A Complete Guide for RTA and RDA

When you have been vaping for a while, it is natural to be a picky vaper. You may wonder about more vaping machines that can achieve your desired performance.

Fortunately, e-cig manufacturers never cease their steps in the innovation of vaping technology, the latest acronyms of RTA and RDA have emerged in the vaping world.

What do they mean and what can they do for your vaping experience? This post is here to dissipate your puzzled mist and help you pick them at ease.

The meaning of RTA and RDA

To make you have a full understanding of these two words, you'd better know a word beforehand. That is a Rebuildable Atomizer(RBA), which is a sort of DIY atomizer.

It allows you to set up your own coils and wicks for unique vaping preferences, instead of using standard tanks for the ordinary vaping experience.


RTA and RDA all fall under the category of RBA. RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, which means you can hold your e-liquid with a tank in that rebuildable atomizer.

The letter R in the RTA enables you to homemade your coils with wicks as you like. RTA in the market often comes with a 510 thread, posted deck, reservoir, top cap, and drip tip.

When you have your coil built and soak it with e-juice, you can start your vaping by equipping it with an adjustable mod.


RDA is an abbreviation for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. You can see from its name, there is no tank for your e-juice capacity as it is more like a dripper and requires you to constantly refill vape juice onto the rebuilt coil.

In some cases, RDAs have a juice well at the bottom of the build deck and the wick tails are put into this well. Since the well is much smaller than a tank (<1mL), users need to continuously fulfill the well to prevent the coil from drying.

The advantages of RDA and RTA

After reading the paragraphs below, it is likely to find that RDA is a hassle gear to handle because of the never-end dripping work.

However, RDA is considered the best vaping hardware for wonderful flavour and robust clouds. A raft of coil options are out there for you, you can create your own resistance and dual or triple coil builds, which maximize the likelihood of a potent heating system.

The dripping e-liquid always remains in a fresh condition for the coil to vaporize. And the airflow is freely within a larger space than a limited tank, a max wattage can be adjusted.

Hence, you will get the most stable and enchanting vaping experience.

Thanks to the tank component, the RTA leaves fewer things for you to do. Although the vaping performance is a bit weaker than RDA, it owns a greater level than standard tanks as the coil is personalized by yourself.

In terms of these two RBAs' drawbacks, both of them should be used by vapers who are capable of coil building and assembly addressing.

The first investment of purchasing a decent RDA or RTA is more expensive than standard tanks. Regardless, the replacement of coils can save you money.

Which atomizer is best for me?

Actually, the answer seemed to be clear when you scroll down here from the very beginning of this article. If you make up your mind to enter the rebuildable world, you can select one RBA to start.

RTA is easier to operate than RDA, if you are a first-time rebuilder, it is suggested to add it to your shopping cart. There is no tiresome dripping work to do. The coil will automatically get saturated from its tank.

Vandy Vape Kylin Mini V2 RTA
This Vandy RTA is simple to build as well as with an appealing appearance. 2ml e-liquid capacity to hold your favorite e-juice and it adopts a 270°honeycomb airflow design for delectable taste and vapour production. To be easier, the 0.3ohm prebuilt Fused Clapton Coil will come along with your package.

Whilst you master RTA, you can evolve and try RDA to pursue incredible vapour and flavour production. You are not limited to coil builds and utilize a powerful output.

Another added bonus is that you can easily switch to a new e-liquid with RDA, other than clearing a tank to avoid a weird taste with RTA.  

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA
You may effectively pick between twin mesh coil setups in parallel or series using the Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA. A larger deck space makes it easy to build on and calibrate. What's more, an uncommon juice well of 3ml provides you with both a drip or squonk(fetch e-liquid from a bottle) feeding way.

If you still worry about coil-building work, many top-class vape companies have come up with increasingly convenient attachments and devices. A lot of pre-made coils also are available in the vape store for your selection.