A Complete Guide To The SMOK Fetch Mini

There are many vapor pod systems that have been released over the last two years, yet the SMOK Fetch Mini delivers something different than all of them. It resembles a box mod with a compact design, yet functions and feels like a vapor pod system. Intertwining the two makes for an incredible experience that very few manufacturers have touched on so far. In this article, we’re going to not only describe the product so that users can get a better understanding of what this device offers, but we’re also going to break down some of its operations in a much easier to read format in an effort to help users get to know this product and how to properly operate it. Thank you for taking the time to read our complete guide to the SMOK Fetch Mini.

The SMOK Fetch Mini

The SMOK Fetch Mini is a tastefully crafted device that features an incredible, sleek design. It uses AG glass on its outer shell and the device itself is constructed of a zinc alloy material for better durability. It resembles a traditional box mod with a compact design of 76mm by 42.8mm by 18.4mm, yet it functions and acts as a vapor pod system. It has a 3-button configuration and a 0.96″ color display screen to facilitate its operation and readouts. It has an integrated 1100mAh rechargeable battery with an equipped micro-USB port for speedy charging and future firmware upgrades.

With the IQ-R advanced chipset, the device can range between 5 to 40W maximum output, allowing for just the right amount of power to supply the replacement coil options. The pod on the SMOK Fetch Mini sits flush, but the drip tip protrudes the device just 10mm to keep a great appearance, yet provide superior comfort for the user. The SMOK Fetch replacement pods offer a 3.7ML vape juice capacity and can be filled from the bottom via a silicone plug. What’s most impressive about the Fetch Mini Coils by SMOK is that it is compatible with both SMOK RPM Replacement Coils and SMOK Nord Replacement Coils. When you receive the SMOK Fetch Mini Kit, it will include the 0.4-ohm SMOK Mesh Coil that is a single Kanthal Mesh coil for direct-lung (DL) draws, and a 0.6-ohm Triple Ni-Cr coil also for direct-lung (DL) draws

SMOK Fetch Mini Operation

· How To Turn The SMOK Fetch Mini ON/OFF: Press the fire button 5 times fast to turn the device on. When the device is turned on successfully, it will display “FETCH”. To turn the device off, repeat the process by pressing the fire button 5 times fast.
· How To Vape The SMOK Fetch Mini: Simply press the fire button down and hold it. Begin vaping until you’ve received satisfaction, then let go of the fire button. If you vape for longer than 8-seconds at one time, the device will automatically stop power as a safety precaution.
· How To Adjust The Wattage: Press on either adjustment button to increase or decrease the wattage.
· How To Lock/Unlock The Wattage: Press the up and down button at the same time to lock or unlock the wattage function. Once locked, you will not be able to adjust the wattage until the wattage is unlocked.
· How To Clear The Puff Counter: Press the firing button and the down adjustment button at the same time to clear the puff counter. The number will reset to zero (0) and will resume on your next puff/draw.
· How To Change The Screen Color: Press the firing button and up adjustment button at the same time to change the screen color. Each time you do this, the color will change. Continue to press the firing button and up adjustment button to find your preferred color.
· How To Fill The SMOK Fetch Mini Pod With E-Liquid: Remove the pod from the device and locate the silicone plug on the bottom. Remove the plug from the fill hole and fill the pod with e-liquid. Reinsert the silicone plug, then reinstall the pod back into the device.

How To Replace The Coil on The SMOK Fetch Mini: No matter if you’re using the RPM Replacement Coil or the Nord Replacement Coil, they are removed and reinstalled the same way. First, start by removing the pod from the device. Located the bottom of the coil, which is on the bottom of the pod. Remove the metal coil structure from the pod by pulling it out of the pod. Prime your new replacement coil with e-liquid, then reinstall the coil into the pod’s housing. Then, reinstall the pod back into the device and proceed by filling the pod with e-liquid.