5 Ways You Can Tell When It's Time to Get a New Sub-Ohm Tank

Let’s say that you’ve been enjoying your vaping setup for over a year because it’s been giving you stunning clouds, an exceptional flavor and the perfect throat hit.  Then, suddenly, something isn’t right.  Maybe your flavor just isn’t coming through strongly enough, or maybe those clouds suddenly seem weak and, well, sad.  Is it your device?  The type of vape juice you’re using?  Or, could it be your vape tank?
The sad truth is that there’s no vape tank on the market that’s built to last forever.  Like any piece of technological hardware, your vape tank will need to be replaced from time to time.  While this may sound like bad news, keep in mind that sub-ohm tanks are relatively inexpensive and, with so many to choose from, you might actually enjoy switching out your old one for a new, exciting one that’s just appeared on the market.
So, how do you know when that vape tank needs to go?  We’re going to help you understand what to look out for when it comes to knowing whether or not it’s time for your tank to be replaced.

Do Sub-Ohm Tanks Stop Working?
Sub-Ohm tanks consist of several different mechanisms that must all work properly in order for you to have a successful and satisfying vaping experience.  Between the glass piece, the base ring, the lid, the mouthpiece, the O-ring and all of the other components, there are a lot of pieces involved.  And, after a while, at least one of those pieces is going to lose its functionality simply due to the fact that you use your tank so frequently.
Most vapers find that they need to replace their tank around once each year.  Of course, how often you need to replace your tank mostly depends on how frequently you use it.  If you’re a very heavy vaper, you’ll likely find that you replace your tank more often than most.  And, if you barely use it, you might be able to make it last for a few years.

How Can You Really Tell?
Now that we covered why a sub-ohm tank could stop working properly, let’s dive into how it actually happens. The signs you should look for are:

1.It’s Constantly Leaking
One of the sure signs of a tank that needs to be replaced is a never-ending leak despite the fact that everything seems to be nice and secure.  We all know that feeling of dread when a leak starts to occur.  All of a sudden, we’re losing precious e-liquid and our whole device is covered in oily juice.
If your tank seems to have started to leak and you can’t make it stop, it’s probably time to buy a new tank.  That leak probably has to do with the closures of the various pieces wearing down.  For instance, screwing your tank after refilling it day after day can wear down the areas in which the lid connects to the glass piece, causing tiny bits of vape juice to seep through as you go about your day.

2.Your E-Liquid is Getting Way Too Dark
Another sign is that your vape juice gets very dark very quickly.  If only a few hours after refilling your tank, your e-liquid suddenly looks darker and more concentrated, that’s probably a tank malfunction.  Basically, it means that your tank can’t stop the coil from overheating the e-liquid whenever you press the firing button.  You may also notice that the e-juice is bubbling and that there’s some spitback and gurgling noises.  Either way, this is a sure sign that you need to buy a new tank.

3.The Flavor Just Isn’t Right
Has the taste of your e-liquid suddenly become stale, weak and one-dimensional?  If the answer is yes, there’s a good chance that the issue is your tank, not the vape juice that you’ve recently purchased.  As your tank starts to lose its functionality, it’s going to prevent the coils from working properly which will affect your flavor experience negatively.

4.Your Coils Keep Dying Prematurely
Does it seem like you go through a new vape coil every few days?  This can be a sign that your tank is on its way out.  Your tank needs to connect to the coil properly for your coils to last.  If that connection is starting to fail, your coils don’t stand a chance and will end up burning out quickly.

5.You’re Not Getting the Clouds You Want
Lastly, a dying tank will prevent you from having the cloud-chasing experience that you want.  Again, this is because of how a dysfunctional tank negatively impacts the coil’s ability to do its job. 

Vape with a Working Sub-Ohm Tank
As you can see, there are numerous ways to tell whether or not your sub-ohm tank needs to be replaced.  The good news is that replacing it is relatively inexpensive.  And, you just might find that your new tank is even better than the last one.