9 Things to Avoid When Vaping

When it comes to vaping we will usually be the last ones to tell you to avoid doing something because let’s face it when it’s done right, vaping is a wonderful experience: all the joys of a sweet treat without the calories, the nicotine hit without the cancer, the companionship of people who are no longer subject to second-hand smoke - the list of reasons why vaping is great is endless. 
However, with the recent spate of vaping related illnesses in the US - kids vaping unknown substances being the cause - we thought it might be a good idea to put together a list of things to avoid when vaping. 
So, without teaching anyone to suck eggs (no seriously, don’t try and vape eggs), here is our list of 9 things to avoid when vaping.

1. E-liquid from an unknown source
This one has to go first because it's probably the most important of all. The number of vaping related health complications that have come to light because some teenagers and adults (who really should know better) decided to purchase e-liquid from an unlicensed street vendor in the US is alarming. 
So heed this advice: don’t vape anything if you don’t know where it comes from, or what's in it. 

2. Don’t take a dry hit
If you’ve never experienced a dry hit, lucky you. If you have, you’ll know this is one experience you want to avoid repeating. A dry hit is a burnt cloud directed straight into your lungs.
Its cause? Not priming the coil before vaping If you have recently changed out your old hardware for replacement parts, remember to drip a little e juice on the coil before you put your tank back together. And then let the device sit for a few minutes to ensure sufficient saturation of the coil. Failing to do so is not a pleasant experience.

3. A flavour ghost
This treat occurs when you fail to clean your tank sufficiently between switching different flavours of e liquids. You get the residue of the old e liquid hanging around and mingling with the flavour of the new e-liquid - hence the flavour ghost. Sometimes it can be a pleasant experience, most of the time it is unexpected and unpleasant. 
To avoid this happening, simply take your tank apart between e liquids and give it a good scrubbing with hot, soapy water, remembering to rinse it well. If the ghost still lingers, change your coils too as some e liquids are known to gunk up the coils faster than others. This way you get to enjoy the pure taste of your next e liquid without a poltergeist hanging around. 

4. Shaming newbies 
Let’s be a welcoming group, rather than mocking those who are new to the game. Not everyone can afford the latest device. Not everyone knows (or wants) to disappear into a vape cloud. Not everyone wants to create their own e-liquid or chase the most exotic flavours they can find. 
Some people just want the simple joy of vaping. Don’t push your agenda and ruin their fun.

5. Overdoing the nicotine
If you’ve never overdone nicotine before, then count yourself lucky. Nicotine sickness is worse than the worst hangover you’ve ever had. It is not something to be proud of. If you’re venturing into the world of sub-ohm for the very first time, proceed with caution is our advice. 
Take your shortfill e liquids and top them up with the minimum level of nicotine you think you need. You can always add more. What you can’t do is take it away once the liquids are blended together. 

6. Dreaded vaper’s tongue
Yup, this really is a thing. If you’ve overdone vaping of the same e liquid flavour, you might experience vaper’s tongue, a peculiar phenomenon whereby you experience, well, nothing. You lose the ability to taste a particular flavour. 
There are ways around this - try sniffing coffee beans to clear the olfactory sense, or drink some water to try and wash away the flavour, or you might just have to forgo your favourite flavour in lieu of a different one until your sense of taste comes back. 

7. The wrong experience
By which we mean, when you vape you have a world of possibilities open up to you - do you want a 50:50 blend? Do you prefer a strong throat hit? Or do you take pleasure in producing enormous vape clouds? 
The point is, don’t settle for a subpar experience when you prefer something alternative. Have a play around with different blends until you find one that suits you. Because what your best friend likes, might not be to your taste. And that’s OK (we refer back to Point 4 - no shaming please).

8. Dehydration
This is never cool, and something so easily remedied. It is well documented that vaping can cause you to become dehydrated, so when you vape, make sure you take a drink of water. Not only will you be able to vape longer (and elongate the pleasure), but you’ll be kept hydrated too - and that is a win-win. 

9. Expensive e liquid
Some companies will sell you a song and have you believe that their vape juice is worth paying the extra pennies for because it contains unicorn tears. 
The point is this - e liquid information should only contain three or four things - VG, PG, flavour (and nicotine if you like). That is it. Nothing else. So if you’re paying above the odds for that combination of e liquid ingredients, you need to switch supplier - or at the very least question what is going into your e liquid.
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