5 Interesting Facts About Vaping You Should Know

No smoking or vaping is good advice for everyone who follows a healthy lifestyle. It’s another matter if a person has already fallen into the trap of nicotine addiction. Most often, people purchase e-cigarettes to quit traditional smoking. If you follow the well-known principle and choose the lesser of two evils, preference should be given to an electronic cigarette or vape.

It is a fact that electronic nicotine delivery systems are not absolutely safe. But in comparison to the traditional cigarettes, the degree of harm from a vape and an electronic cigarette is negligible.

Here are 6 facts about vaping you should know to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

1- Vaping is Safer Than Traditional Cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes are accused of being the first step to smoking. However, it is not true. It is unfair to equalize the harm from e-cigarettes and conventional burning cigarettes.

Over a billion smokers worldwide do not deserve to lie about a product that could keep them alive. When a person smokes, tobacco burns and combustion occur, this is harmful to health. When using electronic cigarettes, the combustion process does not occur; therefore, the health risk is greatly reduced.

2- Vaping Does Not Harm Production of Oxygen
According to the research of cardiologists, the electronic cigarette does not harm the cardiovascular system. It does not interfere with the production of oxygen and coronary circulation. Hence vaping does not harm the cardiac oxygenation.

The smoke of a traditional cigarette severely affects the distribution of oxygen in the human body. Due to the high concentration of carbon monoxide, the smoke is deadly and impacts oxygen production.

3- Vaping Helps To Quit Traditional Smoking
If you want to give up the traditional cigarette without any special losses, switch to e-cigarettes or vaping. This is, at the moment, the most effective replacement for traditional cigarettes.

Fragrant liquids are a good counterpart to traditional pungent cigarette smoke and help you quit smoking.

According to researchers’ observations, a smoker can switch to a nicotine-free liquid after some time. As double drip e-liquid provides different flavored nicotine-free products which can help a person cope with nicotine addiction more easily.

4- Vaping is Less Addictive
Most scientists believe that nicotine is addictive. But there is a heated debate about how strong this addiction is when considered separately from cigarettes. When a person inhales smoke from a traditional cigarette, nicotine immediately releases into the circulatory system and brain. This causes the sensation of pleasure that the body demands over and over again. 

The research says that electronic nicotine takes longer to reach the circulatory system. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nicotine gum, patches, and vaping does not lead to excessive addiction. So it is safe to say that e-cigarettes are less addictive than other products.

5- Electronic Cigarettes Explode
Yes, it’s true. Electronic cigarettes explode, but so does every other household appliance. From washing machines and irons to mobile phones and flashlights anything can explode. But no one on this occasion calls to abandon the use of all electronics. This is simply impossible in the modern world.

In fact, there are not so many cases of e-cigarette explosions. In reality, it happens because of the mistake of the user. Due to improper handling of the battery, e-cigarettes explode. To avoid such unpleasant incidents, it is enough to purchase products from trusted manufacturers and follow normal safety procedures.

6- Vaping Does Not Harm Others Around You
Vaping does not harm the loved ones around you; it is not a thing to worry about. Therefore, staying near a person who is smoking e-cigarette or vaping is not harmful. Scientists have proven that a vape takes 11 seconds to dissipate in the air.

But the smoke from cigarettes lasts for 20 minutes; moreover, it is full of poisons and tar. Smoke not only infects the smoker but the people around him are also prone to health risks.

Final Words These facts clearly state how vaping is better than traditional smoking. However, this does not imply that it has no side-effects. Nothing of these two is completely safe, but vaping is definitely a better option if you are an addictive smoker who wants to quit.