8 Best Countries for Vapers [& 3 Countries You DON’T Want to Get Caught Vaping In]

So you’re tired of being cooped up in your house, petting the cat to death, and scrolling to the end of Netflix?

You and me both.

But I’ve got a pastime for you right here — and I’ve been keeping myself occupied with it until such time I can put it all into gear… planning, scheming, and spending a gawd-awful amount of time on Airbnb looking for cheap places to crash in.

Of course, I’m talking about traveling.

[Provided we ain’t hit by a plague of locusts next… fingers crossed.]

You see, I’ve been thinking about where I want to go next when it dawned on me that I have to look at it through the lens of what countries are best for vapers. After all, I don’t want to go somewhere only to be told that there’s a hefty fine involved if

I’m caught vaping in a public place… or worse.

So I did a bit of digging that I hope you find useful.

I present to you — 8 best countries for vapers [and 3 your deffo don’t wanna get stuck in].


8 Vape-Friendly Countries You Should Visit
I want to start this off with a lil old caveat — vaping laws change overnight. And while I’d like to say that they change for the better… usually, that’s not the case. From country laws [mostly concerned with nicotine consumption and kids and young adults] to local laws [mostly around where you can vape — it’s not uncommon in the United States for cities and districts to draw up their own rules], things are not settled yet.

So before you decide on traveling somewhere, make sure to double-check if anything’s changed.

The United Kingdom
More specifically, England – the most vape friendly country in Europe by far. 
Ever since vaping was introduced to the world they have been very upfront with their thoughts about it. They are actively supporting the vaping industry and understand its benefits. 

The National Health Service of England was involved in direct research that compares vaping and cigarettes, earning themselves support from the government as well.

During your visit, you are free to vape almost anywhere. Do, however, try to avoid vaping in the car if all windows are closed. It could get you into trouble. This one is a no-brainer, but the accumulation of clouds could easily impair your vision. While in the moving vehicle it can be dangerous. 

If you are planning on visiting this beautiful country, you’re in for a treat.

Well-known for its rich religious, cultural, and ballet history, Russia is also pretty blaze when it comes to vaping… thanks to a culture in which smoking is not as much of a taboo as elsewhere.

There are no strict laws regarding vaping, you can do it whenever and wherever. Russia’s federal government is very open-minded and straightforward with it. You are allowed to vape in public spaces, and inside some business establishments [bars and restaurants] as well.

As a country that has a strong opinion and opposes smoking cigarettes, Sweden has accepted vaping as a viable alternative. They are well aware that quitting can be rough, and not something that is done in a day. The Swedish government, Similar to the UK, agreed with their scientists. They promote vaping as a more health-conscious choice than smoking traditional cigarettes.

With that in mind, you are free to use your e-cigarettes everywhere. Another great thing is that you won’t have any trouble with customs if you bring your own vape juice into the country — which you should consider since their vape shops are helluva expensive.

