Where there is smoke there is fire. However, that is not the case anymore. After recent studies of e-cigarettes and vapes, you do not need fire to have smoke.
The brand new Aspire Nautilus GT Kit takes vaping to a whole new level of an enhanced escape. The merge of two vape brand legends has developed a subsequent mouth-to-lung tank system. Aspire and Taifun presents the all-new NAUTILUS GT KIT.
With its new construction and intensity, it is ready to take on the next generation of vaping. The beloved BVC coil range and essentials are equipped with a lavish airflow system, to amplify the Nautilus coil performance. The Nautilus GT Kit comprises the Nautilus GT tank system and brand new 75W equipped Glint mod, making it the perfect duo to any vape.
The new Nautilus GT Kit has a 1-75W wattage output that can adjust plainly with three buttons. The Glint mode can fire up the vaping device to 75W with just a push of a button. It is easily adjustable with its plus or minus button located on the vape. You will be able to see what wattage you are at by simply looking at the 0.91 inch Oled screen on the device. It does not get more simple than that.
According to The Vape review, they expressed that, “Using the device is a breeze and Aspire has really cut it down to the bare necessities, with this kit only supporting a basic variable wattage mode with a max output of 75W. You can turn the device on and off using the usual five clicks, three clicks will shut off the screen and pressing fire and down will lock the device.”
With its new thickened base, the Nautilus GT incorporated a hardware material matching with the contemplative air channel. This allows air to enter the tank directly, making your clouds more milky and thick, with longer-lasting flavor. The temperature of the vape will stay cool because of its new airflow system and stainless steel manufacturing.

The Nautilus GT Kit is designed with elegant stainless steel hollowed sleeve to protect the glass and any heat, making it more tough, rugged, and cooling. This will prevent the glass from shattering, getting too hot, or getting scratched if dropped.
You can adjust the airflow with one of the five precision setting airflow holes. You can choose from 2.5mm, 1.8mm, 1.5mm, 1.2mm, and 1mm. All you have to do is simply twist the airflow rings to adjust it to the perfect setting for you.
At the top of the Nautilus GT Kit, the head is easily removable to conveniently refill your vape. Just unscrew the top and simply fill it up with any e-juice of your choice. The large diameter filling holes will match up all kinds of e-juice bottles, that way you are still able to enjoy your favorite brand of e-juice.
The Nautilus GT Kit uses the luxurious Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils that consist of a single Kanthal coil to enrich the most intense levels of flavor and smoke. Organic cotton is added for maximum wicking. With its new stainless steel look, the coils stay cool leaving your smoke experience to stay icee. All Nautilus series BVC coils and mesh coils are compatible for this vape device.
The Glint Mod has an extremely easily accessible battery door that just slides open and close. The upgrades materials have made it stronger and more stable for consistent use. The battery is a Glint Mod single 18650 type-c charging port. The maximum charging current can reach up to 2A, leaving you with a strong long-lasting battery.
This is the new and improved vape that will forever have you wanting more smoke. Each hit is an oasis escape that is more relaxing than ever. It is crafted to take with you anywhere you go with its convenient size and brand new durability.
Many users have switched from their previous vape to The Nautilus GT Kit, expressing how much smoother it is to inhale. Their clouds are milkier leaving them with the buzz they expected to feel. Each flavor enhances a different effect, making it more fun to branch out and try new amazing flavors.
The Vape Review also gave mention to the airflow expressing, “Airflow is ideal, flavour is on point and the overall construction of the tank is impeccable but at the end of the day it’s all about the coils. If you like using Nautilus GT coils I can’t recommend this tank enough and luckily you can pick it up on it’s own if the mod doesn’t interest you.”
The Aspire Nautilus GT Kit has become the most popular vape since its release. The glint mod has made buyers become adjacent to the product, providing them with a more eventful smoke sensation. With its affordable price, appetizing flavors, and extravagant looks, the Nautilus GT Kit is the new must have vape.
This world-class vape has all the bells and whistles you could possibly need. With its new stylish stainless steel look, amazing five different airflow systems, coils, flavors, and perfect size vape it will leave you feeling lost in the clouds. This vape was created best to its abilities for the best flavor and performance from the legendary Nautilus GT Kit.

Aspire Nautilus GT Specifications:
·Manufactured By: Aspire
·Wattage Range: 1W – 75W
·Battery Compatibility: Single 18650 battery (sold separately)
·Threading: 510
·Available Colors: Stainless, Gun Metal, Black
·Height: 5.10 inches (129.5 mm)
·Width: 1.77 inches (45 mm)
·Depth: 0.98 Inches (25 mm)
Aspire Nautilus GT Tank Specifications:
·Manufactured By: Aspire
·Threading: 510
·E-Juice Capacity: 4.2 ml
·Body Material: Stainless Steel
·Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass
·Diameter: 0.98 Inches (25mm)
Aspire Nautilus GT Includes:
·1 x Aspire Nautilus GT Box Mod
·1 x Aspire Nautilus GT Tank
·1 x 0.7-ohm Mesh Coil (pre-installed)
·1 x 1.6-ohm BVC Coil
·1 x Extra Glass Tube (3.0ml)
·1 x Type-C Cable
·1 x Set of O-Rings
·1 x User Manual
·1 x Warranty Card