In this article we will focus on a few tips every Caliburn and Caliburn KOKO owner should know.

So you finally got your hands on what seems to be the most popular open pod system on the market today, the Uwell Caliburn.

We won’t be getting into those reasons in this article, as the very reason you have this sexy pod system is probably because you’ve spent the better part of your day watching reviews and stuff.

We’ve had quite a few people come back to us thinking their Caliburn is broken! So we’re going to clear some things up.

On to the guide, shall we?

How to attach the pod, properly
Hey so I filled this up, removed the plastic, clicked the button 5 times but it's not vaping! Why?!-John Doe

This is fairly common, however it’s usually the same solution everytime. The Caliburn uses a two step latching system.

The pod is pulled in by two magnets, but still requires an extra click to fully snap it in place.

1.Put the pod in the device
2.Push the pod in until you hear/feel a click

Now after using and abusing this device for the past few months, I no longer feel or hear the click as much. Which is ok – as long as it works!

How to fix Dry Hits on the Caliburn
Caliburn has one of the longest life spans when it comes to pods. I am a heavy vaper, and I own many pod systems. These super pods last me around 13 days!

Nevertheless, I do get an occasional dry hit some time during my second week.

There are two ways you can extend the life of the pods.

Prime the Pod
Apply a few drops in to the center chimney – let it sit and absorb that juicy goodness!

This is called the “lazy method” it essentially speeds up the process of priming a brand new pod. It can also be used if you accidentally happen to dry hit your caliburn, by inhaling when the e-juice is extremely low. This is a proactive method that can increase the lifespan of your pod.

*Make sure that your pod is not attached to the device to avoid flooding near the sensor.

Primer Puff
Pull out the pod, cover the bottom with your finger, pucker your lips and take some puffs.

When to refill the pod
This is another simple tip, however we have met a few people that vaped their pods dry.


Don’t vape your pods dry!

1.Check the e-juice level – Either by looking through the side windows or by removing the pod
2.Make sure your liquid is above the engraved “MIN” line, which is just below the wicking port
General rule of thumb is to refill your pod when you notice it’s half empty.

Using the button to activate
Aside from the Caliburn being a draw activated device, it also features manual firing using a button! You know, in case your sensor craps out, usually due to flooding.

Simply press and hold the button while inhaling. Release the button when done!

How to clean the Caliburn
Sometimes you are trying to take a drag and notice that you are not getting any vapor. Don’t worry, theres probably a fix for that!

Usually when your Caliburn is not producing any vapor – wether you are just inhaling or using the button, it is most likely flooded.

Remove the pod, and use a cotton swab to gently clean the bottom of the surface.

This will absorb the excess e-juice that may be blocking the draw sensor, and most likely solve the “no firing” issue. 

If you still get no vapor when taking a draw without pressing the button, you may have damaged the sensor. You’re in luck though, as you can use the button to activate!

Bonus Tip
If the above method is not enough to rid of the excess e-juice, you may have e-liquid inside the body of the Caliburn.

1.Remove the pod from the device
2.Wrap a piece of paper towel around the bottom part of the device (USB Port)
3.Cover the bottom part of the Caliburn with your mouth
4.Gently blow into the port

This method will force the excess e-juice potentially lingering inside the device, and will start to escape from the LED Indicator cut-out as well as the compartment where the pod usually sits.

*Make sure that your pod is not attached, as this method will trigger the auto-draw sensor.

Best Juices for Caliburn
One of the great things about the Caliburn is the pod and the coil that sits inside of it. The nice large wicking slots allow the Caliburn to handle majority of e-juices. In our tests we found that Nicotine Salts work best as they contain more PG (Propylene Glycol) and less VG (Vegetable Glycerin) than standard free base e-liquids. This formulation is less dense and allows for easier wicking.

I would recommend to stay away from extremely sweet e-liquids, as those tend to gunk up the coil fairly quick. Also don’t try putting anything above 80%+ Vegetable Glycerin, that is way too thick and your pod won’t last! If you prefer free base e-liquids, stick to 30%PG/70%VG.

Hopefully this simple guide was helpful to you wether you just got your Caliburn, or have been enjoying it for the past little while!