapers that prefer portable mods without compromising on performance. This portable vape setup offers two tanks and drip tips that accommodate both direct to lung and mouth to lung vaping.

The kit comes with two high-performance coils that cater to both flavor enthusiasts, as well as cloud chasers. Its temperature, airflow control, and other versatile features make Plato a worthwhile purchase for vapers looking for power and portability.

Bird’s Eye View On The Plato

The newest addition to Aspire’s vape catalog, Plato, is an all-in-one vape mod that is lightweight, portable, and ideal for beginner vape enthusiasts. This is an all-inclusive kit that contains all the components needed in a vape kit. Its 18650 battery is powerful enough to last a day of moderate vaping, while an easy to use adjustable airflow system lets a user control the flow to its preferences. These kits come with two tanks and drip tips – the Plato sub-ohm tank and Delrin drip tip for direct-to-lung vaping and a BVC tank with a stainless steel drip tip for mouth-to-lung vaping. The tank comes with 2 juice ports for easy refilling, cleaning, and draining.

With a maximum output of 50 watts, a pre-installed 1.8-ohm Kanthal coil, and temperature control, this vape mod produces clouds of moderate-intensity and delivers good flavor. This makes it ideal for beginners that are exploring vape mods for the first time. This sleek vape mod is made with stainless steel and is easy to carry and grip. With a 100 mm overall height, 50 mm length, and 23 mm width, these vape mods are ideal for those looking for a stealthy and portable vape setup. Choose from a wide variety of 8 different colors – from rose gold, lavender, blue to grey and weathered gold. Finally, the vape kits firmware can be updated via its USB port, so a vaper can easily install the latest version from time to time.

A View Into the Plato Kit

The Plato kits come with the following components:
·1 x All-In-One mod
·1 x Aspire 2500mah 18650 battery
·1 x Instructional manual
·2 x Drip tips
·1 x Sub-ohm atomizer cartridge
·1 x BVC cartridge (with pre-installed 1.8-ohm Kanthal coil)
·1 x Pack of spare O rings and seals
·1 x Plato .4-ohm coil
·1 x Authenticity card
·1 x Warranty card
·1 x Special coil removal tool
·1 x USB cable.1

In-Depth Overview of the Internal Build Quality and Design

With a stainless steel body in a sleek and elegant design, this vape device is available in 8 different vibrant colors – from rose gold, lavender, blue to a patterned weathered gold. Standing at a 100mm height, 50 mm length and 23 mm width, this is a compact and portable vape setup that can be stealthily carried along without any hassles.

Its all-in-one design means all its components except the drip tip are easily fitted in a neat package. This vape mod comes with a small screen that is covered by a screen protector. The firing button is made with steel under which there is a screen. One interesting thing to note is that the screen display orients itself depending on which hand you hold it, so it is ideal for both right and left-handed users.

Battery That Powers The Plato

This vape device comes with a 2500 mAh 18650 battery, which can last for a fair length of time, especially for light to moderate vapers. It can last longer if a vaper uses the pre-installed 1.8-ohm coil and at a 20-watt mode. The battery door on the mod is a U-shaped design that slides into place and is held in place by magnets. The battery door also has a small slit from where the e-juice level in the tank can be checked.

Flexibility With Two Tanks

This vape mod gives you the flexibility to choose from two different tanks, both of which are included in the kit. The first one is the sub-ohm tank for direct-to-lung vaping, which has a capacity of 4.6 ml e-juice. The second tank system is the BVC system for mouth to lung vaping, which has a massive capacity of 5.6 ml of e-juice.

Moreover, its glass tank system comes with two juice ports, which makes filling, refilling, and cleaning the tank convenient. However, since this is an all-in-one setup, it is important to make sure the ports are closed properly, and the coils are fastened and secured to prevent any leakage from happening.

What Is Its Performance Like?

With a maximum wattage of 50 watts, it produces good flavor and clouds of decent thickness. Its performance is ideal for those starting as vape enthusiasts. The performance is especially good with the pre-installed 1.8-ohm Nautilus vape coils, which is quite popular amongst those that prefer mouth-to-lung vaping.

