7 Vape Juice Secrets You Never Knew

Quitting cigarettes may be the prime reason for adopting vaping. However, it’s not the only reason. Cost-effectiveness, diversity of vape e-juice flavors, and social images are also responsible for the paradigm shift from regular smoking to vaping. According to data, by 2021, there will be more than 55 million vapers worldwide. Yet, regardless of the reasons, the variety and uniqueness of vape juices make vaping one of the most sought-after practices. 

Vaping commonly involves a vaping device, usually a vape pen or e-cigarette and e-liquid, commonly known as e-juice. E-juices are a blend of Vegetable Glycerine(VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavors. Vegetable Glycerine and PG forms the base of e-liquid and VG is a natural, non-toxic, colorless, and odorless substance that produces vapor. Propylene Glycol is an odorless alcohol base that produces less visible vapors and helps to vape discreetly. The perfect ratio of all the above ingredients provides the ultimate experience of vaping. Sometimes instead of nicotine, plant extracts of tobacco, cannabis, and other herbs are also infused with some essential oil for vaping. 
As vaping has become a standard social activity, here are seven vape e-juice facts that will make you decide to start. 

1.Vape Juices are Less Risky but Not Risk-Free
Vaping is said to be a safer alternative to smoking tobacco. But the fact is all vape juices usually contain some amount of nicotine. Nicotine is addictive. Although you may control the doses of nicotine during vaping, it does hit your brain and body. Prolonged use of nicotine can restrict blood flow in the arteries and increase blood pressure. It can also alter brain functioning and is equally dangerous for the lungs. 
Opting for nicotine-free vaping can reduce the potential risk of these side-effects. It can help former smokers cut down on nicotine without giving up the habit of hand-to-mouth action. Further, it’s harmless for non-smokers who are trying vaping for fun. For instance, One can check out Heisenberg Vape and enjoy vaping. 

2.The Ingredients in Vape Juices Does Matter
Vaping juices are mainly a nicotine-based product but many users are trying cannabis as a healthier option. The popularity of cannabis is soaring high for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits. In fact, vaping cannabis helps abandon the tar, carbon monoxide, and other carcinogenic substances often associated with smoking joints. Also, vaping cannabis can be tasty and smooth on your lungs. It can readily solve many other health issues. 

3.You Can Mix Your Vape Juice
Do-it-yourself (DIY) vape juices are all over the internet. This process gives you the freedom to decide the ingredients and their strength. You can even skip some ingredients like nicotine or flavor to make it cleaner. With DIY vape juices, you can experience customization and flexibility at the same time. Mixing e-liquid is relatively easy and cost-effective. Your e-liquid is created momentarily with simple online assistance. 

4.You Can Avoid Adulterated Vape Juice
A journal by the Wiley Analytical Science shows that vape juices are adulterated with various drugs that react with some prescription medicines. These drugs can show side-effects like lowering blood pressure and increasing heart problems. Some pharmaceutical ingredients can also have adverse psychiatric effects. The study further shows that a considerable amount of nicotine is present in some proclaimed nicotine-free vape juices. 
To avoid any severe health risks, always remember to purchase vape juice from a reputed manufacturer. Don’t fall for a cheaper product and read the label for all ingredients present. Always buy Diacetyl-, Aceton-, or Acetyl Propionyl-free vape juices. Avoid Propylene Glycol if you are allergic to it.  Lastly, invest in a good vape device and maintain it regularly. These points will make your vape juice clean and riskless.

5.Your Vape Juice Will Increase Your Water Intake
Vaping is dehydrating. While vaping, the water molecules are drawn from the saliva, mouth, and throat, causing dry mouth. A problem of dry eyes and itchiness is also common. Consuming more water at regular intervals and taking watery fruits and vegetables can help. Also, try to cut out the consumption of alcohol and caffeine to prevent extra dehydration. 

6.Your Vape Juice Can lower Diabetes 
A common myth surrounding vape juices is that they contain sugar and increase the risk of diabetes. The sweetness that prevails in vape juices is the result of flavoring and diluents like Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycol. As no additional sugar is used, vape juices are safe for patients with diabetes. 
Nicotine is also responsible for increasing the risk of type II diabetes in smokers. Some vape juices contain nicotine and can create insulin resistance. But, with a lower amount of nicotine or nicotine-free vape juices, you can reduce this risk. Varied nicotine content can regulate your nicotine intake and can eventually help you quit smoking for a healthier life. 

7.The Flavors May Not Be The Fun
According to a 2018 study, flavored vape juices are more harmful than the unflavored. The chemicals present in flavors have inflammatory effects on the lungs. These chemicals can produce toxicity and tissue damage. Flavors like cinnamon are more toxic and can create severe problems. 
It’s known that strawberry flavors can cause cell death and other flavors like vanilla, coffee, pina colada, etc., can cause heart damage and breathing problems. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has thus banned all flavors of vape juices, except mint and tobacco, to restrict the increasing use of vaping among youths.  

It is still a debatable topic of whether vaping is safe or not. As vaping is rather new, the long term effects are still at large. Vaping may be considered as a safer alternative as it has fewer harmful substances than smoking tobacco. But, as the primary ingredient in vaping is also nicotine the prevalence of adverse effects is similar to both products. 
Medical practitioners will never recommend the use of vaping to quit smoking. However, many anecdotal references show that vaping has helped many users decrease their nicotine intake. Also, using quality ingredients in correct concentrations can make your vape juice and experience risk-and guilt-free.