Are DNA Mods Worth It? 5 Reasons To Get A DNA Vape Mod!

DNA Mods are a unique product category in the vape mod family. The industry has come a long way in developing mods, especially in the last few years. It’s grown and evolved, paving the way for a plethora of new vape devices, each more advanced than the last.

Most vapers won’t recall the vaping days of yore, back when mechanical mods were the pinnacle of vaping technology. Evidently, you can’t stop progress any more than you can stop time. Now, we have the next evolution of the vape mod: The DNA.

DNA mods are the new standard for vape mods everywhere. There are a variety of DNA mods on the market, and they all share a few key features. Let’s talk about the attributes that make a DNA mod what it is. After that, we’ll go into the most important reasons to get one yourself!

What Are DNA Mods?
Put simply, a DNA mod is a mod that utilizes the DNA chipset. The company Evolv made the first DNA chipset, and now they sell their DNA chipsets to vape companies everywhere. As a result, DNA mods can look very different from one another, but they have all the same features.

So what features define a DNA mod. These are the main ones:

·Consistency and accuracy: DNA mods are known for their precision. If you fire your mod at 70 watts, you know that it’s actually emitting 70 watts of power. Furthermore, the mods actual wattage won’t drop off as its battery life drains. If your mod is set at 70 watts, it’ll fire at 70 watts right up until the battery is completely dead.
·10 amps: Don’t let the term “amps” confuse you. Just think of amps as the amount of power that your mod is capable of supplying. Basically, this increased power allows you to fire your mod at higher wattages, even while using very low-resistance coils.
·No PWM (Pulse Width Modulation): Pulse with modulation is a voltage regulation technique. Mods with PWM sustain a set wattage by rapidly emitting short bursts of power. It works, but it isn’t the most up-to-date method, and it certainly isn’t the most effective. DNA mods supply a smooth, steady stream of power as opposed to rapid bursts.
·An intuitive interface: DNA chipsets attach directly to the DNA mod’s display, where you’ll find a list of readings that boast pin-point accuracy. On a DNA mod’s display screen, you’ll find your mod’s current battery life, wattage, voltage, and resistance.
·Variable wattage: Variable wattage is by no means a feature that’s exclusive to DNA mods. Regardless, DNA chipsets are known for featuring a variable wattage mode. The DNA mod’s display and interface will grant you precise control over your mod’s wattage.
·Temperature control: Like variable wattage mode, the temperature control mode isn’t a feature used by DNA mods exclusively. Nevertheless, DNA mods are widely considered to be the best temperature control mods available. It makes sense, considering the fact that temperature control mode appeared first on one of Evolv’s DNA chipsets.
·Efficiency: DNA mods are extremely efficient, so they’ll make the most of your battery. By regulating the power consumption, DNA mods offer extended battery life.
·Customizability: DNA mods come with a lot of onboard features, but that’s only the beginning. Using Escribe software, you can tweak all of your DNA mod’s fine details.
·Safety: DNA mods have a few safety features that all vapers could benefit from. They won’t discharge your battery a dangerous level, and they won’t fire shorted coils. These safety features also greatly reduce the odds of your battery exploding.

This feature set represents the cutting edge of vape technology. As you can see, DNA mods improve upon your everyday regulated mods in almost every way. With improved accuracy, performance, and safety, DNA mods are a clear representation of the evolution of vaping.

Why Are DNA Mods So Expensive?
In many industries, there are cutting edge products known as “enthusiast products.” Such products typically come with the latest and greatest features offered by their industry. It just so happens that the vape industry is a prime example of this. There are enthusiast-level vape products for every kind of vaper.

DNA mods are, without a doubt, enthusiast products. Enthusiast products will almost always cost a pretty penny, but there are a few very logical reasons for this.

·Cutting edge technology: DNA mods, like many enthusiast products, utilize cutting-edge technology. This gives them an advantage over the less-impressive products on the market. It offers more, and, therefore, it costs more.
·Cost of production: Because DNA mods utilize cutting-edge vape technology, they feature parts that are more intricately designed. Enthusiast products often use smaller, more complex parts. Parts like these typically cost more than you’d expect, and in order to make up for the increased cost of production, vape companies end up charging more to the customer.
·Enthusiasts will spend more. It might sound frank, but in terms of business, it’s just a fact. Businesses typically won’t charge less for something that their key demographic will pay more for. Enthusiast products like DNA mods often cost more simply because enthusiasts are willing to pay more. They’re called “enthusiasts” for a reason. They’re more invested in their hobby than the average joe, and they’ll go to greater lengths to have the best gear in the industry.

