A Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Vaping from Beginning to End

Climate change is not a new topic to us. More and more people from different places have witnessed extreme weather events on this earth. And the summer ice in Arctic Circle has halved to its vastest size since the 1980s.

We have to admit that the chief culprit should go to our humans. Thus, what vapers can do to shorten the speed of climate change?

Here comes a comprehensive guide to being eco-friendly vapers from the start till the end.

Stop smoking for the starting
It is commonly believed that smoking is harmful to our health. But apart from this point, it is also not friendly to our environment. According to the study, every 15 packs of cigarettes need to destroy a tree. There is numerous cigarette consumption on this earth.

Other than that, every time smokers ignite a cigarette, a vast amount of CO2 will be released into the atmosphere. Therefore, quitting smoking is a substantial action to protect our environment.

Vaping is used with an electricity kit and tested e-liquid, no more trees can be damaged and no more carbon chemicals can be released into the air. It is an ideal choice both for your health and the earth.

Six steps to be eco-friendly vapers
Starting vaping and switching from smoking is a new beginning to get away from nicotine addiction. For environmental-friendly vaping, we can take action from the beginning like picking the right vape products and getting accustomed to some eco-friendly vaping habits.

1. Buy vape products in the UK
Buying vape products in local stores or UK online shops can reduce the logistics carbon footprint. Besides, if you need some after-sale service, it is convenient for you and can save you time as well as money.

2. Choose sustainable vape devices from the eco-friendly manufacturers
Though the trendy disposable vape is adorable and appealing, it is not beneficial to the environment. Choosing a disassembly vape kit with refillable features is good for recycling and making the most of e-juice.
In addition, picking a green manufacturer can also work for environmental protection.

3. Shop e-liquid in a bigger bottle
Containing e-juice in a high-volume bottle is some kind of a helper to cut down the use of plastic. By the way, try to use a vape juice blend with fewer sweeteners as the sweeteners may quickly pile up on the coil and slimmer the lifespan of the coil.

4. Purchase a low-power vape kit or adjust to a low wattage
Vape with a lower powerful gear can cut the consumption of e-liquid and coils. Of course, it can also save electricity. It’s worth switching off your device when it’s not in use.

5. Reuse or share your vape juice with a friend
After getting a big bottle of e-liquid, it is hard to ensure that you can stick to one single flavour till the end. if you intend to change flavours, you can share your e-juice with vape pals.

On top of that, thanks to a kind of DIY vape juice, you can consider mixing two single flavours together, which is likely to enjoy an unbelievable taste.

6. Recycle all the possible vape products
Everything will deteriorate. If the time comes, you can dispose of them at the rule of local recycling regulations. Here is a quick link for you to check what you can recycle in your area.

A breakdown of vape kits to be recycled
To recycle vape kits, it is required to dismantle the vape device. Normally, an e-cigarette consists of a tank/pod, coil, battery, and casing part.

Vape tank/pod
A vape tank or vape pod is a container for e-liquid. Hence, it is inevitable to clean the e-juice residue beforehand. The components of this container include metal, glass, rubber, and plastic.

The metal parts should be treated as scrap metal and the rubber parts should be disposed of in the general waste. The other two elements can be recycled into the bin.

A vape coil is a key part to vaporise e-juice. It is made of cotton and metal wire. The cotton can be recycled via recycling bins, while the coil should be withdrawn by an e-cig retailer near your house.

If you can’t find the retailer, you might check if there's a recycling depot that accepts small metals.

Vape Battery Mod
A vape mod serves to control the kit and supply power to the coil. There is metal or plastic mod device in the market. And the battery is built with lithium, carbon, and metal. Treat the battery the same way as the lit battery and take it into the disposal battery box.

The mod device containing a chipset is advised to be recycled at e-waste sites. Kindly check your nearest WEEE recycling center or battery recycling point here. In addition, you can seek your nearest electronic waste center here.

E-liquid Bottle
Like a vape tank, the bottle already holds vape juice, thus, you’d better clean the bottle first to avoid toxic pollution. E-liquid bottles are usually made of glass or plastic. So you can throw them into the recycle bin.

Wrapping up
After finishing this reading, do you have a clear mind of being an eco-friendly vaper now? Although there are environmental advantages to vaping versus smoking cigarettes, it is still important to lessen the environmental impact of vape devices by vaping in an eco-friendly way.