A Cloud Chaser Guide to Sub Ohm Vaping

If you're new to vaping or have done it for years, maybe you've heard of sub-ohm vaping.
For those looking for bigger vapor clouds and better flavor, try sub-ohm vaping.
It's important to know all the information and facts about this type of vaping before deciding if it's right for you.

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?
Sub-Ohm vaping is the term used to indicate a style of vaping that creates huge clouds by using atomizer coils with resistances lower than 1 Ohm. Sub-Ohm means under 1 Ohm.
It is when the atomizer coils have a resistance of less than 1 Ohm that veteran vapers increase the power output (or wattage) to get more vapor clouds.
Variable Wattage or Mechanical mods are used in combination with tanks that either come with Sub-Ohm coils or provide the availability to rebuild your coils (RDA).
By decreasing the friction and resistance of the coils in your vaping device, the power output will increase. Increasing the power output must be done carefully. The battery in your device can become superheated. It may cause a fire if you do not follow the appropriate device instructions regarding the continuous discharge rate of the replaceable battery cells.
The battery amperage of your replaceable battery cells should never be below the manufacturer specifications.
If your Mod specs call for a minimum 20A battery cell, that means that you can use a battery cell with a capability of a "continuous discharge rate" that is at minimum 20A. If you use a 10A CDC battery, you are putting yourself at risk, as the battery could potentially re-heat and become a hazard.
The heat from your sub-ohm e-cigarette will generate lots of vapor and a bigger cloud for all to see.

Propylene Glycol vs. Vegetable Glycerin
The success of making huge clouds when vaping depends on the concentration of your e-liquid. Vegetable glycerin is the base ingredient in e-liquids that create the clouds. So you want to make sure you are using an e-juice that is as high in VG as possible.
When a person takes "lung hits," they can inhale more vapor, which creates large clouds.
The denser vapor production of vegetable glycerin combined with a lower coil resistance also helps make the bigger vapor clouds and richer flavor.
Sub-Ohm vaping does not bode well with high nicotine levels (above 6mg) as it produces a harsh throat hit. Despite this fact there are Nicotine Salts specially formulated for Sub-Ohm vaping like the ones made by Halo.

Sub-Ohm Tanks
One of the essential parts to sub-ohm vaping is the tank. The coils reside inside the tanks. Newer tanks have mesh coils explicitly designed for sub-ohm vaping.
Sub-ohm tanks also have adjustable air flows built into them. Adjusting the airflow can increase or decrease the size of the clouds.
One of the negatives about the sub-ohm tanks and sub-ohm vaping, in general, is that you'll consume much more e-liquid than when using a regular tank.
The tanks can make all the difference. Coils that cover a larger area can heat the e-liquid quicker and more efficiently. An expert can help you choose which coil is best for a beginner.
Sub-ohm tanks should be cleaned at least every two weeks to guarantee efficiency.

Vaping With Variable Voltage Devices
A lot of sub-ohm vapers use variable wattage vape (VW) devices. These devices are like driving a car with automatic transmission as opposed to driving a car with a stick. The output automatically adjusts to your selected setting, instead of you having to change the voltage continuously. If you use a variable voltage (VV) device, you would have to keep changing the setting to achieve the same output over time,
The original purpose of sub-ohm vaping started because people wanted big clouds. Modern devices can adjust the power output to anyone's liking.
Regular mechanical mods are not easy to use and have safety risks if you don't know what you are doing and do not perform as well as the modern variable wattage devices.

The first thing to do is to ensure your Mod is clean with working parts.
Go through this checklist before trying to sub-ohm with your smoke pen:
·Check the Mod specifications to make sure the rechargeable battery cells meet the continuous discharge rate required to avoid overheating.
·Check also the specifications of the Mod regarding the coil resistance levels range it can handle. Some Mods can not operate at certain sub-ohm levels.
·Keep all parts clean
·Always select a mod that has a locking mechanism to avoid unintended powering while not in use.
It's important to pick a well-vented mod. Don't worry about vents being too big.
Safety is paramount with the battery cells, too.
Follow these tips to ensure your battery is suitable for sub-ohm vaping:
·The battery shouldn't be exposed to water
·Keep the battery out of extreme temperatures
·Throw away batteries that are unwrapped or dented
·Only use batteries with high amperage limits that, at minimum, meet the mod specs.
The safety of the battery can prevent failures, which can cause fires and even explosions. Don't use off-brand batteries because they tend to have low amperage limits.
Know your limits with vaping. If you're sub-ohm vaping, then you need to be wary of the levels of nicotine in your system. It doesn't matter the levels of nicotine in the e-liquid; you're inhaling a lot of vapor.
If you start to feel sick, stop, and consult a physician.

Cloud Chasing
Not everyone who sub-ohms is a cloud chaser, but it's a huge reason why people do it.
How does someone achieve sub-ohm cloud chasing? The easiest way is to purchase a vape kit that comes with Sub-Ohm coils, specially designed for direct lung (DL) vaping. Direct to Lung vape kits work for beginners because it's safe and doesn't require extensive knowledge.
Some experienced users prefer to use a regular mechanical mod and customize their sub-ohm vape pen, but unless you know what you are doing, we do not recommend doing it.
Certain tanks, atomizers, and coils are customizable to a user's preference. If you're trying to achieve those large clouds, keep the airflow settings wide open.

Competitive Vaping
Like everything else in the world, there's a competition for vaping. Vape users started the competitions to bring awareness to vaping, but it has morphed into a legitimate contest.
If you're thinking about sub-ohm vaping, maybe you can create vape clouds big enough to win endorsements, cash prizes, and thousands of fans.
There are tons of videos on YouTube where you can see "professional" vapers. Compare your abilities to the best cloud chasers in the world.
Remember, not everyone is educated or favorable about vaping. It's best not to practice in public places where people will be exposed to the vapor.

Personal Preference
Sub-ohm vaping is a preference. There are a few reasons someone might not want to try it.
·You might not like the open inhale. Your preference is to have a tighter draw.
·You don't want a big vapor cloud. It might not be welcome at work sites.
·It's more expensive to sub-ohm than regular vaping.
·You don't have the experience to do it.
·You like high nicotine levels.
It might be easier to go easy your first time on the slopes. Sub-ohm vaping isn't recommended for beginners unless they have guidance. Spend some time figuring out what works best for you.
Any time nicotine is involved, there will be legislation to consider. Check to see if your state or jurisdiction has age requirements to meet.

Start Living in the Clouds
Vaping is a hot topic right now in the news, but if you are safe and listen to those who are knowledgable, it's a fun hobby.
Getting into sub-ohm vaping is a cool way to expand your skills and enjoy the clouds better.
For those ready to cloud chase, contact us about supplies and expertise.