However, the Nautilus provides more flavor and medium vapor, while the 0.4 sub-ohm Clapton is ideal for thick clouds that may be preferred by experienced vape users. This depends upon personal preference that should be taken into consideration when deciding which to use.

Aspire Plato Coils

The Aspire Plato is compatible with multiple options and comes with a pre-installed 1.8 Nautilus coil, as well as a 0.4 sub-ohm proprietary Clapton design by Aspire. Both perform well and provide a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.

The proprietary sub-ohm atomizer though gives a bolder vapor and thicker clouds. This proprietary design is quite unique and different from other designs. It is a single unit that runs along the whole length of the tank. This is a unique design, and it may not be very widely available.

What About Its Flavour and Vapour Production?

The device offers two different vaping experiences thanks to two different coils, each appealing to different types of vape enthusiasts. The pre-installed 1.8-ohm Nautilus provides a rich flavor and medium vapor production, which is ideal for those that give preference to flavor over vapor production. On the other hand, the 0.4 sub-ohm provides a much bolder vapor and is more suited for vape enthusiasts that enjoy producing thick clouds.

Firmware Update

Aspire Plato also gives its users the option to upgrade its products’ firmware via its micro-USB port. Everyone can go to Aspire’s website and download the latest upgrade available. The updated firmware continually upgrades its features such as its voltage, wattage and temperature modes, and more, based on user feedback and experience. The Plato firmware only supports Windows as of now.

The Competition

Aspire Plato vs. Kanger NEBOX

Both Plato and the Kanger NEBOX are compact, all-in-one vape kits. Both products run on a 18650 battery, but the Plato kit includes the battery, while the NEBOX kits don’t include it.

While Plato’s e-juice capacity is between 4.6 to 5.6 ml, the NEBOX’s capacity stands at an industry-leading 10 ml. NEBOX’s maximum wattage is 60 watts, while Plato has a maximum output of 50 watts. The NEBOX comes with 0.5-ohm and 0.15-ohm coils, and the tank is compatible with Kanger sub tank OCC coils.

Aspire Plato vs. Aspire PockeX

The Plato and the Aspire PockeX are, again, both all-in-one vape kits, but an even more compact and stealthy option by the same brand. With a 2 ml tank capacity, this is considerably lesser than Plato’s 4.6-5.6 ml capacity.

The PockeX runs on a 1500mAh battery as against Plato’s 18650. The PockeX comes with 2 coil options – one pre-installed 0.6-ohm stainless steel coil, and another 1.2-ohm Kanthal. Both products produce rich flavor and vapor for vape mods of this size.

Final Verdict: Aspire Plato Review: Versatile And Compact Kit

The Aspire Plato is a portable and compact all-in-one vape kit that can be worth exploring for relatively new vapers looking for a sleek and stealthy vape setup. This lightweight kit comes with all the elements you need to get started with vaping. Built with stainless steel and a matte finish, it has a good grip and is available in 8 interesting colors. Its 2500 mAh 18650 battery and maximum wattage of 50 watts can last a decent length of time for medium vaping. The kit comes with two separate tank systems, the sub-ohm system for direct to lung vaping with a 4.6 ml juice capacity, and the BVC tank system for mouth-to-lung vaping, with a 5.6 ml capacity.

The tank system has not one but two separate juice ports, which makes refilling and draining convenient. The device has a 1.8 sub-ohm Nautilus pre-installed, and also comes with a 0.4 sub-ohm proprietary atomizer. Both perform well, with the Nautilus providing rich flavor and medium vapor and the 0.4 sub-ohm atomizer giving a much bolder vapor for those that enjoy thick clouds.

Aspire Plato Specifications
Dimensions 100mm x 50mm x 23mm
Wattage Range 1 - 50 W
Temperature Range 200°F – 600°F / 100°C – 315°C
Airflow Adjustable
Battery Single 18650

Compact and portable build
All-in-one design
Multiple coil options
Two tank system options with high e-juice capacities
Vibrant color options
Maximum wattage of 50 watts lesser than other devices
Proprietary 0.4 sub-ohm coil not widely available