Are Squonk Mods Worth It? Five Reasons To Start Squonking!

Squonk mods are a cloud chaser’s dream device. For a lot of people, cloud chasing represents the best that vaping has to offer. If you’re all about ripping those massive clouds, you’ll love to hear the other reasons why squonking is more than worth it. Because the devices are expensive, and there’s a reason for that. Let’s take a deep-dive into the world of squonks.

RDAs aren’t the only option for cloud-chasers, but most prefer them over tanks. They give you a level of personalization that just can’t be beaten, and that wide array of options lends itself extremely well to cloud-chasers. The ability to build your own RDA coils is very freeing, but it comes with its own unique drawbacks as well. For instance, unlike tanks, RDAs don’t store a lot of e-liquid, so you’re constantly dripping e-liquid onto your coils. That’s where the squonk mod comes in.

What Are Squonk Mods?
Squonk mods are an alternative to RDA mods. The squonk mod solves the one problem of the RDA, dripping vape liquid into the coil, in an innovative way. Instead of carrying a bottle of e-liquid with you for dripping, you can simply fill a squonk bottle attached to your squonk mod.

This squonk bottle is basically a squeezable bottle that’s been integrated into the design of the mod. It can supply e-liquid from the bottom of the device to the top hollowed 510 center pin with a short tube. When your coils get too dry, simply squeeze the squonk bottle. It’ll feed e-liquid through the bottom of your RDA into your RDA’s well. From here, if your coils are wicked properly, the wick should absorb and distribute the e-liquid, allowing it to make contact with your coil.

What You Need To Start Squonking
·Squonk Mod: These special mods come in many shapes and sizes with a variety of different features. Your squonk mod’s specifications will depend on the brand and model you go with. However, every squonk mod does have one thing in common. Let’s talk about that.
·Squonk Bottle: Every squonk mod comes with a built-in squeezable bottle that feeds through a hole located in the center of your 510 thread. You might be wondering how the e-liquid is supposed to find its way into your RDA. This is where the third thing that you’ll need comes in.
·Squonk RDA: Believe it or not, a lot of RDAs out there are squonk-compatible. A lot of the time, RDAs that can be used with both squonk mods and regular mods will come with two removable 510 threads. One has a hole for squonking while the other is a standard 510 thread for use with a typical mod.

Now that you know a little more about squonking, we should address something that’ll be an issue for some people: the price. You’ll notice that squonk mods, on average, are on the more expensive end. Why is this? There are actually a few reasons, so let’s take a moment to go over them.

Why Are Squonk Mods So Expensive?
Squonk mods are more expensive than standard vape gear. Just like with regular vape mods, some squonk mods are made with more features and better materials than others. The compactness of the product makes it harder to produce, resulting in a higher production cost for this specific type of vape mod.

Squonk mods aren’t unreasonably expensive at the moment, but that wasn’t always the case. When they first surfaced, they were nowhere near as common. In fact, the first squonk mod wasn’t made by a vape company. It was made by an innovative member of the E-cigarette forum named Carlos49. He was trying to provide a creative solution to a problem that all RDA users have had. Once the concept got out to the internet, there were copycats everywhere, from other DIYers to eager vape companies.

Squonk mods also tend to be more expensive because they’re considered “enthusiast products.” Enthusiast products are notorious for being over-priced. Enthusiast products are products made for a group of people that are especially invested in an idea, brand, or niche. Usually, these enthusiast products offer cutting-edge features that other products lack. Enthusiasts want to be the first to try out the new technology, and that excitement makes the consumer more willing to spend extra.

The electronic components within a squonk mod need to be more compact than those of a regular mod for the squonk mod design to work. Squonk mods aren’t significantly larger than standard mods. In some cases, they’re even smaller.

However, squonk mods house squonk bottles, which take up a significant amount of space. That means that manufacturers have to use smaller, more complex parts. These parts also happen to be more expensive, which indirectly causes the price of the mod to go up.

Why Squonk Mods Are Worth Their Price
If you’re not sold on one just yet, take a look at the five most prominent reasons to buy a squonk mod. These will surely get you convinced to get one yourself. They really do have a big advantage over other categories and types of vaping products!

Cloud-Chasing Has Never Been So Portable
It’s the ultimate solution for cloud-chasers on the go. Do you absolutely need a squonk mod for easy portable cloud-chasing? No, there are other ways, but they all come with pretty severe drawbacks.

