4 Differences Between Box Mod Vapes And Vape Pens

If you are a beginner who is just entering the diverse world of vaping, then it is expected for you to be a bit confused. For instance, choosing a vaporizer that would be the most suitable for you might be overwhelming because the market is filled with all kinds of different vaporizers, including portable vaporizers, desktop vapes, and mini vapes. All of these vaporizers have different specifics and function differently. Whether you are a beginner who does not know what kind of a vaporizer would be best for you, or a beginner who intends to approach the vaping experience from a healthier perspective, choosing the ideal device might be tricky.

Box mod vapes and vape pens are perfect devices for people who are looking for a portable vaporizer. The most evident difference is between box vape mods vs vape pen batteries. To simply put, they use different kinds of batteries. For further understanding and if you are not sure which one of these devices would be better for you, you can find all the necessary information about both vape pens and box mod vapes below.

Even though both box mod vapes and vape pens are categorized as portable vaporizers, vape pens are more portable than box mod vapes. Vape pens look like an actual pen and they can perfectly fit in your pocket. They are tiny and compact devices ideal for vaping on the go.

If you are constantly on the go, or if you want to vape oils, herbs or waxes for medical purposes, then vape pens should be your number one choice. They are highly portable and you can enjoy vaping sessions whenever and wherever you want to.

Unlike vape pens, box mod vapes are usually larger. Due to their larger dimensions and box-like shape, you should keep these devices in a bag or a pouch if you want to take them with you. If this is not an issue for you, then you can enjoy tasty vapor on the go with box mod vapes, as well.

Vape pens are more discreet and stealthier than box mod vapes because they are tiny and lightweight. Since they resemble an actual pen, you can keep them anywhere where you would keep a pen, such as a pocket or a purse.

Vape pens are so discreet that they can be used in different places, including the movies, restaurants, cafés, and on the streets.

People who use vape pens do not usually attract unnecessary attention because it is hard to differentiate vape pens from actual pens. When other people notice the devices, they usually assume they are ordinary office pens rather than vape pens.

Besides having a stealthy and discreet design, vape pens produce stealthy and discreet vapor clouds that can be hardly noticed.

On the other hand, it would be complicated to use a box mod vape in a discreet manner. Box mod vapes are larger, and they can be easily noticed if you take them in your pocket. Box mod vapes cannot be mistaken with any other device or object, which means everyone will know that you are actually vaping.

Moreover, the vapor clouds created by box mod vapes are massive and easily noticeable.

When it comes to vape power, box mod vapes are better than vape pens. Due to their box-like design and larger dimensions, these devices tend to be more powerful because they can fit larger and better batteries.

For example, the LTQ Curer 3 in 1 vaporizer can use a large and powerful battery of 1500mAh. On the other hand, the majority of vape pens use batteries with a capacity ranging from 300mAh to 900mAh. If a device uses a battery with a higher capacity, it means that the device will provide longer vaping sessions. Moreover, since batteries with higher capacity are more powerful, the device could vaporize the material at higher temperatures.

If you prefer to enjoy your vaping sessions outside, then you should pick a box mod vaporizer. These devices offer longer and more powerful vaping sessions, and they last longer between charges. If you are using a box mod vape, then you should not worry about taking a portable power bank when you are outside or when on a trip. You can use your device for a long period of time.

Vaping Temperature
Most vape pens offer some options for temperature control, and some have pre-set temperature and voltage settings. Vape pens that use an earlier technology have only one temperature setting that is limiting the vaping experience of users.

Contrastly, the temperature range of box mod vapes is broader than the temperature range of vape pens. Due to their larger size, they cannot only fit more powerful batteries but advanced technology for improved control over both temperature and voltage, too.

Pre-Set Temperatures of Box Mods
People who use box mod vapes can easily adjust the temperature level thanks to the pre-set temperature settings of the devices. The manufactures usually pre-set, or pre-determine the temperature levels of the majority of box mod vapes (these levels are often low, medium, and high) so that users can experience the various effects from vaporizing the material at different temperatures.

Selecting the Ideal Temperature of the Device
The terpenes and flavonoids of the oils, herbs, and waxes are the compounds that are responsible for the aroma and natural flavor of these products. These compounds can be extracted at lower temperatures, meaning you should choose a lower temperature setting if you prefer a flavorful vaping session. If you are looking for a more powerful vaping experience, choose a higher temperature setting. The psychoactive compounds of herbs, oils, and waxes are more potent at a higher temperature. If you prefer a balanced vaping experience, set the medium temperature level.

There are box mod vapes like Yocan UNI Pro with a precision temperature setting allowing you to choose an exact temperature.

Vape pens and box mod vapes are portable and convenient devices. They both provide an excellent vaping experience. Choosing between these two devices is usually a personal preference.

If you are looking for a simple device that is easy to use, then you should buy a vape pen. On the other hand, if you prefer a more powerful device, then you should choose a box mod vape.