Just like any other hobby, vapers can run into problems right from the get go. Unfortunately, most of the problems occur to newbies who have not fully educated themselves about vaping or what to look out for that will help them take care of their equipment. Because of this, we will explore these to consider that will help you avoid a cracked vape tank.

Tip #1: Avoid Placing Your Vape Tank in Your Pocket

Accidents happen, we get that. But you should never make a bad habit of sticking your vape tank in your pocket. The pocket is the most convenient place for storing your vape tank while it’s not in use. Not only is a bad idea, but it can be a costly error that you want to avoid. You run a much higher risk of forgetting about it and as soon as you sit down, you hear a crunching sound. Another reason why your pocket is a bad idea is that you may accidentally add your coin change. These metallic coins have the potential to cause an explosion if they touch the batteries.

Tip #2: Look at The E-Juice’s PG/VG Ratio Before Filling the Vape Tank

Knowing the ratio of your VG/PG in your e-juice will allow you to know how well your vaping device will function. It also can be a determining factor in the possibility of your vape tank cracking. The main reason is that VG is very viscous, so it takes longer than normal for the wick to be soaked enough where the juice reaches the coil.

When the next puff is taken, you experience a dry hit. If you experience too many dry hits after a while, your vape tank runs the risk of cracking. To prevent any possible cracking, the best solution is to add a good amount of PG so that you’ll avoid the dry hits.

Tip #3: Look at the Electronic Cigarette or MOD’s Voltage/Wattage Settings

A lot of E-cigs today have a variable wattage and variable voltage setting. The Best and safest of the two is the variable wattage. The main reason is that you won’t experience any overheating that could not only damage your coil but also make your vape tank crack.

So now that you know why it would be wise to stick to a variable voltage setting, you can rest assured that your vaping experience will go without a hitch.

Tip #4: The Vape Tank’s Material – Buy Glass or Pyrex over Plastic

Vape tanks make up more than 50% of sales relating to vaping products. The main cause for such a high rate of sale is due to certain e-juice flavors that vapers have reported to have been making their vape tanks crack.

It has been discovered by several sources that certain e-juices react to the polycarbonate plastic that manufacturers use for the vape tanks. Because of this, enzymes in the e-juice begin to react causing the plastic to crack.

If you have ever experienced a cracked vape tank, then you have been witnessing to a very messy situation. But having a mess shouldn’t be your big worry. Your big worry should be knowing which e-juice is causing the reaction with your vape tank. Or, you can upgrade to a Pyrex or glass vape tank and your problem is solved.

Avoid These Problems

Hopefully, you won’t come across any problems concerning cracking. But if you do, it would be a good idea to invest in a glass tank before you return to your regular e-juice flavors. We all know that every tank is different. Therefore, some will be able to withstand lot more everyday occurrences, like the ones listed above.

If you become one of the unfortunate vapers to experience a cracked vape tank, then you should seriously invest the extra money for a Pyrex tank. For their price, you’re making an investment that will allow you to enjoy every e-juice available. Keep in mind though, you won’t want to mishandle your device anymore by tossing it or forgetting you have it in your pocket before you decide to sit down.

In the end, having a cracked vape tank can be a real drag if you are just beginning to vape. But, taking these four tips with you will ensure that you will never run into a problem.