It's no longer a mystery of how Vaping became the most popular way to stop smoking tobacco. BUT, the benefits of Vaping are quite extensive, and many of these benefits you've probably never heard of.
Vaping is a hot topic for a lot of people.
A lot is made of the negative side of vaping, but there are two sides to this story. It's been a handy tool for people  trying to quit smoking, and it's a more pleasant alternative to cigarette smoke outside of bars, restaurants, and offices.
Today, we're going to focus on what makes vaping great. This post is going to discuss 7 pros of vaping that you may not have considered before. People that make vaping a normal part of their lives might already know about these benefits, but for those that are on the fence, this is for you.

1. It's More Affordable
When you start to think about the money that you spend on cigarettes every day, week, month, or year, it gets a bit depressing. Packs are getting more and more expensive as tobacco taxes go up, and soon, it'll be seemingly even more unaffordable to smoke.
Vaping is a much more economical way to smoke, in addition to being healthier than cigarettes. When you purchase a rechargeable, refillable vape device, most of the cost is incurred at one time. The actual unit is yours to keep, while you merely refill the e-juice when you're out.
Sure, you still have to purchase e-juice, but you go through it much slower than a pack of cigarettes. When you light up a smoke, you have to smoke the entire thing or stub it out and toss it. There's a lot more vapor regulation with vape pens.

2. Flavors
For some reason we find it hard at first to quit that same old smoky tobacco cigarette flavor in your mouth, but if you give it a full-hearted attempt to, you'll be happy to know that you can get used to vaping something a flavor much better that that nasty tobacco flavor. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of e-juice flavors available these days, of course its a strnge concept at first for Smokers, but as a vapor you'll get used to vaping "Strawberries" and realize it being able to mix up the different Vape flavors makes Vaping a just interisting enough to make it slightly enjoyable and thus helping keep your mind off going back to or falling back on Tobacco Cigarettes.
Plus, they're fun. You can't get candy, coffee, fruit, or dessert flavored cigarettes, but with a few mouse clicks, you can have all of those e-juice flavors and more delivered to your door. If you enjoy the flavor of tobacco but want to quit smoking cigarettes, there's an e-juice for that as well.

3. Safer Than Cigarettes
Cigarettes are full of so many chemicals that it's hard to keep track of anymore. We know about the addictive qualities of cigarettes, but the mystery really lies in what they contain beyond tobacco.
With vapes and vape juice, you don't need to worry as much about inhaling hundreds of chemicals. They're made only of the small handful of ingredients that go into flavoring the liquid and, of course, the nicotine, which is the main ingredient in cigarettes.
In addition, there's no fire involved in vaping, so you don't have to worry about inhaling any tar or ash as you do with cigarettes. Vaping is a much more natural way to get your nicotine fix.

4. Control Your Intake
One of the great benefits of vaping, which we've already touched on a little bit, is the ability to control how much you inhale. With the click of a button, you can engage your vape pen and inhale as much or as little as you like at once. There are no rules, just take what you're comfortable with and then put it away.
There are a few perks to smoking this way. One is that you can make your e-juice go much farther, sometimes even weeks or months, without needing replacing. Secondly, you can control the amount of nicotine you get when you purchase your e-juice, unlike cigarettes, which give you the same amount of nicotine with each smoke.
E-juice is available in various nicotine strengths, ranging from 0 to 36mg. You have complete control over your dose.

5. Less Smelly
Long time smokers know how bad your house, clothes, and even your hair and skin can get when you've smoked a certain number of cigarettes. The smoke sticks to everything and makes it smell like stale old tobacco (we all know the smell).
The immediate smell from vaping comes from whatever flavor of e-juice you're using, and there is no lasting smell that you have to worry about. If you're using cinnamon e-juice, for example, you'll smell a similar cinnamon aroma from vaping your electronic cigarette, and the aroma or "Smell" of vaping won't linger as the Smell of Tobacco Cigarettes does.
If you're married, have kids, or have a roommate, this is a hugely Positive Upside for them, and anyone who you even remotly share personal spaces with throuought the day. You'll likely also get a boost in your friend count, ok thats just a joke; but trust me, Switch to a vape pen and everyone around you will notice a dramatic differance.

6. You Can Vape Other Things
You can vape things other than e-juice if you so choose. It's become extremely popular to vape herbal substances for the therapeutic qualities that they provide. There are some major benefits to doing this:
·It can reduce inflammation in your throat from smoking cigarettes or other illnesses.
·They can help with stress and anxiety.
·Vaping herbs can help you get to sleep faster and have restful sleep.
·They can help reduce the risk of respiratory infection.

7. Ween Off of Cigarettes
Obviously, the biggest pro of vaping is that you can use it as a way to ween yourself off of cigarettes. Cigarette addiction is damaging, but most smokers find it incredibly difficult to find a method that works for them. Things like the patch or nicotine gum just don't help to quell the urge to smoke.
For many smokers, it's the habit of smoking that makes it hard to quit. Vaping allows you to continue the "sensation" of smoking without the harm of tobacco cigarettes. Many people have also cited vaping as being extremely helpful in the process of quitting nicotine altogether by stepping down the stength of the Vape Juice over time; all the way down to a completely Nicotine Free Ejuice.
Love it or hate it, vaping is a much healthier alternative to cigarettes, which makes it the perfect stepping stone towards quitting.

Fewer Cons, More Pros of Vaping
You'll see numerous blog posts or videos on the internet, highlighting the negative side, but not enough people focus on the pros of vaping. These are just a few of the benefits, and if you're a long-time cigarette smoker, you'll find many more when you switch to vaping.