5 Signs That Show It’s Time To Change Your Vape Coil

Whether you’re brand new to vaping or have been using e-cigs for a while, it’s good to know the tell-tale sales for when it’s time to change your coil.

Coils don’t last forever, and they’re not meant to. If you take good care of your e-cigarette and regularly clean the parts they can last longer than they might otherwise, but sooner or later they will need replacing. There are some recognisable ways your e-cigarette shows you that it needs a new coil, as well as a few less obvious ones.

1. Your Vape Tastes Burnt
This is probably the most noticeable thing that tells you your coil needs replacing, and something most vapers will experience. When you vape, you’ll experience a truly horrible ‘burnt’ taste in the back of your throat – acrid and unpleasant, it can even make you feel sick.
When a vape tastes like this, it’s definitely time for an E-cig Coil Replacement, as you’ve probably burned the wick and coil materials and can’t salvage them.

2. Your E-Cigarette Is Gurgling
Some E-Cigarettes are prone to gurgling, but this noise could also be a sign of something else. It could be that there is a real issue with your e-cig, but it could also be something as simple as your tank flooding and coil needing replaced.
The gurgling can happen when your coil has not been placed properly in your e-cigarette, and this could be the case if you’ve just replaced the coil and are hearing this noise. You could try unscrewing and reattaching the coil, and making sure the holes all line up properly. However, if you still hear noticeable gurgling when you vape, it’s time for an e-cig Coil Replacement.

3. Your Vape Tastes ‘Strange’
This one is a little harder to define, but is another that most vapers will come across. You’ll use the same e-liquids as usual but find that they just don’t hit the spot any more. Maybe they taste very dull, maybe they taste a bit odd, or maybe they don’t have any flavour at all. You might even be able to tell the difference in the e-liquid itself – it could look darker than normal, as if it’s taking on other colours when you put it in the tank.
Chances are that your coil and wick have become so soaked with other e-liquids that they can’t offer you up the right flavour anymore. Once again, an e-cig Coil Replacement will solve your problem.

4. Your Coil Is Used Up
This one all comes down to your own personal vape usage. It’s not about how long you’ve had a coil, really, rather it’s about how often you vape (and occasionally the e-liquid you use!). If you’re a heavy vaper, using your e-cig many times a day, you might need to change the coil every couple of days. If you are a regular vaper but not particularly heavy, it could last a week or two. Irregular or casual vapers might find they need only change their coil every four weeks. Whatever your vaping habits, though, you should consider e-cig Coil Replacement at least once a month.
If you’re not sure how often to change it based on your habits, then start keeping a diary of when you put a new coil in as well, what e-liquid you use, and when you find it starts to taste or smell bad or strange. That way you’ll know when you’ve completely burnt it out, and you’ll be able to avoid it happening again.

5. E-Cigarette Leaks
If e-liquid is seeping into your battery or leaking out of the tank, it’s time to do a thorough check-up of your e-cigarette. Take it apart, clean it properly, check the batteries are okay, then reassemble carefully. If it’s still leaking, take the coil out and inspect it, and the source of the leak could be quite obvious. Whether it is or isn’t, e-cig coil replacement is the next thing you should try. Hopefully changing your vape coil will stop you having to buy a whole new unit.
We’ve also heard people say they can tell the coils need replacing when the vapour doesn’t look quite right, when they can’t blow big clouds, or when the wick ‘sounds’ a certain way! What signs do you look for when it’s time for e-cig coil replacement?