Alternatively, you could get around the squonking solution by using a regular mod with a tank. However, a vape tank simply doesn’t match an RDA in terms of cloud-chasing. RDAs allow you to build your own coils, which gives you virtually infinite vaping possibilities. Tanks don’t allow the user to install their own coils. Rather, they usually have pre-made coils that are made with an easy install feature specifically for your tank. Installing coils in a tank is a lot faster and a lot easier, but you’re typically limited to 2 or 3 coil builds.

With an RDA, you can choose the material of your coil, the number of wraps, and the circumference of your wraps. In other words, you can change everything about your coil. RDAs offer an unparalleled level of customization, and the squonk mods are the perfect companion, offering the user a more care-free experience without compromising the integrity of your clouds.

No More Dripping
If you’re an RDA user or someone that plans to switch to an RDA, going the squonk route would only cost you a few extra dollars, but it’ll save you time and energy every time you vape. If you ask me, it’s well worth the investment. Constantly dripping your coils can become very tedious, especially for heavy vapers, but you’ll never have to drip a coil again if you don’t want to.

Squonk mods give you a way around that annoyance, and they’ve become so affordable that the extra cost is a relatively small price to pay. With a squonk mod, juicing up your coils is as simple as squeezing the built-in squonk bottle and letting the design do the rest.

No More Carrying Bottles Of E-Liquid
No one wants to carry a bottle of e-liquid around in their pocket, and you don’t have to! Once upon a time, if you wanted RDA vapor production on the go, you had to carry e-liquid with you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be vaping for very long. Now, with a squonk mod, you don’t need to bring a bottle of e-liquid with you anywhere!

You simply remove the squonk bottle from your device, fill it with your favorite e-liquid, replace the squonk bottle, and feed the squonk tube into your compatible RDA. That’s all there is to it! Squonking just makes life easier.

No More Mess
RDAs are great because of the level of customization they offer as well as their unparalleled vapor production. However, RDAs aren’t perfect. One of the biggest problems with RDAs is the potential mess. This depends on the person because some people have no problem keeping their mod and RDA clean.

If you’re someone that struggles to drip their RDA without making a mess, a squonk mod would eliminate that problem. With a squonk mod, you don’t even need to remove the RDAs cap to juice up your coils. Just squeeze your squonk bottle, and in no time, you’ll have a freshly juiced vape coil.

No More Dry Hits
If you’re not using an RDA with a squonk mod, you’re probably experiencing more dry hits than you need to. No one likes the harsh feeling and burnt taste of a dry hit, and a squonk mod setup makes getting a dry hit pretty hard. When you hold a squonk mod, the squonk bottle should be located just beneath where your fingers rest.

This makes juicing your coil easier than ever, as it only requires one quick hand motion. With the ability to juice your coil made so accessible, you’d really have to stop paying attention to get a dry hit. More likely, you just won’t be getting dry hits with a squonk mod. It’s too easy to avoid.

The Squonk Mod’s One Drawback
Now you know just about everything there is to know about squonk mods. By now, you probably know whether or not the idea appeals to you. If you’re an RDA user without a squonk mod, switching might seem like an obvious next step. For most people that’ll be the case, but despite the squonk mod’s many advantages, it does have a disadvantage that might be a deal breaker for a few people: the unit size/battery power ratio.

Because squonk mods house these squeezable bottles, there’s a lot less room for battery. The insides of most vaporizers are filled primarily by batteries, to the extent that you can usually guess how many batteries a mod has just by the looking at its size. In order to work properly, a squonk mod with a normal two-battery form factor can only hold one battery. This will limit your squonk mods battery life and power. Most squonk mods only use one battery for this reason, but dual-battery squonks aren’t too hard to find.

Top 3 Squonk Mods
With all of this newly-obtained information, if the concept appeals to you, you’re probably ready to choose yours! There are a lot of devices on the market to choose from, but there are a select few that stand out from the rest. Here are my 3 favorite squonks mods:

1.Vandy Vape X Tony B Pulse Dual 220W (Best Squonker For The Price) – It’s somewhat odd that the best squonk mod for the price is a 220W dual-battery device. Those are some great specs for a budget vaporizer. To be clear, this isn’t the least-expensive squonk mod. Rather, it’s the squonk mod that offers you the most for the lowest price. Usually, when it comes to technology, you don’t want the least-expensive anything, because it’ll typically not perform well. Plus, you can usually get a lot more value for only a few extra dollars. For instance, most of the mods below this one will only save you $6, but they’re only offering 80 Watts of power. Going from 80 Watts to 220W is a pretty impressive upgrade for only $6. If you want the most power for your money, this is it.

