9 ways to trash your vape in the great outdoors and how not to

If you are an ex-smoker that has turned to vaping, your e cig could be the only thing that stands between you and insanity.

Trashing your device is the ultimate nightmare, especially when you are miles from civilisation.

The great outdoors can seem as if it is designed by a greater power specifically to ensure that you fall over and break anything that you might really need.

So, what hazards are lying in wait for you when you take your next hike and is there anything you can do to avoid disaster? Because not getting your nicotine fix or flavoursome puffs would be a genuine disaster!

1.Walking on rocky terrain
You know that old saying about bread always falling butter side down? Well, the vaping equivalent is that e cigs that get dropped on mountain trails always hit rocks on the way down. You could be forgiven for thinking that there are magnets in craggy rocks that pull your device inexorably towards them. Sadly, this means that if your drop your device on a mountain trail, it will definitely hit a rock and your tank will almost certainly break.

Never tackle rocky trails while holding your device. Keep it somewhere safe and only vape when you have stopped for a breather.

Place a protective band around your tank and always carry a spare e cig with you. Better still, invest in a shockproof device. You have excellent choices including the SMOK Alike Pod Kit.

A device with a lanyard would also prevent you from dropping it. Try the VooPoo Drag Nano 2.

2.Paddling in rivers
There’s something so inviting about a crystal clear mountain stream that the temptation to paddle could be overwhelming. But if you paddle while vaping and then slip, guess where your vape is going to end up? Even if your device appears to be working after a trip to the wet stuff, it is dangerous to use an unprotected battery that has been immersed in water and so you can kiss goodbye to your device if it doesn’t have a waterproof casing.

If you can’t resist a paddle, put your device in a plastic bag and store it in your rucksack or pocket. You need the plastic bag because quite apart from dropping your e cig in the river, you might fall in yourself and then everything you are carrying will get wet. You could also consider purchasing a waterproof device that could survive a dunking. Consider the VooPoo Seal Pod Kit or the Innokin Adpet Zlide.

It is worth noting that waterproof devices may have one of three waterproof ratings as follows:

IP66 (completely dustproof and withstand powerful jets of water.)
IP67 (completely dustproof and can withstand temporary immersion in water)
IP68 (completely dustproof and can withstand complete and continuous immersion in water)

3.Slipping on Tree roots
Guess what? There are trees in forests and that means there are exposed tree roots on forest trails. These become extremely slippery when wet and can see you taking a tumble. If you fall over with your device in your hand, you never know where it will end up. But sod’s law will dictate that it will be somewhere where you can’t see it or in a puddle that ruins your battery.

Don’t be tempted to vape while walking in the forest. Keep your e cig somewhere safe until you take a break.

If you need to vape, stop for a minute and store your e cig safely before continuing. Consider investing in a brightly coloured device that you can see easily or a waterproof model. Speaking from experience, red and orange are the most visible colours in undergrowth.

4.Catching walls and fences
If you are given to vaping while walking, take care not to wave your hands about. It is all too easy to catch your e cig on a wall or fence and that can knock your mouthpiece off or crack your pod. The real trouble here is that you might not notice what you have done until a few minutes later and then you won’t know where to look for your drip tip if it has flown off.

Keep your e cig in your pocket and stop when you need to take a puff. Always carry a spare mouthpiece or spare device.

5.Getting wet in the rain
Batteries don’t like water and so it is best if they are not exposed to rain. You should tuck away your device in wet weather but even doing that can be problematic. The Scandinavians say that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing and when it comes to vaping, they are right. You will find that low cost waterproof clothing isn’t waterproof at all, it is water resistant and not very resistant at that. You could find that any hardware you put in your pocket gets very wet indeed and ceases to function.

When rain is forecast, put your e cig in a plastic bag and place it in an inside pocket, if you have one. A waterproof device would also be a great idea.

6.Hiking at altitude
The higher you hike, the thinner the air and that can cause issues when vaping. If you are a cloud chaser, you will find that vapour production is reduced and that means that you will experience weaker nicotine hits. Of course, you need to reach high altitudes before you notice these issues and so a walk up Snowdon shouldn’t cause you any problems. But if you are considering an assault on the Inca Trail or a hike to Everest base camp, then be prepared.

At the highest altitudes, your device may not work at all. These issues won’t trash your e cig, but it is also worth noting that low air pressure can cause your tank to leak and that could impact your battery. Leaking juice may also result in an empty tank that leaves your wicking dry and prone to burning.

If your hike could take you to high altitudes, carry a spare device with an empty tank and if your primary device runs into problems, don’t vape with the spare until you have descended to 2,500 metres or lower. Always carry a replacement coil in case you do accidentally burn your wicking.

7.Walking on sand
Coastal paths, dunes and beaches are wonderful places for walking but are not great for e cigs. Sand will worm its way into any equipment, especially when the wind is blowing. You need to be careful when topping up your tank as that is when sand is almost guaranteed to find its way in. It can also gather around the thread of top-fill tank making it hard to screw on your drip tip. Sand will start clogging your mouthpiece and will fill it completely if you drop your device.

It is best not to vape when walking on sandy terrain and it is definitely worth carrying your device in a plastic bag or a case as sand will get into your pockets. A dustproof device such as a SMOK Nord RPM 4 or GeekVape L200 Aegis legend 2 would be an excellent investment as would a cap for your drip tip.

8.Hiking in cold weather
Freezing temperatures can impact both your device and your e liquid. A cold battery will not function well and will lose its charge more quickly than at room temperature and could take longer to recharge. Condensation can easily form, and moisture can render batteries dangerous to use. To make matters worse, cold temperatures can cause the VG in e liquids to thicken. This can result in it becoming difficult to pour juice into your tank. In addition, e liquid might struggle to reach the wicking in your coil, and this can lead to your coils burning out.

Always keep your vape somewhere where it is protected from the cold such as in an insulated pocket or a case. Never leave vaping hardware in your car overnight and try using e liquids with a lower VG ratio when you go sub-zero.

9.Adventuring in hot weather
Electronics and heat don’t mix well. Lithium ion batteries can overheat and then fail in extreme temperatures. When you are out and about, it isn’t always easy to keep your e cig suitably cool.

Never leave your device in a car or next to anything that conducts heat, including metal tables and sand. Don’t store your e cig in your bag and then rest the bag on these surfaces either.

Don’t overcharge your device as it will heat up before you even set off. If your device starts to feel hot, stop using it and rest it somewhere shady where it can cool down. Your battery might emit a high-pitched squeal when it is about to overheat and fail. never use your device if you suspect that your battery may be failing.

If you throw your battery away because it has overheated, do so carefully as it could start a fire.