9 Easy Smok Tricks You Can Do With Your Vape

To do tricks with smoke, you'd have to harm your lungs. However, by using a vaporizer, you can achieve a very similar effect. Yet, despite the similarities, those damages don't manifest.

Instead, you've got all wonderful aesthetics without so much risk.

To us, it makes much more sense for things to go that way. Otherwise, you couldn't do those tricks for very long. For that reason, we put together something of a compilation.

By following these tips, you'll learn how to do whatever you would like and hardly any time at all.

The Best Smok Tricks to Learn at Home
Above all, safety should be at the top of your mind, entering every conversation. If not, you'd be surprised at how common problems can become.

Still, as long as you pay close attention, things should go over well.

Plus, on top of this guide, you'll have quality equipment. Since these are made by the same manufacturer, their quality seems to stay consistent.

What You'll Need

Vape Hardware:
Before learning anything, you've got to pick up the appropriate equipment. Without all of it, none of the following information will do you any good. Besides, since these are so affordable, they shouldn't cause too much damage to your wallet. In other words, by shopping for quality, everything else is easier.

Following that shopping trip, you'd be foolish not to grab a charger. Imagine how things would be if you didn't. Once that vaporizer ran out of batteries, you'd be out of luck. Until you ran back to the store, it'll lay there on the counter, dead as a doorknob. Nevertheless, if you pick up one of them ahead of time, such a fate is avoidable. With that being said, it is up to you.

Vape Juice:
How much would you like to hit your fate? Perhaps, such desires depend on taste. With a tasty pod sitting in the saddle, you might run to it. However, on the other hand, things are a lot different if it isn't tasty. So, grab your favorite flavor. That way, while you are practicing, nothing distracts you.

Since you are just beginning, we'd like to start off with a rather simple trick. To get started, grab all your equipment. Then, we do recommend putting a camera in place so that it can record you. By using one of those, while you practice, you can review those results.

Stubborn and stoic, stand before a mirror before you proceed.
Now, with everything in place, take a deep breath. While you are exhaling, force your tongue into a circle. The smoke should only escape from the sides of your mouth.

As long as everything goes well, you'll see a ring. The more you practice, the better those rings will look.

Double Rings
From the beginning, this should look very similar to the trick we just described. So, to speed things up, just follow the same steps. Once you get to the point where you inhale, things change up just a little bit.

This time, while you exhale, stop your breath partway through. By doing this, you should see a single ring eject from your mouth.

Now, and the timing is important here, push out another burst of air. If you did everything properly, another ring should follow the first one shortly.

Stacked Rings
Should you practice those to perfection, this offers an additional level of complexity. By the time you've mastered this, others will be referring to you as a master. So, similar to the last two tricks, set up your starting pose. Now, while you exhale, rapidly start and stop. On top of those rapid movements, oscillate your body. By moving gently, you'll see those rings start to stack up. Assuming you've been doing everything appropriately, those sights are hard to miss.

Table Cover
Ok, at this time, we've gone over a few of the standards. Should you desire something a little more basic, we've got the perfect thing. Fill up those lungs with some vapor.

With your face pointing towards the table, lower yourself until it is about an inch from your lips. Then, let everything out all in one breath.

Cloaked in darkness, a seeping fog spreads over the surface, immersing everything. Beneath its obscure cover, who knows what lies? Fortunately, if you're the one who made it, things shouldn't be so scary.

Ghost Bubble
Have you ever blown smoke into a bubble? Believe it or not, with the right solution, it's pretty easy. So, grab some soap and a wand. Mix everything together.

Once the mixture is ready, you've got a chance.

From here, take a big hit from that vape. Then, dip the wind into your bubble bucket. At the same time, raise the wind to your lips while you exhale.

By blowing a large bubble, it'll be filled with a ton of smoke. By the time it pops, it'll look like a ghost bomb. For us, it's hard to imagine something more impressive.

Invisible Hits
This trick tends to be quite simple. To get started, take a hit of your vape. Once your lungs are full of that paper, continue holding your breath for as long as you can. By holding them for long enough, once you let go of the air, those vapors will have dissipated. 

So, it'll be as if you never took a hit in the first place. Everyone around you should appear as if they are in shock. If you see those stairs, you'll know things went well.

To do this trick, you'll need to grab a friend. Otherwise, it'll be something you have to do at another time. Once you've gotten everyone all together, it's time to get started.

So, inhale another hit of that paper. Once you are ready, grab your friend. They should open up their mouths while placing themselves beneath you.

Afterward, let the smoke spill from your mouth into theirs. As the smoke spells, they should start to inhale. In the end, it'll look like they sucked it from your mouth.

Nose Lava
For the most part, this trip is a bit immature. However, if you'd like to make others laugh, it'll be something that'll interrupt the class. So, after inhaling a lot of vapor from your device, try to push the smoke out of your nose.

By doing that, you'll appear as if you were a dragon. Flying high above, it breathes fire onto the town, burning everything around it. Scattered in terror, those poor villagers flee amidst shouting crowds.

Should they have been in another place, things may not have been so horrid. Still, by learning this technique, you'll be great at special effects.

Floating in a Haze
Obviously, if you continue hitting the vape enough, things'll get smokey. For that matter, should enough smoke fill the room, hardly anyone could see anything.

To those ends, we've designated this trick. Gather as many people as you can.

Once everyone is in the same room, start hitting the vape as much as possible. If enough people work quickly, then you'll disappear among the haze.