5 Things That Every Vaper Should Carry

We all love a good vape, but it is important to make sure that you have everything you need with you whilst out and about so you don’t get caught out! Below is a list of five vaping items that every vaper should be carrying, so your e-cig is always ready to go.

1 – A Spare Battery
You might only be going out for the morning or afternoon, but we all know how things can get carried away sometimes and you can stay out longer than anticipated. Carrying a spare battery with you means your e-cigarette will never let you down, allowing you to vape all day without constantly checking your e-cigs remaining charge. Don’t forget to store batteries in a suitable battery case or silicone sleeve, you don’t want them to be loose in your pocket; remember safety first vapers!

2 – Some Spare Coils!
You have had the same coil in for a week or so now, and you are pretty sure it will last you. But what if it doesn’t and burns out mid-vape while out on that road trip? Save yourself the hassle and stress by making sure a spare e-cig coil is with you wherever you go, that way if it burns out, you aren’t left without a vape and can rest easy. Don’t forget to prime the coil before you start vaping it (10-15 minutes sat in the tank of e-liquid should do the trick) and you should be good to go!

3 – Spare E-Liquid
This should really go without saying, especially if it’s your favourite flavour. Whether you are a light or heavier vaper, it is always a good idea to make sure you have a spare bottle (or two!) of e-liquid to make sure you can last the day. It’s never a good thing to be enjoying the company of friends or family and run out of vape liquid, only to find out you left it all at home. Even if you end up not needing e-liquid, you may just have a vaping friend with you who does!

4 – USB Charging Cable
Take it from someone with experience, this could be one of the most valuable items you take with you. You think you have sorted everything out, but realise at the last moment you forgot to charge up your e-cig before heading out. Keeping your USB charger to hand means you can use your laptop or perhaps a power bank and recharge your e-cigarette without it leaving your side. It might even be a good idea to keep a cable in your bag or car, to make sure you always have one nearby.

5 – Tissue
Perhaps not what you expected to be on the list, however keeping some tissue handy is invaluable. E-liquid can spill, its a fact of vaping, but it needn’t be a problem. Filling up your tank whilst on the bus to work or trying to make it somewhere on time can inevitably lead to some dribbles here and there. Having tissue available allows you to clear up any e-liquid spillage quickly and easily, and save time trying to clean that annoying patch of e-liquid that is now on your t-shirt.