5 Reasons to Choose Open Pod Systems for All Your Salt-Based (and Even Freebase) Vaping Needs in 2024

Have you been on the fence about switching to an open pod system? You probably won’t be surprised to learn that most vapers have decided that an open pod system better suits their needs. In fact, there are a number of advantages to enjoy when making this switch, which we will be getting into in full detail very shortly. But first, we have to explain the difference between a closed pod system and an open pod system, since many new vapers are understandably a bit confused.

What’s the Difference Between a Closed Pod System and an Open Pod System?
First things first: closed pod systems and open pod systems are very similar in terms of their basic technology, but they have one big difference. Closed pod systems are the first pod systems that ever hit the market, and they’re as user-friendly as can be. They consist of two components: the battery, or mod, and the pod cartridge that snaps into the mod. The pod cartridge is pre-filled with e-liquid, and it’s totally disposable.

With closed pod systems, you have to constantly purchase new packs of pods. When ordering pods for your pod mod, you can only use what the manufacturer has produced. This means that you’re limited to the selection of flavors determined by the pod mod’s creator. This, needless to say, can be a bit limiting.

Open pod systems, however, are different. They come with pod cartridges that are empty and refillable. They allow you to fill them with any e-liquid flavor that’s available on the market, which means that you aren’t limited in the flavor department whatsoever. And, those pod cartridges can be refilled a number of times before they have to be switched out for new ones.

Today’s Variety of Open Pod Systems
Today, there’s an enormous variety of open pod systems on the market. Many of them feature advanced technology, allowing the user to adjust their output settings in terms of both wattage and temperature. Others feature advanced airflow systems and the ability to try out a variety of coil resistance levels. And, many of today’s open pod systems allow you to choose whether you wish to vape salt nic e-liquid or freebase nic e-liquid at any given time.

Now, allow us to provide you with five reasons for picking up an open pod system.

Reason #1: You Can Enjoy a Broader Variety of Flavors
Like we said earlier, open pod systems give you way more options in terms of flavor than closed pod systems. Currently, thousands of e-liquid flavors exist on the market, which means that you can choose from any one of them. If you’re the type of vaper who likes to explore a wide range of flavors to satisfy your ever-changing cravings, an open pod system is easily the obvious choice.

Reason #2: You Can Save a Serious Amount of Cash
You can also save a nice amount of money with an open pod system. See, those packs of pre-filled pod cartridges that are compatible with closed pod systems really add up. You’re paying more money per milliliter of e-liquid than you would if you were buying e-juice by the bottle to be used with an open pod system. And, the pod cartridges that come with open pod systems can last for a few different refills, which means you won’t have to keep buying a new one once your juice runs out.

Sure, it might not seem like a huge difference in money at first but think about how often you vape. Those costs really do add up. Switching to an open pod system can leave you with a nice amount of cash leftover after just a few months. That’s more money to spend on other things. Who could resist that?

Reason #3: You Can Enjoy More Exciting Features
Open pod systems, like we said, are getting very advanced nowadays. Why? Well, because this type of vaping system has become so enormously popular that more and more established, beloved hardware brands are releasing their own lines of open pod kits. This means that you can enjoy advanced features that allow you to customize your vaping experience. While closed pod systems are very simple and user-friendly, a lot of vapers prefer being able to adjust their output levels and make other changes to that the vapes are more suited to their needs.

Reason #4: Able to Satisfy Both Your Salt Nic and Freebase Nic Needs
Many open pod systems that are on the market today allow you to enjoy both salt nic and freebase nic e-juices. This has become possible because hardware companies have found ways to let you play around with both sub-ohm and standard pod coils that are in the cartridges. These two types of e-liquid give you very different vaping experiences, and being able to enjoy each one whenever you want is a huge advantage.

Reason #5: More Options to Choose from
Lastly, open pod systems allow you to choose from a wider range of devices and kits that are out there today. Like we said, more and more hardware brands are producing exceptional open pod kits, which means that when it’s time to choose which one is right for those vaping needs, you will have a far broader variety of options. This lets you purchase the pod kit that suits your unique needs.

Bottom Line: Open Pod Systems Are a Better Way to Go!
This way of vaping lets you save money while enjoying more spectacular e-liquid flavors, while also allowing you to customize your experience and choose from a broad range of hardware products that are on the market today. Oh yeah – you can enjoy two types of nicotine as well. If you want to switch to an open pod system, simply explore the enormous range of vaping kits that are out there and choose the one that best suits your unique vaping needs.