7 Top Tips to Keep Your Batteries Safe in the Cold Weather

As the weather turns colder, you’ll need to look after your battery to ensure it works.

Battery safety is important and just a few basic precautions can keep it in good working condition.

It’s easy to keep your battery working safely and efficiently throughout the winter if you look after it.  It doesn’t require much effort to keep it safe. Here are some of our top tips from experienced vapers to make sure your e-cig battery is always ready to go.

Don’t leave batteries in the car overnight
If you leave batteries (or a device with batteries in it) in the car overnight, it will become too cold.  Although most batteries can survive very cold temperatures, it may affect performance. 

Warm batteries up before using them
You will definitely need to warm the battery up again to a reasonable temperature before using them, since using them when they are really cold can damage them.  At the very least, your e-cigarette isn’t going to work if you try to use it when the battery is too cold. You can warm them up by putting them in your pocket or moving them to a warm environment for a while. 

Run your batteries at low power levels
If you have allowed your batteries to reach a temperature of about 0°C (32°F) then it is best to use your vaping device at low power for a few draws.  This gives the batteries time to warm up a little before putting too much stress on them.

Don’t use batteries with condensation on
If you take your e-cigarette from a cold place to a hot place, it is likely to get condensation on it.  It’s better to wait until all the condensation is completely gone before using them. It’s not advisable to use any electronic device if there is a chance there’s water in the battery compartment.

Keep some spare batteries on you
Batteries don’t perform at maximum capacity when they are cold.  You may find your vaping device alerts you to a low battery charge much more quickly than usual.  Keeping some spare batteries on you will mean you don’t run out of battery or get a weak hit when the battery is low.

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Don’t charge freezing cold batteries
If you’ve kept your battery in the cold and it’s around 0°C (32°F), you should wait until they warm up before you start to charge them.  Charging them while they are still freezing can damage the battery and cause it to burst. Leaving them to sit in a warm environment for an hour will be fine and you can charge them without worrying about damaging them.

Use your judgement
Batteries do not respond well to extreme heat or extreme cold.  If you want to warm your battery up, make sure you do that in a safe way.  Don’t try to warm it too quickly – just let it build up to room temperature.