5 Benefits of Switching To E-cigarettes

Everyone understands precisely how bad smoking tobacco can be, from the financial impact of spending over £10 on a pack to the debilitating health impact that can include lung disease and cancer. It is also accepted that the damage caused by smoking comes from the tar and toxins, not the nicotine, so vaping makes an ideal alternative.

ONE: The Cost Benefit
A good vaping starter kit can be purchased for less than the cost of two packets of cigarettes. Not only does switching to vaping start saving money by the end of the first week, but as the tobacco-free months roll by the savings accumulate.
With cigarettes costing around £10 a pack, a twenty-a-day habit will set you back £70. This means smoking is costing over £3500 a year.
Once you have your starter kit, the only ongoing cost to vaping will be the replacement coil heads and e-liquid. The coils will cost around £100 over the course of the year.
E-liquid comes in 10-100ml bottles and the average vaper consumes around 10ml per week (if they are mouth-to-lung vaping). Vaping in this style, a new vaper will spend about £15 per month on e-liquid.
In total, vaping can cost you less than £300 a year – offering a saving of over £3200!

TWO: The Flavours
Cigarettes are now only available in a range of one flavour now that menthol has been banned, whereas e-liquid for vaping devices comes in as many flavours as you can dream of.
One of the problems smoking causes is to kill off your sense of taste. This begins to return immediately you cease smoking, meaning that shortly after switching you’ll be wondering why you never opted to do it ages ago.
Cherry Bakewell? Fizzy Orange? Lemon Meringue Pie? Sweets, drinks, pastries – all manner of juices are out there to be enjoyed.

THREE: Success!
Everyone who has successfully switched from smoking to vaping will say how it was so much easier than the times they tried and failed with nicotine patches, sprays and gum.
This has been demonstrated by scientists too. A recent study by a team from Queen Mary University of London concluded: “The trial results suggest that when treating smokers who failed with stop-smoking medications previously, recommending a refillable EC with an e-liquid of strength and flavours of patient’s choice is a more effective approach than prescribing combination NRT.”

FOUR: Vaping Is Healthier
Electronic cigarettes aren’t safe, but they are far safer than smoking.
Public Health England has said that because vaping doesn’t produce the toxins and tar found in cigarette smoke it is “at least 95% safer”.
Studies looking at smokers with COPD have shown that switching to vaping has produced improvements in subject’s health.

FIVE: It’s Safer For Loved Ones
No smoke means no second-hand smoke, and Public Health England has stated that second-hand vape is a “myth”.

In Conclusion:
Switching from smoking to vaping will save you money, bring you new taste sensations, will work better as a tobacco quit aid, will improve your health, and is safer for those around you.