2.Hcigar Aurora 80W TC (Best Portable Squonker) – If you want a compact cloud-chasing machine, the Hcigar Aurora is about as good as you can do. At only $60, the price is right, if not a little generous. At 80 watts, the Aurora leaves a little to be desired in the power department. However, 80 watts will be plenty for a lot of cloud-chasers and vapers across the board. Considering how small this vaporizer is, 80 watts is actually a pretty respectable amount of power. This little guy is only three inches tall and one inch wide. This is a very compact device, and it’ll still be compatible with most RDAs. If you’re looking for a highly-portable squonk mod with a respectable amount of power, this is a great place to start! Plus, it has temperature control, which is always a plus.

3.Ohm Boy X Desire Rage 155W TC (Best Overall Squonker) – This is my pick for the best overall squonk mod. I’m taking design, build quality, power, price, and features into account with this choice. So why was the Ohm Boy X Desire Rage chosen? It just checks all the marks. It’s a high-quality, powerful squonk mod that doesn’t really have any drawbacks. 155 watts will be more than enough power for most people, and dual-battery design will keep you vaping regularly. It includes temperature control, which is always a great feature to have at your disposal. These are very impressive specs, but the best thing about the Ohm Boy X Desire Rage is its design. They somehow managed to fit two batteries and a squonk bottle into this device while keeping the design ergonomic and comfortable. The curvature of the mod just fits in the hand very well, and the all-metal body looks and feels extremely premium. It’s powerful, stylish, and reasonably priced. What else can you ask for?

Top 3 RDAs For Squonking
While these are very cool, they’re useless on their own! Before you can start squonking, you’ll need to choose the right RDA. There’s a large variety of squonk-compatible RDA’s to choose from, and there are a lot of great options to choose from out there. I’d like to give you a few squonk RDA recommendations before you go, so here are my top 3 squonk-compatible RDAs (listed in no particular order.)

1.Hellvape X Heathen Dead Rabbit– The Dead Rabbit is the result of a collaboration between Heathen and Hellvape, and what a collaboration it was. A lot of RDA users swear by the Dead Rabbit’s fine balance between quality and affordability. It isn’t the best RDA on the market. However, it is very close, and it’s a fraction of the price of RDAs that perform very similarly. With the Dead Rabbit, you get a postless deck as well as a cap with adjustable airflow. At only 24mm, this RDA will fit most mods without leaving any overhang. If you want an affordable squonk RDA with premium features, the Dead Rabbit by Heathen and Hellvape is a great choice.

2.Goon V1.5 – The Goon 25mm is widely regarded as one of the best RDAs on the market. The Goon V1.5 is a smaller 24mm version with a very similar design. Both the 24mm and 25mm Goon RDAs are squonk-compatible, and both are great options. The Goon V1.5 doesn’t provide as much airflow due to the smaller cap, but the amount of airflow that it does provide is very impressive for a 24mm RDA. This RDA would be especially ideal for a compact cloud-chaser vape due to its small form factor and high-quality performance. The Goon V1.5 really lives up to its legendary name. If you want one of the best RDAs currently on the market, check this one out. At $60, it isn’t cheap, but it’ll be well worth the price.

3.Augvape X Vapnfagn BTFC – This last RDA is from a brand that’s known by the vape nation for its high-quality products. Augvape doesn’t specialize in any one thing. They do pretty much everything vape-related, and they do so very well. Whether you’re using one of their sub-ohm tanks, RDAs, or mods, you know you’re in for a quality vaping experience when you use an Augvape device. The X Vapnfagn BTFC is no exception! This 25mm RDA looks and works great. I’m a fan of the post orientation because it makes building very easy, and at only $29.99, this RDA is a steal. This is another RDA that performs well above its price point, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with a mod that could comfortably occupy a 25mm RDA.

I Squonk, You Squonk, Everybody Squonks
With these resources, getting your new squonking setup up and running shouldn’t be too difficult. Squonking is a great option for cloud-chasers everywhere. If you’re tired of dry hits, dripping your coil, and carrying bottles of e-liquid in your pocket, it’s probably time to upgrade. There are a lot of recommendations right here on this page, but there are way too many great devices out there to include them all here. If you’re not in love with these products, keep looking! Your perfect squonking setup is out there somewhere.