Bulgaria can easily be called Balkan’s safe harbor for vape enthusiasts.
Following other countries that promote vaping, Bulgaria’s government shares the same progressive mindset. They have little to no restrictions on buying / selling and consuming vape products. You can whip out your vape pen anywhere you want, and get to vaping.
Canada, O Canada, the home of vapers. If you are planning your vay-cay in the Great North, feel free to bring your vaping gear. 
They do have strict regulations regarding smoking and tobacco consumption, yes. But, vaping is a completely different story. Vaping is pretty much allowed anywhere you go, whether you are staying in a rural area with a lot of people or if you are more of a countryside tourist.
However, I would avoid buying products there if I were you. Canada is still not fully regulating the vaping industry, I’m afraid. If you want to be safe from what goes inside your lungs, the best choice would be to go online and order vape products from reputable merchants.
New Zealand
Ah, New Zealand, the promised land of many filmmakers. I can’t wait to go there and visit sites where the Lord of the Rings story has been brought to life. If you are planning on going there too, feel free to bring your trusty vape pens along.
Even though you won’t be able to mimic Gandalf’s puffing mastery (don’t beat yourself too much, no one can), you can still enjoy it wherever you go. New Zealand’s government has been so supportive of vaping that they publicly encourage active smokers to make the switch.
As an adventurer, you don’t have to worry about your vaping habits. The laws are pretty loose and you are even allowed to vape indoors as well.
If you think that Germany will be strict regarding vaping you should tone down your “stereotype denkweise” [just a fancy word for ‘way of thinking’] my friend. 
Not only are they easy-going regarding vaping, but they allow more freedom than England. 
You do have to be an adult (above 18) to buy any vaping merchandise, but you are welcome to use them in any public space.
It is not unusual to take a walk in this historically rich country and see locals, as well as tourists enjoying their dose of nicotine via an electronic cigarette. That said, vape supplies are a bit expensive — a good way to save some dough is to bring your whole vape kit if you’re traveling to Germany.
United Arab Emirates
Even though they are still young in the vaping world (2019. vaping was legalized), you are welcome to visit the UAE and bring your e-cigarette with you.
However, vaping is prohibited in some areas you plan on visiting and there are some strict rules you will need to abide by if you don’t want to pay $570.
Locations you don’t want to be caught vaping are:
·Places of worship
·Universities & offices
·Shopping malls
·Hospitals, and any health/pharmaceutical facilities
·Onboard airplanes, or any vehicle transporting food, medicine, fuel, and chemicals.
3 Countries Where Vaping is a Big No-No
There is no specific law that restricts you from possessing or using an e-cigarette in Thailand. However, it is illegal to bring them into the country.
Yes, that brings us to the question: could you simply buy everything you need in Thailand? You can, yes. Illegally, on the black market. There are no legal vendors in Thailand that are selling anything e-cigarette related. That’s right — there are no vape shops. You can’t buy e-cigs. And you can’t buy e-liquid. Thailand is a land of [seemingly] zero tolerance for vapor products.
If you get caught vaping the local authorities will issue their verdict. depending on the police officer’s mood at that moment, you can be fined or even deported. 
The lowest fine is around $900… or up to 10 years in jail. Funny enough, you can see people vaping in the street. Is it worth the trouble? Definitely not.
Vaping has been banned in Qatar since 2014. and it does not seem that anything will change anytime soon. Even though the vaping industry has proven on several occasions that vaping IS the best alternative for smoking cigarettes, some countries just don’t care…
Selling, buying, or consuming anything vape related in Qatar will get you in a lot of trouble. If caught. You won’t get a severe punishment as you would get for breaking some other laws, but your vaping gear will be seized. Also, a fine will be issued. Not worth it, if you ask me.
All this banning could be a fair point if the reason behind it is the overall health of the nation. But, hypocritically, smoking regular cigarettes is normal and won’t raise any alarms. So, if you are planning on visiting Qatar, there is a higher chance of you starting to smoke again. 
If you find yourself in Rome for a few days and decide to check out the Vatican, leave your vape at the hotel. Although vaping is quite popular in Rome, crossing that small line when entering the Vatican changes everything.
The official statement says that vaping is equal to regular smoking and will be considered as such. Smoking cigarettes has been banned in the Vatican since 2002. but you were still able to buy tobacco products until 2017. when the Pope banned that too. Even though the country had quite the revenue from the sales, the ban was upheld.
Going On Vacation? You Might Want to Know This…
Now that you know which countries are welcoming for vapers, there are a couple of other questions you should ask yourself… and they’re listed right here.
Which Country Has the Most Vapers?
As a well-known vaping powerhouse and manufacturer, China also counts the biggest number of active vapers. 
For years, the tobacco industry had a free reign over China. Following the newest trends vaping now takes a formidable piece of the market.
What to do Before You Travel to a Foreign Country?
The golden rule is to be knowledgeable in the laws of the country you are visiting. 
Regarding your equipment, travel light. If you are visiting a country that has no issue with vaping you will always be able to buy parts such as coils, cotton, and liquids. Always make sure your device is fully charged before leaving. Check your charger and carry a spare. 
What’s the Most Vape-Friendly Country in the EU?
The United Kingdom is the most obvious choice. It’s at the top of the list by far and the most vape friendly place in Europe. While waiting for the portion of fish and chips you can enjoy your pint of beer in one hand and vape in the other.
Is Vaping Banned Anywhere in the EU?
With the exception of the Vatican, vaping is allowed in all EU member states. However, laws are stricter in some countries. So for example, in Belgium, you can’t vape anywhere where you can’t smoke. And in Austria, nicotine cartridges are deemed medical products, and can only be sold by licensed vape shops.
The Best & the Worst State in the US When It Comes to Vaping?
If you want to travel across the US, as a vaper you wouldn’t want to miss Florida. The best state for vapers and I’ll tell you why.When sh*t hit the fan and the USA was in turmoil regarding vaping, Florida didn’t make it challenging for vapers to buy products they need. There was no additional tax on vaping products and the overall idea of vaping was not demonized. One thing to note here — young people [especially highschool students] will have a tough time getting a vape in Florida as the legal age limited has just been increased to 21.
But, if there is any place you won’t feel welcome as a vaper then California is that place. After The Index, California was leading the charge of new taxes on all vape and e-cigarette products. In recent years, this state has enacted some of the strictest vaping laws out there [often citing Federal Drug Administration recommendations and examples]. Even the online purchase was affected and a flavor ban was established.
Can You Carry Your Vape Across State Lines in the US?
Similar to the general traveling rulebook; as a vaper, you would want to check with local authorities of the State you are planning to cross.If you are traveling by plane, you will need to make sure the device is completely empty and cleaned. You should not have any trouble carrying it as long as you store it in your carry-on bag.
If you are traveling by road, crossing the State lines can involve routine checks. Of course, there is nothing you should worry about if you have only vaping gear on you.  Again, if you are well prepared then you already know how to navigate these situations. 
Is There a Country in Which You Can End Up in Jail for Vaping?
Yes, of course. Countries such as Thailand, India, and the Philippines are strongly against vaping. Now, this does not mean you will end up in jail immediately, it all depends on the final verdict. Usually, possession of a vape device as a tourist will likely end up with a pricey fine. Jail is mostly reserved for the vendors in the black market.
Ready for Traveling?
And there you have it – being a vaper has its upsides, but also challenges.
If you love to travel I highly recommend these countries. Hope that I, at least, gave you something to brainstorm about — or at least daydream about!
And remember to always do proper research before setting the course.