Are Disposable Vapes Good For Beginners?

Disposable vapes have dominated conversations about vaping for the past two years. In 2023 they have become one of the most popular styles of vaping devices, but does that make them the right choice for a new vaper? In this article, we will explain what a disposable vape is and try to answer whether it’s the right device for you.

What is a disposable vape?
There is a huge variety of devices available to vapers in 2023 and disposables are the simplest of all. Disposable vapes are an all-in-one unit, pre-filled with e-liquid and pre-charged. As soon as you have removed a disposable vape from its packaging, it’s ready to be used.

Disposable vapes typically have no buttons, no settings and can’t be refilled or recharged. This design philosophy can make vaping very approachable for smokers who aren’t familiar with how more advanced vaping devices work.

Once the e-liquid or charge has been depleted in a disposable vape, it is thrown away. The user-friendly nature of disposable vapes has contributed to their popularity with new vapers, but it also presents problems that we will talk about later.

How do disposable vapes work?
Disposable vapes have three core elements: a battery, a coil and e-liquid. Since most disposable vapes cannot be recharged, the size of the battery is designed to match the amount of e-liquid in the device.

Disposable vapes use a sensor to provide “automatic draw”. This means puffing on the device will activate it. Most disposables feature a small, high-resistance coil with tight airflow, which results in a warm, restricted vape. This combination of factors provides an experience that closely mimics smoking a cigarette.

How to use a disposable vape pen
Disposable vapes typically have no buttons or settings. In most cases, to use a disposable vape simply remove the device from its packaging, then remove any stoppers or stickers from the device and inhale from the mouthpiece. A sensor in the device will automatically activate, creating vapour for you to inhale.

Some larger disposable devices may be rechargeable. In this case, follow the instructions supplied with the device to safely charge it when the battery level gets low.

When your disposable device starts to produce a burnt or dry taste, the it’s time to purchase a new vaping device. 

What are the advantages of disposable vapes?
Disposables have three key advantages that make them a good choice for new vapers. Firstly, they are extremely simple to use. With no settings, no buttons and no need to refill or recharge, disposables allow smokers to try a less harmful alternative, without any prior knowledge of vaping. Often, long-time smokers are intimidated by the idea of transitioning to vaping, so ease of use is a big deal.

Secondly, disposable vapes have a low initial cost. Unlike premium refillable devices, disposables can often be purchased for £5 or less. This means, for someone who wants to see if vaping is a good alternative for their needs, the cost of entry is low.

Finally, disposable vapes can be very useful for new and seasoned vapers alike when travelling, or attending busy events such as festivals. In these scenarios, there may be a higher risk of losing a premium device, so using disposable vapes for a short length of time can be a fantastic option.

What are the disadvantages of disposable vapes?
The first disadvantage of disposable vapes is cost over time. Though the initial cost of a disposable vape is low, this adds up quite quickly as the device needs to be entirely replaced each time it’s used up. Compared to refillable devices, which just need replacement coils and e-liquid refills, the cost of disposable vapes is much higher in the long run. If you are looking to vape on a budget, disposables are not a long-term solution.

The second disadvantage of disposable vapes is the environmental damage they do. Although we are continuously working on new ways to reduce the environmental impact of disposables, there is no escaping the fact that throwing away devices regularly is wasteful.

Many of our disposable devices, such as the Innobar F3, feature a special reinforced paper design, which drastically reduces plastic waste. However, if you really want to reduce your waste when vaping, it’s best to use a refillable device.

What are the alternatives to disposable vapes?
If you’re looking for alternatives to disposable vapes, there are plenty of options which are affordable, easy to use and deliver the same satisfaction. As a bonus, well made refillable devices can last for years if properly cared for.

For many new vapers, the best alternative to disposables is a refillable pod kit. Like a disposable, a refillable pod kit typically has no buttons or settings but features a larger rechargeable battery and pods that can last for up to two weeks of refills!

Within this category, our most popular device is the Klypse, which has won several industry awards and has become an international best-seller since release.

Another great alternative to disposable vapes is the classic pen style vape. Pen style vapes have larger batteries than pod systems, but still offer a streamlined user experience, with a single button and easy refills. Our Endura series has been a best-seller for more than 7 years, with incredible build quality, amazing flavour, and long-lasting coils. Our entry-level model, the Endura T18X, has been enjoyed by millions of customers worldwide!

Ultimately, a good vaping device is one that provides you with a satisfying alternative to smoking, but if you can find a device that fits your needs perfectly, you have a much better chance of sticking with it.