5 Reasons Salt-Based Vape Juices Can Boost Your Vaping Experience Here in 2023

In case you haven’t heard, nicotine salts are all the rage in today’s vaping world, and for good reason. This new style of vaping has given countless vape enthusiasts intense satisfaction while helping convert more smokers than ever.

Before we had nicotine salts, we had freebase nicotine, the chemically modified version of the nicotine compound that’s naturally in the tobacco plant. While many vapers managed to make due for what they have, most found that it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as the nicotine in a cigarette. Now that salt-based vape juices are so easily accessible, nicotine lovers can satisfy their cravings like never before.

How Can Salt-Based Vape Juices Make Your Vaping Experience More Awesome?
Below are some unique benefits that also make it obvious that nicotine salts aren’t going anywhere.

Benefit #1: A Stronger Nicotine Buzz
Salt-based nicotine is highly unique in that it affects the body in a way that’s very similar to the nicotine that’s in cigarettes. While freebase nicotine e-liquids were available in high nicotine strengths, they never really gave users that “buzz” that they were chasing. That was mainly because of the fact that freebase nicotine is a bit too chemically unstable for high-wattage devices.

However, salt-based nicotine can handle the wattage levels of vaping devices. Besides, it’s mixed with benzoic acid so that it can accommodate low wattages while still providing that powerful punch of pleasure.

Benefit #2: A More Powerful Throat Hit
One of the things that vapers love about salt-based nicotine is the way in which it provides that strong punch to the throat on the inhale. Former smokers tend to love that physical sensation, and freebase nic really doesn’t cut it. Salt-based nicotine, on the other hand, delivers a throat hit that’s almost identical to the one that a cigarette provides. This means that former smokers are more likely to feel satisfied after vaping an e-liquid that’s made with nicotine salts.

Benefit #3: A Less Complicated Vaping Setup
A huge benefit of using salt-based vape juices doesn’t have to do with the e-liquid itself but the device that’s used to vape it. Because of how salt-based nicotine is formulated, it provides enormous satisfaction even at low wattages. Therefore, vapers can get their nicotine fix, without having to adjust loads of settings on their vaping device.

This is a big advantage for those who are interested in getting into vaping but don’t want to have to learn all of its technology. The average pod mod that’s compatible with salt-based nicotine vape juices has a fixed output level. The most complicated thing you’ll have to do is charge the battery once or twice a day.

Benefit #4: A More Discreet, Portable Way to Vape
Another benefit of using a pod mod is that it’s way smaller and more lightweight than the box mods that are used to vape freebase nic e-liquid. Most pod mod systems are extremely slim, making them perfectly pocket-friendly.

Additionally, pod mods attract less attention than box mods. So, users don’t have to feel as self-conscious about pulling out their vaping device when they’re in public.

Benefit #5: A More Rounded Flavor Experience
Vape juices made with salt-based nicotine are designed for low-wattage devices because of how the e-liquid is formulated. These low-wattage devices are known as MTL (mouth-to-lung) systems. Sub-ohm vaping setups that are used for freebase nic e-liquids are DL (direct lung) systems. DL systems have you suck the vapor straight into the lungs. MTL systems, on the other hand, have you pull some vapor into your mouth, let it sit for a second and then draw it into the lungs.

Because of the process of MTL vaping, your palate has more time to get acquainted with the flavor profile of your e-liquid. It spends a solid moment on your taste buds, meaning that you get to notice all of those nuances that you wouldn’t have detected if you were using a DL device.