9 Signs You’re Vaping Too Much

Ah, vaping. If you’re reading this, you probably count yourself among those of us who like to indulge. If you like to indulge, let’s talk about what not too many others are talking about:  there’s such a thing as too much vaping. With that in mind, here are the nine signs you’re vaping too much. 

You Have a Persistent Cough
One of the most common signs you are hitting the vape too hard is a persistent cough. Vaping, as the name implies, sends vapor into your lungs as you inhale. Moderate amounts of vaping dissipate with little side effects, but too much vaping causes your lungs to become irritated and take the strain, making them feel heavy and producing a cough. If you have got a cough, it may be a good idea to lay off the vape to give your body a chance to normalize, and then keep a check on how much you vape after that.

Dry Cotton Mouth
Vaping too much can cause a dry, cotton mouth effect for some people. This is because vapes contain PG, a hygroscopic compound that absorbs the moisture in your mouth. In normal doses, the effect is too minor to notice. When you begin vaping too much, you will soon start to feel the cotton mouth effect, which is a sure sign it’s time to chill on the vape pen a little and come back to it when the cotton mouth subsides. 

Dry Skin
The reason vaping too much gives you dry skin is roughly the same as why it gives you cotton mouth. The difference however is that dry mouth goes away soon after you stop inhaling and your mouth produces more saliva, whereas when your skin dries out, the time taken to rectify the side effect is longer. This may also leave you vulnerable to irritation and even sores if you do not get on top of it and ease up on the vaping. 

Dry Eyes
The vapor you exhale when vaping still contains some PG and as your eyes are exposed, they may dry out. This is really not a good thing as the moisture in your eyes is one of its defense mechanisms against foreign objects and infection. The drier your eyes become, the more susceptible they are to secondary harm, complications, and infections. If you notice your eyes drying out while vaping, give it a bit of a rest. Your vape pen isn’t going anywhere!

Slightly higher on the scale of severity, nosebleeds are a possible sign you’re vaping too much. The blood vessels in your sinuses are fairly sensitive and too much vaping can cause these blood vessels to rupture, starting a nosebleed. It’s nothing to freak out about and run to the hospital for, but it’s a clear warning sign you need to slow your roll. Keep in mind these are signs of too much vaping, Vaping, done in moderation, is fine. 

Dizziness is another common sign of too much love for the vape. When you are inhaling from your vape, your oxygen intake is substantially less than a normal breath would be. This lack of oxygen, while not noticeable when vaping moderately, becomes noticeable in the form of dizziness when you overdo it. It also may have to do with the contents and ingredients of the specific oil or flavor you’re using in your vape so beware of that as well.

General Itchiness
As the PG in the vapor absorbs the moisture in your mouth, eyes, and skin, it may create an irritation that causes you to itch. You may not necessarily feel the dryness (but feel itchy instead). This is a sure sign you need to chill on the vaping. If the itchy feeling persists the next time you vape, you may want to consider the possibility of an allergic reaction to what you’re vaping.

Headaches and Nausea
These two pesky feelings can be caused by many factors. However, headaches and nausea are your body’s way of telling you it doesn’t like what you are doing to it. If you notice either during or after vaping, chances are you are vaping too much. Try giving it a rest for a while, drink some water, and come back to it when you feel you’ve given your body a sufficient amount of rest. 

Oral Inflammation 
Hitting the vape too much has been known to cause oral inflammation in the lining of the mouth. It can cause mouth sores, bleeding gums, and a sore throat. If you notice this, don’t panic! Just ease off the vape a little bit and let your mouth have a chance to heal. 

Stay Safe and Have Fun  
We all have our own reasons for vaping. And vaping, like anything, should follow the golden rule of doing all things in moderation. Too much vaping is not good and will leave you feeling less than optimal, which is unnecessary. Good old fashioned self-control and moderation goes a long way in mitigating any negative effects brought on by the vape. Stay healthy, stay smiling, and have fun while you vape!