9 Easy (& Genius) Ways to Get Rid of the Smell of Weed Vapor and Smoke

So you decided to take a puff or two on your dry herb vape pen to clear your mind. Out of nowhere, someone shows up and panic starts to set in. You try to wave everything away like you are fighting a dozen invisible ninjas or mosquitos.

It doesn’t help. Busted…

Were you prepared? Not in the slightest. Sorry to tell you this but, you got caught with your pants down.

There’s an easy fix for that — following our genius guide that will help you get rid of that weed vapor (and smoke) smell.

9 Ways to Hide the Smell of Weed Vapor and Smoke
Are you tired of getting into unwanted scenarios because you don’t know how to hide the smell of weed? Not to worry, you are in good hands. Most of the tips and tricks that I mention here are completely legit and can be used daily. 

Okay, okay… I will admit that there will be maybe one or two that’ll make you chuckle and think “this guy has too much time on his hands”, but each scenario is completely doable — and it will help you get rid of the weed vape smell.

Trust me.

Now, let’s get into it.

The Window Method of Getting Rid of Weed Smell

The most basic and the easiest technique to pull off. Simply sit by the window and exhale outside. 

Do keep in mind that a gust of wind could bring smoke back into your room just as you exhale it. To combat that, don’t fully open the window, a small crack will do the trick as it will pull the smoke out the second you exhale. You can take larger puffs, but not too big. Don’t want to irritate your windpipe and cough everything out.

Filter From A Toilet Paper Roll / A Paper Towel

If you need something more reliable and you are living in a windy place, a DIY filter using a toilet paper roll or towel will do the trick. It’s an almost fail-proof method and easy to assemble.

All you need is an empty roll of paper, a Dryer sheet and a few rubber bands. If rubber bands are too strong/tight and morph the shape of the roll, you can also use hair bands as they tend to be a bit softer.

To use this device, slowly exhale into it and the amount of odor will be reduced to almost zero. Do keep in mind that if you exhale too much, a small amount of smoke might escape.

Smoke Near A Candle or Fireplace
One of the best ways of hiding weed smell in your house is by using a scented candle. In case you didn’t know, open flame negates the smoke and, more importantly, odor. So, be sure to have a scented candle nearby as it not only kills the smoke but also covers up any unwanted smell. If you run out of candles, any open flame will do. For example, sitting by a cosy fireplace will do the same trick. Do keep in mind that safety comes first when working with fire.

Incense Sticks (Cannabis Specialized)

This method is quite similar to the candle method but with a little twist. Incense sticks don’t need any special preparation, and you can use them anytime, anywhere. On top of that, there are special incenses that are capable of completely getting rid of weed smell.

Fruits And Herbs Mixtures
Looking for something more organic that will help you with hiding the smell when vaping on weed? No worries, I got you covered. Lemon wedges, parsley, diced celery, and peppermint are your best friends when it comes to getting rid of weed smell. 

These ingredients have naturally strong scents and, when mixed together, they can cover up almost anything. I even use them just to freshen up my household a bit, not only after or during a session.

Vaping While the Shower is Running

Let me stop you right there…

This method, also known as Hawaiian Hotbox, does not mean you need to take a shower while hiding weed smell in your house. The process is quite simple.

Turn on the shower and set up high heat. The steam will nicely mask and dissolve any weed smells coming from you. 

Another good trick that works hand in hand with this one is sealing the doors with a towel so nothing escapes the room. If you have a ventilating system in the bathroom, feel free to use it. 

This method is quite effective but can get really hot really fast. Having a window might help you stay in a bit longer.

A Smoke Filter

Unlike, DIY paper roll filter, this one is a bit more sophisticated. Most of these weed smell filters use mesh made out of carbon to keep all smoke particles inside without leaking. If you want to know the best way to hide the smell of weed, this one is a top choice. Easy to use and affordable replacement mesh are two things that push this one to the top.

A Freezer To Sneak A Hit In
A bit unorthodox method, but something you should definitely try is a sneaky Freezer Hit. 

So, the play is pretty simple. You are craving for a puff, simply shove your head into the freezer, pull a fast one from your vaporizer and that’s it. People might look at you weird, but no one will doubt or notice the difference between vapor and warm breath in the freezing cold.

I must say, the trick is awesome, but not for continuous use. Shoving your head in the freezer every 5 minutes will look weird as hell.

Vape Weed Outside to Avoid Smelling Up Your House
Probably the best and finest way is to do all this outside. Of course, if you are not comfortable doing it somewhere where people might see or smell you, simply take a little walk. Visit your nearest park, lake or simply take a stroll where it is not so public or you won’t bump into someone. Any of this will do perfectly. 

What’s Your Favorite Way of Hiding Weed Smell?
In conclusion, most of us hate to deal with the stress of getting caught in an unpleasant situation while trying to relax. I must admit some people love the feeling of the unexpected, that intense moment when you sneak a puff in a nick of time before someone sees you. I personally can’t live with that amount of stress.

Luckily, there are so many ways on how to get rid of the smell of weed that I’ve lost count. As long as you are creative, you’ll do just fine.