5 Best Uwell Vape Kits

Since launching in 2015, Uwell has become known in the vape industry for their focus on flavour and innovation, becoming more globally well-known since the launch of the hugely popular Caliburn devices in 2019. 

While Uwell may not produce the same variety and quantity of devices as some larger brands, what they do, they do very well!

Firstly, Uwell has nailed the vape starter kit – with super easy-to-use pod devices particularly suited to new vapers. They have also produced some impressive mods and vape tanks. 

Uwell has also produced, in our opinion, some of the best devices for flavour production, particularly the Caliburn Series – a firm favourite with our customers and some of our best-selling pod kits. They’ve continued to focus on flavour and innovation with the recent introduction of their PRO-FOCS flavour-enhancing technology, providing rich, consistent and improved flavour from their newer devices. 

Based on customer feedback and personal testing, here are our 5 favourite Uwell vape devices. 

Best Uwell vape kits at a glance

Best Uwell vape kits in-depth

Valyrian III: Big power, dragon-inspired design

The first thing you’ll notice about the Valyrian III mod kit is its Game of Thrones-inspired look. With a metal frame and dragon-scale style textured leather finish, this stylish mod will definitely appeal to fantasy fans.

But the Valyrian III isn’t all style and no substance – it delivers impressive power, flavour and dragon-worthy vapour clouds.

The 200W Valyrian III mod, combined with the included Valyrian III tank works with low-resistance coils to provide a Direct-Lung inhale with dense clouds, while Uwell’s PRO-FOCS tech ensures great flavour. The mod’s external dual battery design also means you get long-lasting power. 

While we wouldn’t recommend this kit to a beginner, you also don’t need to be an expert as the mod takes the guesswork out of controlling power by recognising the coil resistance and adjusting the output accordingly.

If there’s one negative, it’s the button you use to open the filling port on the tank. Given the placement of the button, we found that it can be easy to accidentally press it and open it when you don’t want to!

The Valyrian III has proved to be a very reliable device – we hardly ever get returns with these devices. However, do remember this is a sub-ohm, Direct-Lung kit that needs to be used with high VG e-liquids, as we have occasionally had customers order these thinking it is a Mouth-to-Lung device!

What we like:
·Game of Thrones-inspired design
·Great flavour & dense clouds
·Auto resistance detection for longer-lasting coils 

What we don’t like:
·It can be easy to accidentally open the filling port on the tank.

Caliburn A2S: Ideal for beginners 

The Caliburn series is what put Uwell on the vaping map – with a hugely popular collection of pod kits known for their great flavour. 

The Caliburn A2S features everything that makes the series so popular. Ultra beginner-friendly, the A2S has all the easy-to-use features you’d want in a starter kit – buttonless design, automatic power settings, fixed-coil pods and inhale firing. This simple design means you can just fill and attach the pod and inhale to vape – perfect for vape newbies who don’t want too much fuss. 

This ease of use doesn’t mean the Caliburn A2S compromises on flavour thanks to Uwell’s flavour-enhancing PRO-FOCS technology – an innovative coil design that delivers rich and consistent flavour. 

Do note that devices with inhale firing can sometimes have auto-firing issues. While we haven’t seen any issues with the Caliburn A2S yet, this is quite a new device, so it’s something we’ll be watching out for.

What we like:
·Convenient fixed-coil pods
·Easy inhale firing  
·Great taste 

What we don’t like:
·No charging cable included

Caliburn X: The most powerful Caliburn

The Caliburn X is the largest and most powerful device in the Caliburn series, balancing both ease of use and slightly more advanced features that appeal to both new and more experienced vapers alike. 

Providing up to a day’s battery life on a single charge, the Caliburn X has up to 20W of adjustable power and also has a display screen where you can view and manage your settings. The device has a respectable 850mAh battery, and charges in less than an hour. You’ll notice that it reaches 80% battery pretty quickly, which is handy if you need it in a hurry.

While it’s not a Direct-Lung device, the increased power does mean that at full wattage, the device can produce something approaching a restricted Direct-Lung (RDL) vape.

As mentioned above, the Caliburn X is easy enough for new users to master, while also having some versatility that more experienced users can take advantage of. However, do note that wattage isn’t set automatically when changing the coils, so this is something you will need to master.

