Achieve That Ideal Throat Hit When Vaping Either Freebase or Salt-Based E-Liquids

Ah, that beautiful throat hit.  So many vapers chase this sensation more than anything else.  It’s true that a lot of vape enthusiasts adore those big puffy clouds or that robust, full flavor, but a large majority are more concerned with that punch to the back of the throat than anything else.
So, why is a throat hit such a pleasurable sensation?  And, is there a way to guarantee that each puff will provide that profound hit to the throat that so many vapers crave?
But first…

What’s a Throat Hit and Why Do So Many Vapers Crave it?
A throat hit, as the name implies, is the sensation of vapor hitting the back of your throat when you inhale.  Some vaping setups are more conducive to this experience than others, and not every single vapor needs to feel that sensation in order to feel satisfied.
Throat hits are more prioritized by people who have recently quit smoking. This is because of the fact that smoking a cigarette provides that sensation with each puff.  Therefore, achieving a throat hit while vaping makes the user feel more satisfied as they feel like they’re enjoying an experience that’s just like smoking.

Factors That Determine the Power of Your Throat Hit
A throat hit may or may not be present as its existence is dependent on a wide variety of factors.  If you feel like you’ve been struggling to feel that sensation while you vape, this guide is for you.  We’re going to break down what goes into creating that powerful sensation, and how you can enjoy it based on the unique setup that you’re using.

Factor #1: Type of Nicotine
The first determining factor is the type of nicotine that’s in your e-liquid. As you know, there are two types of nicotine: freebase and salt-based nicotine.  Freebase nic is a chemically modified type of nicotine that’s much too harsh to be vaped in high concentrations, which is why users who enjoy this type of nicotine prefer low strengths.  Freebase is less likely to give you that throat hit because of the fact that it’s usually vaped in low concentrations.
Salt-based nic, on the other hand, comes straight from the tobacco plant, and it’s combined with benzoic acid which allows it to be enjoyed in high concentrations without irritating the throat.  Therefore, nic salt e-juices are more likely to give you that throat hit that you crave. You see, the higher the nicotine concentration, the more potent that throat hit will be.

Factor #2: VG/PG Ratio
The balance between vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol also has a lot to do with the potency of your throat hit.  The higher the VG content, the less noticeable the throat hit.  This is because VG is a thicker substance which means that it won’t feel as strong when vaporized.  PG is a more liquid-like substance, and when it’s heated, it feels more like something that’s hitting you in the back of the throat.

Factor #3: Flavor
Many vapers believe that some flavors promote stronger throat hits than others.  It seems that the bolder, richer and more layered the flavor, the weaker the throat hit.  This may be because extremely bold flavors contain more flavoring extracts, which water down any other ingredients that may promote a strong throat hit.

Factor #4: Menthol or No Menthol
Most vapers find that menthol increases that throat hit sensation.  Contrary to popular belief, menthol is not actually a flavor at all.  It’s a compound that provides a strong cooling sensation that takes over the throat and mouth when vaped.  Because of the unique intensity of menthol, inhaling it can feel like you’re getting that sharp hit to the back of your throat.

Factor #5: Device Being Used
Your device may determine the strength of your throat hit as well.  If you’re using a pod mod, for instance, you’re more likely to experience a throat hit because of the way in which this device is designed to vaporize e-liquid.  If you’re using a high-power box mod, you may get a strong throat hit because of the extremely high output settings as well as the ability to customize your hits using a variety of settings.  And, if you’re using a low-wattage e-cigarette that’s not a pod mod, you’re unlikely to get a strong throat hit because these devices simply aren’t powerful enough.

Factor #6: Coils for Tank or Pod Cartridge
Your coil may determine how powerful your throat hit is.  Different coil configurations affect different aspects of your vaping experience, such as cloud production, heating time and, of course, the sensation of vapor hitting the back of your throat.

Factor #7: Nicotine Strength
Lastly, the nicotine concentration of your vape juice can affect the quality of your throat hit. Basically, the higher the nicotine strength, the stronger the throat hit.  This is because nicotine is, by nature, harsh, and vaping it produces that sensation that you crave.

How to Achieve a Strong Throat Hit with a Pod Mod System
As it turns out, pod systems are designed to provide users with an experience that’s closer to smoking a cigarette.  Therefore, using a pod system is one of the best ways to achieve that throat hit that you’re looking for.  These are low-wattage devices that use high-resistance coils and salt-based nicotine vape juices.  All of these factors work together to give you the throat hit that you crave.
We strongly recommend going with an open pod system over a closed one.  With closed pod systems, you can’t really make any adjustments to your output settings and adjusting those settings can help you better achieve the perfect throat hit for your unique needs.  Also, open pod systems allow you to enjoy a much wider array of flavors that are on the market, as well as nicotine strengths and VG/PG ratios.  All of these factors help you zero in on that ideal throat hit easily.
Finally, we recommend going with a menthol flavor to take that throat hit to the next level.

How to Achieve a Strong Throat Hit with a Box Mod
Achieving a powerful throat hit with a box mod system takes a bit more trial and error, but it’s definitely worth it if that’s what you crave.  First, try to go with a freebase nic vape juice that has at least 30 percent propylene glycol.  As we said earlier, the higher the PG content, the stronger the throat hit. Also, opt for an e-liquid that has a nicotine concentration above 6mg.  Again, the more nicotine, the more powerful that hit to the throat.
With a box mod setup, you’re going to want to play around with different output settings and coil configurations until you find that throat hit sweet spot.  While this may take some time, you’ll be glad that you went through the trouble when you finally get that pleasurable sensation.

Your Hit. Your Way.
By now, it should be pretty clear that there is a science to achieving a strong throat hit regardless of what type of vaping setup you’re using.  This guide will help you adjust every element of your vaping experience to ensure a glorious hit to the back of the throat each time you inhale. Within no time, you’ll be savoring that pleasurable sensation each and every time you hit your mod.