A short guide to the different kinds of vapes

There is no outright answer to the question ‘which is the best type of vape?’, as they all offer something different to people.

Vapes have gone through plenty of changes since they first hit the scene in 2003. Almost two decades later, vapes now come in various styles, with each device having its strengths and weaknesses. If you’re new to vaping but want to make an educated first purchase, you are in the right place.

What Are the Different Parts of a Vape?
First thing’s first, let’s talk about what makes up a vape. The fundamental design remains the same no matter which style you go for, though there are slight differences. For instance, RELX vape offers various vape types, but they generally feature the same key components. These include:

·The Battery: This is where the vape receives its power.
·The E-Liquid Chamber: This is the storage chamber for your e-liquid, which comes in various flavors.
·The Atomizer: This is the battery-powered heating component that vaporizes the e-liquid for you to inhale.

These three components are in most, if not all, vapes. Now you know the anatomy of a vape a little better, let’s talk about the different models. 

The Vape Pen
Vape pens are some of the most common around, so you will likely have seen them before. They are long and cylindrical in design and first hit the scene in the mid-2000s. They have come a long way since then and have maintained their innovative reputation. 

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon to find stories on the web of vape pens exploding during use. This isn’t the case anymore. The vape pen has seen significant development over the years, making it far safer (in more ways than one). They are an ideal choice for beginners as they are so easy to use. They often operate via the simple push of a button, and most give you control over airflow. It couldn’t be easier!

The Vape Mod
These are the more modern additions to the vape family. They include a sub-ohm coil that allows for bigger clouds and greater power. They are generally popular amongst those more experienced with vapes, but plenty of beginner options are out there. The bigger clouds also mean greater nicotine hits, which can make them ideal substitutes for cigarettes. 

Vape mods can break down into two categories: regulated and unregulated. As their name may suggest, regulated vape mods are safer to use. They come with a customizable circuit board inside them, allowing greater control over temperature, voltage, and wattage. 

Unregulated vapes do not feature this same control. That doesn’t make them unsafe, but it does mean you don’t get the same features.

The Pod Mod
The newest member of the vape family is the pod mod. They feature a low wattage and are arguably the closest to a cigarette you’re going to find. They operate with nicotine salt e-juices, which you can customize to your taste by how much nicotine they contain. 

There are two types of pod mod:

1.Closed Pod Systems: Disposable and pre-filled with e-liquid, these are ideal for beginners looking to try different kinds.

2.Open Pod Systems: Highly customizable and not designed to throw away after use, these are ideal for long-term vapers. Once the e-liquid chamber is empty, you buy a new cartridge and refill it.

The Best Option 
There is no outright answer to the question ‘which is the best type of vape?’, as they all offer something different to people. It all comes down to your preference. Whichever you choose to pursue, keep an open mind and try to enjoy the exploration!