7 Best Sub-Ohm Tanks for DTL Vaping 2022

What are the best sub-ohm tanks for the DTL vape style? It is owing to various factors. Read on to get a full understanding of DTL vaping with sub-ohm tanks and a list of the best sub-ohm tanks for perfect DTL inhalation.

What is DTL vaping?
DTL stands for Direct to Lung, which means that the inhaled vapour will go directly to the lung, without any remaining moment at your mouth. It is different from the MTL(Mouth to Lung) vape which will get a tight inhalation and the vapour will be held in the mouth for a while.

How to vape a DTL style
To make the vapour go straight to your lung, it requires a sub-ohm tank and a powerful mod(no less than 40W). The sub-ohm tank is built with sub-ohm coils, airflow adjustment design as well as e-liquid capacity.

The sub-ohm coil refers to the resistance of the coils lessen than 1 ohm. Coil serves to vaporise e-juice, according to Ohm’s law, the sub-ohm coil can produce more amount of vapour. Of course, the lower resistance of the coil you use, the more clouds you will get.

The airflow adjustment can control how much air will force the vapour out of the mouthpiece, so you need to wipe open the AFC(Airflow Control)to achieve a DTL vaping.

Speaking of the choice of vape juice, high VG e-liquid should be prepared for having a DTL vape experience.

7 best sub-ohm tanks for DTL vaping

1. Geekvape Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank
One of the most reputable companies that offer a variety of top-notch vape kits is Geekvape. The Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank is the newest member of the legendary Zeus family.

It has a 2ml e-liquid capacity, a top-fill design, and adjustable airflow, and it can be connected to the majority of vape mods currently on the market via a threaded 510 connection.

No worrying about the leakage issue, the Zeus tanks feature a leakproof design. There are two different resistance of coils coming along with the package. With it, you can take pleasure in a genuine DTL inhalation.

2. UWELL Crown IV 4 Sub-Ohm Tank
Uwell is a renowned vape producer that focuses on all-around advancements in the vaping industry. Superior stainless steel is used in the building of the Crown IV 4 Sub-Ohm Tank, which has a capacity of 2ml for normal e-juice.

Due to the Pro-Flavor Optimization Core System, its Dual SS904L coils can generate magnificent vapour clouds and mouthwatering flavours.

3. Aspire Atlantis EVO Sub-Ohm Tank
Aspire, a pioneering vape company that was founded in 2013, is dedicated to developing cutting-edge vaping goods across a variety of categories.

The Atlantis EVO Sub-Ohm Tank has a clean, straightforward design and a foundation for ultra-efficient juice flow that is based on Aspire's Atlantis EVO Coil System.

In addition, you can choose between 0.4ohm and 0.5ohm Atlantis EVO coils to create your desired flavour.

4. SMOK TFV9 Sub Ohm Tank
One of the first businesses to utilize dual coils is Smok, one of the most well-known e-cigarette brands in the world. The dual coils can provide a lower resistance so that the coil can get more power to produce vapours.

Its TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank is widely known to a large number of vapers. The most recent V9 mesh coil series is used in the TFV9 Tank to create dense clouds of vapor with excellent flavor.

5. Voopoo PnP Pod Tank
In the vaping market, Voopoo is the chip leader and offers the most pleasurable and respectful vaping experience. The PnP pod tank is a great combination of pod and tank.

It comes with a wide drip tip, which is convenient to deliver vapours. It offers an option of Stainless Steel construction and the coils in the package are ideal for DTL vaping.

6. GeekVape Z Max Sub Ohm Tank
The Z Max is an excellent edition from the GeekVape Zeus family. You can use the Z Max tank to freely adjust airflow from the top to the bottom, helping you blow clouds of vapour. The Geekvape M series coils are available in 0.14ohm and 0.2ohm, perfect for vapour production and delectable tastes.

7. Wotofo nexMesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank
Wotofo is a respected vaping company, wholesaler, and reseller with a specialty in rebuildable atomizers. The Wotofo nexMesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank can be used with multiple coils including H11/H12/H13/H15 coils.

The coils are the world's 1st Mesh+Wires Dual coil to extremely vaporise e-liquid and supply you with enchanting flavours. Another added bonus is that it can be coupled with a Rebuildable Atomiser Base((separately sold)) for DIY your coils.