5 Reasons Why Your Vape Coil Needs Replacement

Why, When, How Of Vape Coil Replacement
Vape Coil Replacement or atomizers is the replacement unit with which e-liquid is heated up and vaporized. It is essentially a coiling of wire over which wicking material is securely wrapped to soak up the e-liquid and draw it into the vape coil. Once the device is activated, power from the battery heats the coil that vaporizes the liquid.

Vape Coil Replacement

1. Choose your Vape Coils as per resistance

Before you decide your vape coil replacement, it is important to make sure it is the right time to do it, or else you might be spending money when it isn’t needed. Newbie vapors often discard coils unknowingly and end up shelling out loads in the long run due to frequent replacements. The biggest variable in your replacement vape coil choice is the resistance, which lets you customize your vaping to your preference. Lower ohms mean more current and a hotter coil, which means warmer and more voluminous vapor. If you prefer a cooler vape, go with a higher resistance coil.

2. Poor vapor production

Check to see if your vaping coil is producing fewer vapors than usual as it also affects satisfaction levels. Depending on how often you use your coil and how much of a rhythm you have when vaping, this aspect becomes more noticeable. This is the right time for a replacement.

3. Not tasting the same

The e cig juice tasting really bad is a strong sign that your coil should be replaced. Additionally, remaining flavor is a common problem linked with older coils. Once the coil is at the end of its lifespan, it is subjected to a particular e-juice for an extended period. If you try to change the juice, you will still sense the old flavor.

4. Burnt vape taste

When coils get worn out, you will get a burnt taste, regardless of the e-juice flavor. If you experience this taste, change the coil right away. Cleaning the coil won’t work as it is already damaged. If you continue vaping in this condition, other parts of the device could get affected.

5. Gurgling noise

If the vape coil isn’t functioning optimally, it produces a weird gurgling sound. Once you hear it, don’t delay in getting the vape coil replacement. If you still hear the sound even after your vape coil replacement, it is evident there could be another issue like a leak.


Don’t risk ruining your vaping experience – change the coil as and when required.