3 Ways to Prime the Coil of Your Vaping Device

Every time you change the coil of your vaporizer, you need to "prime" it. Priming the coil is getting the wick moistened enough so that when you take that first puff, you get a nice flow of good-tasting vapor instead of the disgusting burnt taste of a "dry hit."

There are three methods to prime the coil:

1.- The time and patience method:

If you read the instructions of any vaping device out there, you will probably be informed to fill the tank and "let it sit" for 10 minutes before you start vaping after changing the coil. It is especially true with tanks that use small coils that do not have a wide opening where you can easily reach the cotton wick to pour a drop of liquid. Coils with a wide opening at the top, you can put a few drops of juice directly into the cotton wick, but still, you should let it sit for a couple of minutes, and make sure the liquid spreads all over the coil.
Specific instructions on how to prime the Subtank, Toptank, etc. type of coils (OCC, SSOCC) are at the bottom of this page.
How many times have you taken your vaporizer and take a puff before it has been adequately primed? What happens next is the most undesirable experience any vaper could wish for...the ugliest taste of "combustion," yes, a burnt wick that reminds you of your worst time being a smoker...that one when you had run out of cigarettes. You would smoke the one still burning to its very end, combustion in its worst way.
Some coils, like the dual coils that have teeny tiny holes for the wick to be absorbed, will take more than 10 minutes to absorb the liquid.
So there is a faster approach: the "suction" method that works well:

2.- The "Suction" Method:

The suction method is probably the best and most popular method as it saves time. It works by closing the airflow opening of the tank and suctioning like if you were vaping, but without powering it on. In your tank, the airflow hole can be tiny and positioned on two sides of the base, or it can be a more visible opening. If you can not figure out where the airflow holes are, blow out your vape instead of inhaling, and you will see where the vapor flows out. The important thing is to locate and close the inflow of air to create the needed suction.
The result is that liquid is forced by vacuum into the coil. The problem is that you can easily flood the coil by suctioning too hard, and if this happens, then you will get gurgling issues or even get the liquid up in your mouth. This method is excellent as long as you control how gently you create the suction, do small steps very smoothly.
The suction method is a time saver. But if you happen to have a Vape Pen that has an Ego thread, then your best shot is the drum method.

3.- The "Drum" Method (use only on Ego style devices):

The "Drum" method consists of taking your vaporizer as if it were a drumstick and shaking it, leaning it forward "as if" you were hitting a drum with the airflow valve opened, then you bang that imaginary drum without mercy! You will see air bubbles flowing up in the tank, creating pressure inside the tank that will help to push the liquid into the coil priming it! Also, like the suction method, if you overdo it, you will get juice up the middle tube to your lips, not a good thing!

I often use this method when I refill the tank (after running out of liquid almost wholly) and keep the same coil. It is an excellent way to re-moisten the coil. Use this method only with eGo threaded devices; I do not recommend this shaking method with 510 threaded tanks because it could damage the thread.

Why not experiment?

Pick your favorite tune and follow that bass drum with your vaporizer! Watch the little bubbles popping inside the tank!

Oh.. and hold it tight, you don't want to see your vaporizer flying like a ninja knife!

All in all, there is no perfect way, but your preferred way to prime a coil. I just wanted to share some options to experiment.

Have fun!