A replaceable coil design provides more resistance options than fixed-coil alternatives, and there’s also a choice of both manual (button-activated) and auto (inhale-activated) firing options. Adjustable airflow also allows you to tailor your inhale to create a tighter or more airy vape style, although we did find this was a bit loose.

What we like:
·Long-lasting battery life 
·Choice of coil options
·Display screen

What we don’t like
·The airflow adjustment could be tighter.
·Wattage isn’t set automatically when changing coils.

Popreel P1: Easy use, all-day battery life

The Uwell Popreel P1 is a fun device that comes in a selection of attractive macaroon-like colours.

This vape pen has all the features you’d want in a starter kit – fixed-coil pods, inhale firing and automatic power selection. That makes it great for a new user.

The device also comes with easily attachable/removable magnetic pods, with a nice, clear viewing window running along 3 sides of the pod. This allows you to easily see when your juice levels are running low. (This may sound basic, but some pod systems still have a dark pod which makes it difficult to see e-liquid levels.) There are also marks to show you how much e-liquid you have left. The window doesn’t run right to the bottom when the pod is installed, though, smo you will still have to keep an eye on the device when you are running low on e-liquid.

Combine all of this with PRO-FOCS tech for great taste and you’ve got a great kit with great flavour that’s suited to all experience levels.

One thing to note, though, is that the battery capacity of 400mAh seems a bit stingy. However, when testing the device we found that the life was pretty good on them, lasting all day with regular use. Still, if you’re a very heavy user and don’t have access to a charging port, you might want to select a Uwell device with a larger capacity.

What we like:
·All-day battery life
·Convenient fixed-coil pods
·Great flavour

What we don’t like:
·Battery capacity could be better 
·Charging cable not included

Aeglos: Choice of vape styles & self-cleaning tech

Pod mod devices have become increasingly popular by combining pod-style design and ease of use, with mod-like power. The Uwell Aeglos is a great example of a pod mod – with 60W of power and a choice of vape styles but still easy to use. This fantasy-inspired device is also a great device for Lord of the Rings fans – in fact, it is named after the spear of Gil-galad!

Operating the Aeglos is relatively easy, with a main power button and up/down buttons to control your wattage.

Great for those who like to switch up their inhale style, the compatible Aeglos coils have choices for both Direct-Lung vaping with large clouds or a Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) inhale with more discreet vapour. There’s also an adjustable airflow ring that allows you to tailor your inhale between airier or tighter. 

(You do have to remove the pod to adjust the airflow, as these are controlled by a rotating wheel inside the device. Open this wide, though, and you will get a lovely airy inhale perfect for Direct-Lung vaping.)

The Aeglos’ pods are held in place by two ledges. But you don’t really need to worry about these, as you can fill the pod without having to remove it from the device. This is a feature I really like, but it’s still not applied to all pod devices, so is definitely a bonus.

Handily, the Aeglos’ innovative self-cleaning technology reduces condensation to both keep the pod clean and reduce leakage. The device also reaches full charge in just over an hour – which is pretty good for a 1500mAh battery!

What we like:
·Pod-style simplicity with mod-style power
·Choice of MTL & DL coils
·Self-cleaning tech

What we don’t like:
·Removing just the mouthpiece can be tricky.

How we chose these kits 
As soon as we get a sample of a new device (usually well before it goes on sale), it gets assigned to a tester. This testing usually takes a week, with the tester assessing features such as taste, battery life and usability. When a device goes on sale, we monitor customer feedback as well as the reasons for any returns. A review post always involves lots of chats with our customer service team!

It’s important to note that we don’t sell poor-quality devices. However, we are always on the lookout for the limitations as well as the strengths of a device. This is so that we can recommend a device based on what users need. For example, a device that lasts less than a day might still be perfect for someone who works in an office and has access to a plug, but not right for someone who is working on a construction site and needs a long-lasting battery. 

What’s next from Uwell?
Uwell focuses on innovation and, as seen with the continuous improvements they’ve made with each new Caliburn device, we can only expect their devices to get better and better. 

We can also expect to continue to see more devices featuring the flavour-enhancing PRO-FOCS tech to continue Uwell’s reputation for great flavour.