Reasons To Buy A DNA Mod
Now that we’ve established what DNA mods are, let’s talk about what they can do for you. Are DNA mods really that much better than regular mods? Are they worth the higher price tag? I would say that, yes, they are. There are a few reasons that I have to back up this opinion.

1. DNA Mods Hit The Same… Every Time
If you aren’t using a DNA mod, there’s a common experience that you’re probably familiar with. Have you ever set your mod to your favorite wattage and taken a hit only to realize that something is wrong? That hit didn’t feel like it did the last time you used that wattage setting, despite the fact that you’re using the same coils. A lot of mods don’t actually emit the amount of power being displayed.
Your real wattage is likely being hindered by a low battery, and sometimes the wattage is off simply due to the fact that the mod’s chipset is inaccurate. This will never be the case with a DNA mod. DNA mods supply the correct amount of power every time, and the amount of power supplied will be consistent until you’ve drained the very last of your battery’s power.

2. DNA Mods Are Powerful
Using a DNA mod, you can vape with up to 10 amps of power. Amperage represents the amount of power that a battery is capable of supplying. With the right battery, a DNA mod can make use of 10 amps better than any other mod on the market. With that much power being supplied to your atomizer, you can push your sub-ohm coils to new limits. If you decide that a DNA mod is right for you, you’ll be able to enjoy the extra vapor production that this increased amperage makes possible.

3. DNA Mods Are Smart
There’s a lot more to DNA mods than raw power. Luckily, these mods come with a brain as well as brawn. For instance, DNA mods rightfully did away with PWM or “Pulse Width Modulation.” Mods that use PWM maintain your set wattage by supplying short, rapid bursts of power. Without supplying power in short bursts, a regular mod would be releasing the full power of its battery onto your coils. Previously, pulse width modulation was the best way to regulate your mod’s power.
That’s where the DNA mod comes in. Less-sophisticated mods rely on pulse width modulation, but DNA mods are able to consistently supply a set amount of power. They don’t need to use rapid bursts of power. Rather, they smoothly and continuously supply a set amount of power with precision accuracy. Additionally, DNA mods are extremely efficient. They’re designed to be conservative with their power consumption, so they’ll actually make your batteries last longer.

4. DNA Mods Come with a Long List of Features
DNA chipsets attach directly to the DNA mod’s display, and there’s a lot going on in that little rectangle. First of all, the display clearly shows your current wattage, resistance, battery life, and voltage. DNA mods feature variable wattage mode, which gives you precise wattage control. On top of that, most DNA mods have a temperature control mode.
In TC mode, your mod will automatically increase and decrease its wattage in order to maintain a set temperature. Temperature control mode and variable wattage mode are only a couple of the DNA’s onboard features. Using a PC with Escribe software, you can change virtually anything pertaining to your DNA chipset’s software.
I wouldn’t advise most vapers to take advantage of this feature, as properly utilizing it requires an advanced level of know-how. If you don’t know what you’re doing, tweaking your DNA chipset in Escribe could greatly impact the mod’s performance.

5. DNA Mods Are Safety-Oriented
DNA mods don’t just offer performance-enhancing features. They offer safety-enhancing features as well. In the event that one of your coils short, your DNA mod won’t fire. This feature can potentially help you avoid an injury or damage to property. At the very least, it’ll help you dodge some very harsh hits.
Additionally, DNA mods won’t push your batteries to a dangerous level of discharge. That all but eliminates the possibility of an exploding vape battery, which is definitely a benefit that I can appreciate. Vape battery explosions can cause mild or even severe bodily injuries, and they should be avoided at all costs.

Vaping Is In Your DNA
No matter how you like to vape, you could benefit from using a DNA mod. These mods are more powerful and more intelligent than the rest. Additionally, DNA mods are safer to use than most other mods. Plus, with TC mode, variable wattage mode, increased battery life, and the ability to tweak settings in Escribe, DNA mods have a level of customizability that’s unmatched in the vape industry.

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